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Why is this astrology site free?

By Kshitij Sharma, March 25, 2007

Whenever someone takes any jyotishi’s service, it is customary to pay him/her some money as dakshina. However, I do not run this site for money.
Back in 2001, I wrote a small program for myself to generate charts. I then showed it to some friends and they suggested that I should design an interface and display the horoscope somehow on the web. So basically the chart maker program is purely a result of a hobby. Why should I charge money for something that I am interested in?… Apart from that, I don’t think what I am doing amounts to a great service for which I should expect to get paid. The software just computes and displays the horoscope. I do not and can not give any interpretation, nor do I give any online advice, remedial action etc. Hence, the site is and will remain free… till the time someone buys it out ;-). That said, a lot of people do email me with their questions. I try to answer some generic questions on the astrology blog. There is also a FAQ that you could look at.

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