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June 11th, 2012

Jupiter, is He a Saviour always?

Profession and Downfalls Part IV

Author – Bijesh Menon

Final part of a 4 part article. Part I is published here – Profession and Downfalls – Part I (Rahu-Ketu Axis) and Part II is published here – Profession and Downfalls Part II – Sun’s effect in the horoscope. Part III is published here – Saturn affecting Profession in Vedic Astrology.

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom has been given the status of a guru in Vedic astrology. Jupiter gives one foresight, insight and wisdom. Jupiter makes one free and independent. Powerful Jupiter makes one very liberal and always there extending help and shelter for the needy ones. But is Jupiter a saviour always? The real life experiences show that it is not always true. Let us check.

I don’t think that a discussion about Jupiter’s natal position in a horoscope is required here. By nature, Jupiter is a benefic and will never cause adversity in one’s career. Only when he happens to be the lord of bad houses in an astrology chart or situated badly in a horoscope, Jupiter may cause a reversal of fortune of sorts in the profession. The interesting facts are lying in the transit.

When Jupiter is transiting through the houses 6, 8, 10 and the ascendant, one is generally prone to face difficulties in profession. The 10th house transit always brings about a change. Most people will have a transfer (change of place) at this transit. The change may come in different levels based on the dasha running in one’s horoscope. At the least, one could expect a change within the firm or branch from one department to another or changes of responsibility. The atmosphere in the work place may go sour and the relation with colleagues may become strained. One will have no control over the developments in his/her work environment.  Many people tend to leave the job at this transit because of the sudden rise of the unpleasant situation at work place.

Under 6th house transit of Jupiter some people will have a sudden tendency to go for business and say good bye to service. Many will land up in trouble by taking up such a decision. Those who are in service will face competition among colleagues for elevations and recognition and may land up on the loser’s shore. Business people will face tough competition and enmity in the business circle. Those who are into partnership ventures may face a split. Only those who are into gambling and speculation will get benefitted by the transit of Jupiter through 6th house, if Jupiter influences the natal position of the 11th lord in their horoscope.

The 8th house transit of Jupiter always causes struggles and obstacles in one’s career. At this transit Jupiter imposes legal problems to many. Allegations and ill repute will lead to bad situations. Unexpected crisis in profession and financial front are to be expected. One may face problems in all kinds of relations. Project or plans will face severe obstacles and may have to be postponed till the end of the transit. People at this transit will feel like a standstill situation.

The first house transit of Jupiter is less harmful. Such natives may face uneasiness all around and that may affect their professional life. At this transit people may wander around and bring forth a lot of hard work just to see all those go in vain. Many will face the lack of confidence especially in the matters related to profession around this time.

General Factors

Apart from the above referred special combinations there are some general factors also which are noteworthy. Whenever transit Saturn, Rahu or Ketu influences the natal position of sub dasha lord, it creates tensions in all sectors of life. Transit Jupiter at such disposition will control the adverse results rather increase the positive effects. All the above said adverse transit of planets will have less impact if they are transiting through Kshema or adimithra star from the birth star.


Let me end this article with few observations. I have produced no example horoscopes here for justifying any of the above principles because to justify a past event from a horoscope is an easy task for any learned person in astrology. I am not at all interested in any of the reader accepting the principles said above without getting convinced by themselves after experimenting it. Also as I have stated in the beginning of this article, profession is a vast subject and covering all aspects of any part of this subject will be incomplete always. Esteemed readers may find many such situations in the above article and I always welcome all those feedbacks from you with a full heart.

May 13th, 2012

Saturn affecting Profession in Vedic Astrology

Profession and Downfalls Part III

Author – Bijesh Menon

Part III of a 4 part article. Part I is published here – Profession and Downfalls – Part I (Rahu-Ketu Axis) and Part II is published here – Profession and Downfalls Part II – Sun’s effect in the horoscope. Part 4 will be published VERY SOON.

In a Vedic horoscope, Saturn is feared and has a bad reputation of a planet showering adversities in life. The duties assigned to Saturn are all bad if seen from the materialistic life point of view, but what should we note here is the way Saturn acts in a horoscope.

Every astrologer or jyotishi will tell you that Saturn causes delay not a denial. Being the slowest planet among navagraha, Saturn imposes this trait on whatever he influences. In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the greatest teacher. Saturn has the responsibility to give troubles to one to make the native understand his/her faults and fall back to the right path. Hence, whenever Saturn is causing a difficulty in one’s life, there is a deeper meaning behind it. There will be a positive outcome in the future, if one can learn from one’s mistakes. Only when Saturn acts with the combined influence of other malefic planets, things take an ugly turn. Otherwise when Saturn alone imposes a struggle on somebody, the situation will lead to successful and fruitful situation in future.

In a horoscope, if Saturn is influencing the 10th house, no matter how much benefic he is in the horoscope, Saturn will give struggles to the native to come up in life. Saturn causes trouble to one’s career when he is either posited in the 10th itself or in the 4th house in the horoscope. For such natives to have an initial breakthrough in career they will have to cross many hurdles. But they will slowly get into the rhythm and will rise to a very strong position in professional life. They will have to put extra efforts  to achieve success. But as stated above the trouble is only in initial stage and that experiences will help the native stand hard as a rock against any odd situations in career in the future. If Saturn is posited in the lagna then his aspect over the 10th also will create problems in the same passion as stated above but such persons will be slightly lucky with lesser amount of struggles.

However, Saturn’s position in the 8th house in a Vedic horsocope and the 3rd aspect/drishti over the 10th house is a bad yoga. In such cases the person will have to go through all adversities in life to get settled in career. Instability in career will be the most worrying factor for the native irrespective of the line of profession. Such natives may be having great abilities in their profession but will have to face frustrations in life because of the lack fortune they may have. Likewise, when Saturn’s dasha is on even though he has no role to do with the 10th house one may face many hardships regarding profession. But if he is a benefic for that horoscope then there will good rewards for the native for his hard work towards the end of the dasha especially in the sub period of Jupiter.

The combined influence of Sun-Saturn in the 10th house is bad for career. Special reference has to be made about the influence of Saturn over Sun who is in the lagna or the 10th house in a horoscope by the means of aspect or yoga. If Saturn is influencing Sun as above, one will have a downfall in career at least once in life adversely affecting the name and respect of the native in the society. Interestingly, such natives will face this downfall most likely when transit Saturn affects the natal Sun. Sun’s or Saturn dasha or sub period is immaterial and just the transit is enough. Other planetary combinations have to strong enough in horoscope, especially the position of the Lagna and 10th lords and this combination will help the native to sustain in the situation and have a recovery from the pitfall.

While considering the transit of Saturn, special reference has to be given about Saturn’s transit over the 10th, 4th and 8th houses in a horoscope. While transiting through 10th and 4th house, Saturn brings in change for the native. Many will have a transfer or change in place at this time. For some, there could an opening to go abroad. The entire period of this transit will cause uneasiness and struggle in profession. Pressures from the superiors, inability to perform well and lack of recognition are the results of these transits. Many will face difficulties to get the deserved promotions and elevations at this time. The transit of Saturn through the 8th house will be causing all the above said problems but with much more intensity and obstacles causing insurmountable situations for the native. If such a transit of Saturn influencing the 10th house is conjoined with transit Rahu or Ketu then the situation will be worse and only the transit Jupiter’s strong influence over this conjunction could help the native to have some reprieve.

December 21st, 2011

Profession and Downfalls Part II – Sun’s effect in the horoscope

Profession and Downfalls Part II

Sun the Royal planet, causes downfall in career

Part II of a many part article. Part I is published here – Profession and Downfalls – Part I (Rahu-Ketu Axis)

Author – Bijesh Menon

Many principles of astrology regarding down fall in one’s career has been discussed in the past by many savants of astrology, but reference to Sun’s role in doing so has been discussed by only a few and that too in a very imprecise form. In many case, the Sun’s Dasha or sub period brings the real downfall in one’s career. Whenever the sub period or dasha of Sun starts, there is tendency to leave his/her job. In my experience, I have seen many cases where people holding a high position in an organisation take up sudden decision and quit their jobs at the beginning of Sun’s dasha or sub period. This could be viewed as a need of being independent by doing something on their own and wants to see an end to the slavery they were subjugated to till date. Others will have a story to tell with a list of incidents touching their pride. One thing is sure, the tendency behind these downfall is created by the false pride, ego and aggression these people experience when Sun dasha starts operating. The important fact is that most of them will go through a period of struggle till the Sun’s period comes to an end and will remember this experience as a black mark in their career. Rarely, towards the end of Sun’s period some may have some salvation in career but most of them will keep wondering throughout the dasha regretting about the act they have committed.

Few years ago when I was a budding astrologer, I happened to meet one person approached me for consultation. He was in his early thirties. He was particular about his career prospects. Nothing much was revealed and after studying his chart I started off with his nature of profession and general strength of the 10th house. I noted that the transit of Saturn and Jupiter were both over his natal 10th house and which cause tension in profession according to the first principles of astrology. Based on this reading, I predicted that he might be going through a tough situation in profession. There was no other strong backing for my predictions from his horoscope except for the above said transits. In fact, he was born in Leo Lagna and was in the middle of Sun’s dasha. But when he narrated his story, I was clueless, astrologically. He was working with a leading daily newspaper before Sun’s dasha. He joined that company soon after his education and had a good growth. He reached up to the position of senior editor within the company just in 5 years time. When his Sun’s dasha started he started having a saturated feeling since further promotions and elevations were far for him as he had already achieved many at such a young age. He decided to quit the job and planned to join a new field thinking that he could achieve success in anything since he is capable of doing things.  His condition become a lot adverse ever since then as he couldn’t even secure a decent job after that. Humiliation was obvious when he told me that how bad he feels when he has to roam around the city the whole day as a marketing executive for an herbal product company.

This incident made me look back to the study several horoscopes and to go through all available books in astrology to find out the reason why he happened to face such an adversity that too in the dasha of Lagna lord who is very well posited in the horoscope? The Sun’s intentions to cause damage to one’s profession caught my attention then onwards.
Having said so let me make it clear to the readers that the above said tendencies of Sun to create down falls in one’s career has reference only to his Dasha or sub period. A powerfully posited Sun in a horoscope always promotes one to the desired heights in career. Sun well posited in lagna, 9th, 10th or 11th helps one to achieve fame, respect and prime positions in life.

July 25th, 2010

Profession and Downfalls – Part I (Rahu-Ketu Axis)

Editor – This is Part 1 of a many part article by Bijesh. It has been broken down mainly due to the length of the original article along with my incapacity to go through it at once.

Author – Bijesh Menon

I have been practicing astrology for more than a decade now. Based on the interactions with my clients, I have come to a conclusion that a people are more concerned about their profession than other aspects of life. Most of my clients come to me questions like “When will I have stability in my job”, “Will I be transferred this year”,  “What if I leave my job and take up a business” or “Am I into the right line of profession, if not what is best for me” etc.  People take such failures very seriously and are less tolerant about them when it comes to career.

When I thought of writing an article about profession and vocation, I found myself confused on where to start. There are many books dedicated on this vast subject. I could not figure out how to express my views in a small article. I therefore decided to dedicate this article on the astrological combinations that cause downfall in profession, as it is the most worrisome area for a lot of us. I am trying to draw the attention of readers towards some of the planetary combinations which causes troubles and down falls to ones profession. These are based on my own experiences.

The Rahu-Ketu Axis and Unstable Career

The axis of Rahu and Ketu occurring in the fourth and tenth houses in a horoscope is one of the worst situations as far as profession is concerned. Irrespective of which planet (Rahu/Ketu) being posited in the tenth, the professional life of the native will suffer.

Rahu’s position in tenth house causes one to have frequent changes in his career. Such natives are much aggressive in their professional life. They seldom listen to others opinion and have strained relation with the co workers. They can be very impulsive which may lead them to making many a hasty decisions in career.

Rahu’s position in a fiery sign (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) in the tenth house: Rahu is an aggressor and when he gets posited in a fiery sign, his flares burn high. This will lead to native always getting in to adverse situations in the work place. He will have frequent arguments with his co workers and superiors. He will never care others word. He will quickly get bored with his work. He will work hard but most of his hard work would go unnoticed. Such natives may not change the line of profession frequently but change in the job is certain. Business men with this combination will seldom find success since they will never maintain good relation in their business circle. Their success in life will be only in patches.

Rahu position in a watery sign (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces): Rahu is less malefic than being located in a watery sign being posited in a fiery sign. The reason behind it is that Rahu will never attains much power in a watery sign like a fiery sign.  But still Rahu will cause damage as much as possible because Rahu is uncomfortable in watery signs. In Pisces, Rahu is less harmful because Jupiter has a calming influence over Rahu as the depositor lord.

The natives with Rahu in the 10th house in a watery sign will have fewer changes in career but they tend to suffer more in their jobs. Such natives have a sense of frustration in their career and do not see many opportunities for change.

Rahu’s position in the tenth house in an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn): Earth signs signify patience and practical approach. This influence on Rahu provides stability in career. Also, Rahu maintains a good relation with only a few planets and Venus and Mercury are among them. That’s the reason why Rahu is a less of a trouble in Taurus and Virgo. Such natives also may face some problems in their professional life and have the tendency to change jobs but will always hold their nerves with practical approach to the situation. Also they will have an attitude of seeing things from an angle of enjoyment and cooperation which will always help them stand strong even at the odd periods.

Rahu’s position in the tenth house in an airy sign (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius): In airy signs Rahu is most comfortable and causes least trouble. Once again two of the three airy signs Gemini and Libra are owned by Mercury and Venus who are friendly to Rahu. In Aquarius Rahu does not behave properly since the sign is owned by Saturn and the combination of Rahu-Saturn is always bad influence. Moreover most of the schools of astrology are of the opinion that for Rahu, Gemini and Virgo are like own houses. Taurus is considered Rahu’s exaltation sign. In practice, this has indeed been found to be true.

If Ketu is located in the tenth, then the native tends to suffer humiliation and hardship in their work life. The native will always find it difficult to enjoy their work because most likely he/she will be caught in a line of profession which is not the line of interest. But what makes Ketu’s case different is that such people will keep their frustrations and uneasiness unexpressed for long and then end it with a disastrous move. Unlike Rahu in the tenth, these people will not try to bring in a change in their career, but will ruin it by keep continuing at the same place and the performance going down each day, one day at a time. If Rahu forces one to have changes in the professional front even for no apparent reason, Ketu holds one from even reacting to adverse situations. And at last when they take a decision it will be pretty bad.

The transits of Rahu and Ketu are also adverse for career. Whenever the transit of either Rahu or Ketu has reference to the meridian point, there is tension in profession. A close examination however reveals that the transit of Ketu over the 10th house creates more trouble than than of Rahu. A transit of Rahu or Ketu over the natal 10th, either from Lagna or Moon, along with an influence of transit Saturn by the means of yoga or aspect, the situation gets worsened.

October 2nd, 2008

Profession and Dashamsha Lords

[Editor] Please note the change in Nitin’s contact number. He can be reached at 09968039321 -or- 09868752639 -or- 01125054200 and is free on Saturdays to take your calls.

Author : Nitin Kashyap

In my opinion, prediction of vocation and guidance in professional life can easily be considered to be among one of the toughest areas in Astrology. I have been doing some research on vocation and choice of profession life of people. In the past, there were very limited options as far as jobs are concerned. In this modern day and age, things have changed are in this era of specialization, jobs are too many to choose from. This poses interesting problems for an astrologer to solve.

The content in this article is my attempt to apply some of the knowledge passed down by gurus. Dashamsha is the divisional chart that relates to profession and success and failure in professional life should be judged from this chart. I have looked at a few charts to try and derive the modern meaning of Dashamsha.

For assessing professional life, we have to look for the following:

  • Lord of the Tenth House
  • Planets aspecting tenth house
  • Planets situated in tenth house
  • Tenth House mid point (Bhaav Madhya)

If you recall how Dashamsha is calculated, we need to take the longitude of the lagna and see which tenth of rashi division does it fall under. Accordingly, the dashamsha lagna is calculated.

These ten parts can be thought of corresponding to ten directions. The lords of these directions along with the significance that can be accorded to them in the current yuga are as follows:

  • Indra is the king of Gods, i.e. Devraj. He is the head of the department and wields control over other staff in the place of work.
  • Needless to say, Agni would rule professions related to fire, i.e. jobs that that need a lot of energy and aggression. Police, security and places where a furnace is at the center of affairs.
  • Yama is puctual, follows rules and is “niyam ka pakka”. He controller institutions that make laws. Naturally, it relates to court of law and associated professions – judges, lawyers, etc.
  • The mind of a Rakshasa is not constructive and wanders a lot. A Rakshasa has serious problems with authority and with taking advice from others. A Rakshasa is therefore a law breaker. It can also denote department of municipal corporation in cities that have the responsibility of destrying illegal construction, encroachment etc.
  • Varun relates to water. Sailor and professions related to ships are professions denoted by Varun. Water is also the basis of all life on earth. Varun can therefore be related to medical profession as well.
  • Ever changing and freely flowing, Vaayu, i.e. air relates to profession where dissemination of ideas is important. Examples of such professions are – teaching, consulting, writing books, poems etc. Its effect can also make a person change their profession as well.
  • Kuber presides over the treasury of Gods. His work therefore relates to finance, stock market, banks and currency market.
  • Ishaan is the son of Brahma. His work relates to taking care of people in need etc. Hence, in the current context, this may be applied to organizations doing social service, e.g. NGOs
  • Brahma is the creator. His influence on professional life would be towards the manufactering industry.
  • Literally translated as “infinite”, Anant’s influence would be spread all over the world – akin to working in a multinational company.

To work out the Deva/lord that is applicable, the mid point (bhava madhya) of tenth house should be looked at. Based on the sign falling in the tenth house, the following table should be referred to.

Degree Odd Sign Even Sign
0° – 3° Indra Anant
3° – 6° Agni Brahma
6° – 9° Yama Ishaan
9° – 12° Rakshasa Kubera
12° – 15° Varun Vaayu
15° – 18° Vaayu Varun
18° – 21° Kubera Rakshasa
21° – 24° Ishaan Yama
24° – 27° Brahma Agni
27° – 30° Anant Indra

Editor’s note: What next? I have asked Nitin to further elaborate on workings of tenth house and how to determine profession based on the planetary influence on tenth house.

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