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Abhishek Bachchan

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NameAbhishek Bachchan
Date of birth:February 5, 1976Time of birth12:0 PM Timezone: 5:30 East of GMT
Place of birth:Mumbai, India (18°57’ North, 72°49’ East)
Horoscope Data
AscendantAries 19°20’NavamshaVirgo
Janma RashiPiscesNakshatraRevati Nakshtra, Pada: 1
Planetary Positions for the Horoscope
Sun292°3’Capricorn 22°3’Direct10CancerShravana4
Moon347°51’Pisces 17°51’Direct12SagittariusRevati1
Mars52°36’Taurus 22°36’Direct2CancerRohini4
Mercury269°54’Sagittarius 29°54’Direct9SagittariusUttar Ashadh1
Jupiter356°16’Pisces 26°16’Direct12AquariusRevati3
Venus258°45’Sagittarius 18°45’Direct9VirgoPurva Ashadh2
Saturn94°26’Cancer 4°26’Retrograde4LeoPushya1
Rahu203°38’Libra 23°38’Retrograde7TaurusVishakha2
Ketu23°38’Aries 23°38’Retrograde1ScorpioBharani4
Horoscope Matching Related Information
Manglik Dosha Details
  • Manglik Dosha from Ascendant exists as
    Mars is located in second house.
  • Manglik Dosha from Moon does not exist as
    Mars is not in houses - 2, 4, 7, 8, 12.
Applicable Yogas:
  • Gaja-Kesari Yoga
    • Description: Moon and Jupiter in mutual kendras (1, 4, 7, 10) from each other
    • Result: Famous, lasting reputation. Well regarded in society.
    • Planets Involved: Moon, Jupiter
  • Kahala Yoga
    • Description: 9th house and 4th house lord in mutual kendras (1, 4, 7, 10) from each other
    • Result: Stubborn, leads an army
    • Planets Involved: Jupiter, Moon
  • Vimala Yoga
    • Description: The 12th lord located in the 12th house
    • Result: Frugal, happy and independent
    • Planets Involved: Jupiter
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen kendra/trikona lords 4 and 9
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Moon, Jupiter
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen kendra/trikona lords 5 and 10
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Sun, Saturn

Basic Interpretation of Horoscope as per Planetary Positions

Sun in Capricorn
Sun moves into Capricorn in the 2nd week of January. Makar Sankranti is celebrated as a major festival, in various forms, all over India. On this day, Sun moves in the house of his son - Saturn. However, as Sun is in enemy territory, this cannot be considered a very good position in the chart. The person is very hard working and works his way up the corporate ladder silently. The person has deep sense of responsibility and is considered very trustworthy by his peers. He benefits from conventional path rather than a radical one. The person is very motivated and determined from within, but this trait is never on display. On the negative side, the person can work very hard and burn out very quickly. There are many obstacles along the way. He can be considered boring by his friends and family due to his aloof nature. Frustration can lead to clinical depression in extreme circumstances. On health front, this position of Sun in Capricorn may lead to joint pains and arthritis. The skin may become dry and develop rashes and this may be a enduring problem.

Moon in Pisces
Moon is in its element in Pisces. It is in a friendly sign that is governed by Jupiter. Pisces’ emotional nature appeals to the Moon and hence it brings out the affectionate, motherly nature of the person. The person is able to understand and is always aware of his inner feeling. Others perceive him as perceptive and sensitive and they absolutely love him for that. The person is sincere and honest and although he would speak the truth, he would never be harsh or rash. It is very difficult for the person to hurt others emotionally. On the negative side, the person can be taken for a ride as the basic nature is to trust others. The person can also be more open emotionally than it is necessary. On the health side, the person can have problems in feet by way of water retention, swelling etc.

Mars in Taurus
Venus is a neutral planet for Mars and hence it is a reasonable placement for Mars. Mars is a planet of passion, competition and in this combination comes under the influence of Venus, who indicates class, refinement and romance. The result is that the person with this combination in his chart has a charismatic nature and a magnetic personality. The person is interested in sports and physical activities but rather in the entertainment aspect of it. This person would be more interested in dance art form rather than music or painting. A lot of passion is demonstrated in any activity that they undertake. They are spontaneous in love affairs and make charming partners. On the negative side, this person is likely to have more than one partners and relationships. This person is likely to be a loner although the outside persona is of a smooth talker and caring person. A really bad placement of Mars in Taurus would lead to person being abusive towards their mate. On the health front, this placement makes a person susceptible towards scars and acne on face, throat ailments, nosebleeds etc.

Mercury in Sagittarius
Fiery sign of Jupiter along with earthy quality of Mercury make for a grounded and objective thought process. Jupiter is a neutral planet for Mercury and this makes it a good position for the planet of intellect. The person is very wise and keeps learning new subjects. He has good communication skills - both oral and written. He is unbiased and just and helps make reasonable rules that he would follow as example for his fellow men. This is a sign of justice and law, which is further manifested in the thinking of the person. The person can be a policy maker and high official in government. On the negative side, the person can be very obnoxious with a high superiority complex. He can be quite selfish too. On the health front, the person can suffer from nerve disorders in the lower back region of the body.

Jupiter in Pisces
Jupiter is in swakshetra in Pisces. Jupiter’s location in Pisces, along with simultaneous location in a Kendra (House 1, 4, 7 and 10) in a horoscope forms Hamsa Yoga, which is one of the Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga. The location of Jupiter in its own sige of Pisces denotes a sense of idealism. As per the results of Hamsa yoga, the person is lucky. Due to divine intervention, he would never get in trouble. The person is well respected in society and portrays an image of a responsible and trustworthy person. There is a philanthropic and philosophical aura given out by the person. The person is intelligent and highly educated. This is a good combination for children, their education and their prosperity. On the negative side, the person is overly optimistic. He may think a lot and not achieve much. The person misses opportunities, that too obvious ones. On the health front, this combination indicates obesity. It also indicates problems in feet and swelling in feet.

Venus in Sagittarius
Venus is in enemy sign in Sagittarius and hence the position cannot be termed as great. The positives of the combination are that the person is optimistic and sees good in everyone around. The person is romantic and would find love and excitement everywhere. The person would surround himself and family with luxuries and comforts. On the negative side, the person cannot control his spending. The person is very flirtatious and may have loose morals. The person is quite condescending and disdainful. Love on display can be phony. On the health side, hip & thigh muscles can be affected due to this combination.

Saturn in Cancer
Saturn is in enemy territory in Cancer. This is not a good position for Saturn, as well as for the emotional sign of Cancer. On the positive side, the person is always in control of his emotions. He has a slow and steady approach in life and is regarded as reliable and dependable by others. He has a deep sense of responsibility. On the negative note, such a person lacks comfort of home and is a loner. He does not like to be dependent on others for emotional fulfilment. He is very poor at taking feedback from others. His focus areas and work defines him and he does not derive happiness from others. On the health front, such a person does not have good digestion. Saturn in Cancer indicates problem in chest area.

Rahu in Libra
Rahu in Venus’ sign indicates an unusual and eccentric view of romance and art form. Such a person will have keen interest in and love towards all things foreign and will benefit from their association. Such persons usually prosper after marriage. Libra is sign number 7 and this combination can indicate inter-caste and inter-religion marriages. The person is adept in dealing with his business partners. On the negative side, this may indicate perversion. These persons can deceive others and be dishonest. The person’s base thought process is selfishness. The persons may have abnormality in sexual organs and kidneys.

Ketu in Aries
Ketu in Aries denotes quick actions. Such a person is shrewd and can change the course of thinking very quickly. This combination makes a person adaptable and this is an extremely useful trait in case of adversity. Such is person is quite easily distressed. There are a lot of changes and interruptions in life and surprises keep springing up. On negative influence, this combination makes a person reckless and irresponsible, especially when in an unknown situation. On health front, the person is susceptible to head injuries due to accidents, inflammation, fever and headaches.

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