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Brussels Terrorist Attacks

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Important points to consider while looking at this horoscope:

  1. There is kemadruma yoga in the chart with 2/12 from Moon being empty. This is one of the important indicators for a mental problem.
  2. The Lagna lord is in 8th. It may be swakshetra, but Scorpio is a militant sign.
  3. Saturn is in Scorpio in a malefic conjunction with the Lagna lord – Mars.
  4. Moon is heavily afflicted – by closeness in degrees by Rahu and a close 10th aspect of Saturn.
  5. 5th house is afflicted by Rahu and Saturn. Lord of 5H is in 12th further afflicting it. Logic goes out of toss.
  6. 9th Lord is in 5th, further afflicted by Rahu. This is an attack on faith.

This is not the last of the attacks by IS around. This is what I had noted while publishing the monthly horoscope a day before:

Interesting retrogression observation: All three planets – Jupiter, Mars, Saturn will be retrograde and hence have cheshtabal during the month. Both Saturn and Mars together in the same mysterious sign of Scorpio, with retrogression means that some underhand deals are going on in the world of mundane astrology, which we will come to know soon. This also can mean increase in aggression. This combination is affecting the judicious planet of Jupiter and hence the good judgement of people will go down. Difficult times ahead.

NameBrussels Terrorist Attacks
Date of birth:March 22, 2016Time of birth8:0 AM Timezone: 1:0 East of GMT
Place of birth:Brussels, Belgium (50°50’ North, 4°19’ East)
Horoscope Data
AscendantAries 17°33’NavamshaVirgo
Janma RashiLeoNakshatraPurva Phalguni Nakshtra, Pada: 4
Planetary Positions for the Horoscope
Sun338°0’Pisces 8°0’Direct12VirgoUttar Bhadra2
Moon144°39’Leo 24°39’Direct5ScorpioPurva Phalguni4
Mars221°5’Scorpio 11°5’Direct8LibraAnuradha3
Mercury336°29’Pisces 6°29’Direct12LeoUttar Bhadra1
Jupiter142°27’Leo 22°27’Retrograde5LibraPurva Phalguni3
Venus318°7’Aquarius 18°7’Direct11PiscesShatbhisha4
Saturn232°11’Scorpio 22°11’Direct8CapricornJyeshtha2
Rahu147°38’Leo 27°38’Retrograde5SagittariusUttara Phalguni1
Ketu327°38’Aquarius 27°38’Retrograde11GeminiPurva Bhadra3
Horoscope Matching Related Information
Manglik Dosha Details
  • Manglik Dosha from Ascendant exists as
    Mars is located in eighth house.
  • Manglik Dosha from Moon does not exist as
    No Dosha when Mars is in fourth house when located in Aries and Scorpio rashis.
Applicable Yogas:
  • Budhaditya Yoga
    • Description: Sun and Mercury conjunct in a house
    • Result: Highly intelligent and skillful, well respected in society
    • Planets Involved: Sun, Mercury
  • Gaja-Kesari Yoga
    • Description: Moon and Jupiter in mutual kendras (1, 4, 7, 10) from each other
    • Result: Famous, lasting reputation. Well regarded in society.
    • Planets Involved: Moon, Jupiter
  • Kahala Yoga
    • Description: 9th house and 4th house lord in mutual kendras (1, 4, 7, 10) from each other
    • Result: Stubborn, leads an army
    • Planets Involved: Jupiter, Moon
  • Shankha Yoga
    • Description: The 5th and 6th lords in mutual kendras (1, 4, 7, 10) from each other
    • Result: Good wealth, good spouse and children, works for humanitarian causes
    • Planets Involved: Mercury, Sun
  • Bheri Yoga
    • Description: Jupiter,Venus and Ascendant lord in mutual kendras (1, 4, 7, 10) from each other
    • Result: Good wealth, good spouse and children, free from disease, generous
    • Planets Involved: Mars, Jupiter, Venus
  • Sarala Yoga
    • Description: The 8th lord located in the 8th house
    • Result: Long-lived, fearless, learned, celebrated, prosperous
    • Planets Involved: Mars
  • Viparita Raja Yoga
    • Description: 6th lord located in 8th or 12th house
    • Result: Success in adverse situations, after someone else fails. Enterprising and opportunist
    • Planets Involved: Mercury
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen kendra lords 1 and 10
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Mars, Saturn
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen kendra lords 4 and 7
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Moon, Venus
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen kendra/trikona lords 4 and 9
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Moon, Jupiter
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen trikona lords 5 and 9
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Sun, Jupiter
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen kendra/trikona lords 7 and 9
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Venus, Jupiter

Basic Interpretation of Horoscope as per Planetary Positions

Sun in Pisces
Saturn’s position in Pisces is in the neutral sign belonging to Jupiter. Thus, Saturn is not ill-placed in this sign. The person does not venture out of the conventional wisdom. He does not have great imagination and employs a rather traditional approach to problem solving. He is considered to be predictable and reliable and thus people depend on him. This is a good position for responsible public service profession. On a negative note, the person has delays in education and especially when it comes to gathering knowledge from any source. There are problems with relationships too. The person cannot focus and concentrate. The person also does not pay many attention to details. On the health front, the person can have problem in his feet. This combination can cause limp while walking.

Moon in Leo
This is a good position for Moon as Moon is in mitra-kshetra while being located in this rashi. Leo rashi individuals are proud of themselves. They are ambitious and need for recognition. They need to be the center of attention. They are good communicators and can become good motivational speakers. As leaders, they inspire others to deliver their best. On the negative side, they may become attention seekers and live their life around it. They may raise too high a bar for others to perform and aren’t easily satisfied. They tend to be conceited at work and in business settings. This combination indicates stomach diseases, frequent fevers and rashes.

Mars in Scorpio
Mars is its own sign, i.e., in swakshetra, in Scorpio. This placement of Mars in swakshetra along with Kendra and moolatrikona in an angle or trine is called Ruchaka Yoga. Presence of Ruchaka Yoga in a horoscope makes a person brave and gives him/her passion and intensity. This combination is found in detectives, police and military and even law breakers. The person with Mars in Scorpio is a sharp minded problem solver with ability to crack problems that others cannot make head and tail of. They are very competitive and work well in On the negative side, this combination can also occur in charts of rank criminals. The person moves very quickly but may not be suited for long terms projects. It can also cause problems in marriage and partnerships as 8th house/sign are related to Manglik Dosha. On the health front, the person would be vulnerable to accidents & surgeries.

Mercury in Pisces
Mercury is debilitated in Pisces and the worst debilitation occurs at 15 degrees. Even otherwise, Pisces is a detrimental sign as the opposite Virgo is both exaltation as well as mooltrikona sign for Mercury. The person with this yoga in the chart goes through inner turmoil and indecision. The analytical abilities do not yield many results. On the other hand, the person is a jack of all trades and is capable of pursuing many different responsibilities. This also results in artistic abilities - singing and music. On the health front, this may lead to skin diseases, feet/bones weakness. The person may also have nervous diseases.

Jupiter in Leo
Jupiter is in mitra-kshetra in Leo. This position of Jupiter in Leo imparts higher wisdom to the person. Material wealth also expands. Since Jupiter denotes law and good judgment, such a person is regarded highly in society. He is known for his balanced approach and ethics. He is thus regarded as a great advisor, negotiator and a mediator. The person values ethics and honour among others. On the negative side, this combination indicates that the person develops a superiority complex. He would not like to be ignored by others. The person is very difficult to please and satisfy as he raises the bar for others too high. This combination can lead to liver & cholesterol problems and may finally lead to heart problems.

Venus in Aquarius
Venus is in Saturn’s sign in Aquarius. It is a friendly placement and hence this is good for the horoscope. However, Venus’ attributes are opposite to that of Saturn and hence some of the results are modified in the chart. The person would be committed towards all relations, especially parents in their old age. The person is both artistic and intelligent, resulting in combination of design and science. The person is also a people person and can be thought of as a facilitator rather than the boss/leader. The person gains through a good boss/supervisor. The person does not follow many taboos when it comes to relationships. There could be delays in marriage or the partner may not be committed as much the person is. On the health front, the person has problems with heart and is of weak constitution. There could be problems with reproductive organs.

Saturn in Scorpio
Saturn is in enemy sign in Scorpio and hence the good results that it gives in terms of discipline, focus and efficiency are muted down. The person is still very hardworking. He would work in areas of research, mechanical or construction engineering or even defense. On the negative side, the person is frustrated as hard work does not yield results. He is not treated well in society. On the health front, there is a propensity to get wounded through metals. Frustration may lead to clinical depression. Bones and muscles may become weak over time and lead to joint pain and arthritis in old aga.

Rahu in Leo
Rahu in Leo is indicative of unusual or foreign element associated with actions that the person undertakes. Hence he would have an unusual way of problem solving at work. He would work well with foreigners, multinational corporations and likes. On the negative note, this combination may indicate strained relationships with father and superiors at work. He may not know his father very well and have emotional disconnect with him. This combination denotes toxins in solar plexus area. This may denote liver damage due to drinking problem, diabetes. This may lead to heart problems in long run.

Ketu in Aquarius
Ketu in Capricorn can result in spirituality and growth in this sign. There is a greater aptitude in mathematics, science and technology due to this yoga. The combination also indicates political acumen, which may often be related to a spiritual leader acting like a politician. The person has problems solving abilities. On the negative side, the person may not always get success in all his enterprises. Innovations always may not work out. For examples, if a person is working in a startup, the chances of failures are more. The person is also a loner and is isolated from his friends and relatives. On the health front, this combination indicates accidents and injuries to the lower leg - shin bones, ankles.

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