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Stock Market Prediction Nov 2014

By Kshitij Sharma, October 23, 2014

October uncertainty that made stock market like a ponzi scheme should be over and will not continue the trend in November. The important planetary transits of November 2014 are covered in the relevant section in the monthly horoscope and prediction post published earlier this month. Further, the predictions for the month are based purely on mundane astrology positions of the planets. The following sectors should be watched carefully in the market:

  1. Oil & gas, metals, heavy industries
  2. Textiles, non PSU banks, hospitality sector
  3. Auto sector

Analysts will tell you that there is a relationship between crude and gold and prices move in tandem, but expect this trend to break in November. From Nov 1st week onwards, expect irrational exuberance in gold. On the other hand, crude oil will maintain downward trend but a sharp/drastic fall cannot be predicted. The price of petrol & diesel, the refined version of oil & gas will also go down. (edited on 10/31: Effective from midnight 1st Nov, price of petrol and diesel is announced to be cut). At the time of writing this article, the author(s) heard the news that government has deregulated the price of diesel. It would be worthwhile to explain that the planets ruling diesel/petrol and crude are different and it is not necessary that fall in crude will necessarily indicate fall in price of these fuels. Gold will go up, but silver prices will remain soft. [Modification on 08/11… Caution: the silver prices mentioned here are for ornamental silver, i.e., jewelry and coins that we purchase at jewelry shops. However, the silver price fluctuation is also caused due to industries.]

Private sector banks, hospitality sector will be up for a brief period from 12th through 17th Nov, but will remain under pressure throughout the month.

Although auto-sector shares are expected to do well, common sense says that auto sector does not do well in months of Nov/Dec because buyers are looking for newer models. Therefore, we can’t be sure if there is indeed an  uptrend in such stocks. It needs to be seen and observed.

Any labour unrest will be promptly resolved. Marketing machinery of the government will be overactive and expect announcements that will help the overall stock market sentiment. At the same time, there will be many voices (and very rightly so) that will expose the nexus between the industry and government, and the divide between the poor man, i.e., the “aam aadmi” and the government.

During the muhurat trading today on Diwali day, both the major indices closed in green. This is a good portent for markets in 2015. Overall, this sentiment will rub off on investors in the month of November too.

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