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Paris Terrorist Attacks

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Note the close conjunction between Mars and Rahu. Since this is an overall conjunction, the question is why did this hit Paris and why not any other city in the world?

NameParis Terrorist Attacks
Date of birth:November 14, 2015Time of birth9:30 PM Timezone: 1:0 East of GMT
Place of birth:Paris, France (45°37’ North, 5°44’ East)
Horoscope Data
AscendantCancer 3°23’NavamshaLeo
Janma RashiSagittariusNakshatraMoola Nakshtra, Pada: 2
Planetary Positions for the Horoscope
Sun208°4’Libra 28°4’Direct4GeminiVishakha3
Moon243°53’Sagittarius 3°53’Direct6TaurusMoola2
Mars157°6’Virgo 7°6’Direct3PiscesUttara Phalguni4
Mercury206°27’Libra 26°27’Direct4TaurusVishakha2
Jupiter144°51’Leo 24°51’Direct2ScorpioPurva Phalguni4
Venus162°43’Virgo 12°43’Direct3AriesHasta1
Saturn221°29’Scorpio 11°29’Direct5LibraAnuradha3
Rahu155°25’Virgo 5°25’Retrograde3AquariusUttara Phalguni3
Ketu335°25’Pisces 5°25’Retrograde9LeoUttar Bhadra1
Horoscope Matching Related Information
Manglik Dosha Details
  • Manglik Dosha from Ascendant does not exist as
    Mars is not in houses - 2, 4, 7, 8, 12.
  • Manglik Dosha from Moon does not exist as
    Mars is not in houses - 2, 4, 7, 8, 12.
Applicable Yogas:
  • Budhaditya Yoga
    • Description: Sun and Mercury conjunct in a house
    • Result: Highly intelligent and skillful, well respected in society
    • Planets Involved: Sun, Mercury
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen kendra/trikona lords 4 and 5
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Venus, Mars
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen kendra lords 4 and 10
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Venus, Mars

Basic Interpretation of Horoscope as per Planetary Positions

Sun in Libra
Sun is in an enemy sign in Libra, as well as in its debilitation, with worst debilitation occurring at 10 degrees of Libra. The person is good people person and helps others in need. He is not very hard on people and usually believes them. He is able to draw people out of their shell and they are able to confide in him. The person usually does not take initiative, unless pushed. On the negative side, he isn’t careful with his money and cannot keep track of finances. He is also very lenient on people and does not set a high bar on them. On the health front, this can result in sexual weakness, headaches.

Moon in Sagittarius
Sagittarius rashi individuals exhibit the qualities of Sagittarius sign that indicate expansion, grace and magnanimity. The person is Jupiterian in grace, which means he is a regarded and well respected in society. Everyone goes to him for advice and he provides unbiased counsel to them. He can be a great advisor or a minister. The person can also be a religious head or associated with an organization that works for betterment of the society. He would be very emotional and attached with his family. At the same time, the fiery sign can make him aggressive. On a negative note, the person loves to argue a lot. While he is fair with everyone in his mind, he does not believe others to be very fair. He follows rules just for the sake of it and can be dogmatic. On health front, Sagittarians are prone to getting fat deposited in the body - obesity, cholesterol and liver problems can exist. Hip problems can also bother a Sagittarian.

Mars in Virgo
Mars is in enemy territory in Virgo. This is not such a good position for this fiery planet. Mars in Virgo makes one sharp and intelligent. The person has razor sharp focus and does not waste time. The person is physically strong and can protect himself and others too. Artistic abilities of Mercury and mechanical abilities of Mars indicate talent in engineering design. On the negative side, this combination indicates mind of a warrior. Enemies may be overactive. The person may find it difficult to step back from any situation. This combination can cause problems with relationships. On the health side, this can cause problems in digestive system. Muscles can become weak through too much exercise.

Mercury in Libra
Mercury is in friend’s sign in Taurus and is a good placement for Mercury. This is a combination of intellect and artistic abilities. This placement denotes great sense of humour and the person likes to nave a good time. The person can sell his services in form of interior design, landscaping in beautiful yet handy pursuits. On negative side, the person is never serious even in muted environment. They may become too excitable and lack seriousness in any situation. Finding such balance can be a problem. The person remains immature even in later years and can shun day to day responsibilities at work and family. On the health front, this can result in reproductive problems. Nervous disorders can also be diagnosed for persons having this combination in their horoscope.

Jupiter in Leo
Jupiter is in mitra-kshetra in Leo. This position of Jupiter in Leo imparts higher wisdom to the person. Material wealth also expands. Since Jupiter denotes law and good judgment, such a person is regarded highly in society. He is known for his balanced approach and ethics. He is thus regarded as a great advisor, negotiator and a mediator. The person values ethics and honour among others. On the negative side, this combination indicates that the person develops a superiority complex. He would not like to be ignored by others. The person is very difficult to please and satisfy as he raises the bar for others too high. This combination can lead to liver & cholesterol problems and may finally lead to heart problems.

Venus in Virgo
Venus is debilitated in Virgo, even when Mercury and Venus are natural friends in Vedic Astrology. The worst debilitation occurs at 27 degrees in this sign. On the positive side, this person is more spiritual than worldly. The person is capable of being a master in art and religion because of surrendering to almighty. On the negative side, this placement means unusual love interests or bad luck in love affairs. The person has low self-confidence. On the health front, this combination makes the person susceptible to diabetes, reproductive system problems etc.

Saturn in Scorpio
Saturn is in enemy sign in Scorpio and hence the good results that it gives in terms of discipline, focus and efficiency are muted down. The person is still very hardworking. He would work in areas of research, mechanical or construction engineering or even defense. On the negative side, the person is frustrated as hard work does not yield results. He is not treated well in society. On the health front, there is a propensity to get wounded through metals. Frustration may lead to clinical depression. Bones and muscles may become weak over time and lead to joint pain and arthritis in old aga.

Rahu in Virgo
Rahu in Virgo denotes unusual thought process - it is a combination that can be found in the horoscope of inventors and out of the box thinkers. The person is very creative and is a rebel. The persons can also be a good lawyer and be very sharp in legal practice. On the negative side, this combination usually signifies misfits in a society. It denotes erratic and unpredictable behavior. Person works alone better. The person can be confused about priorities in life. He could get into legal problems with others. On the health problem, this indicates problems with digestive system, skin allergies.

Ketu in Pisces
Ketu in Jupiter’s sign Pisces indicates that the person drawn to spirituality and leads a simple life in a foreign land. This can also indicate highly intuitive and supernatural abilities. The person is a good spiritual leader and influence lives of others. There is lack of ego in dealing with people. On the negative front, the person can have a relationship issues with family and be detached from them. Health wise, problems of feet with persistent pain or limp is indicated. Some of these problems may not be diagnosed properly.

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