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Kendradhipati Dosha

By Kshitij Sharma, August 25, 2014

In Vedic Astrology, the kendras are 1, 4, 7 and 10 houses in a natal horoscope. These are supposed to be the houses of action and govern some of the major aspects of life. Kendradhipati dosha is the blemish of ownership of these kendras and works to negate the natural characteristic of the planet owning the house. If the lord of such a house in a horoscope is a natural malefic, then the harmful effects come down. Similarly the good effects of the natural benefics comes down a notch.

The ascendant lord is not counted in this equation and continues to be a benefic for the person. An ascendant is never a malefic. It will always define a person and will never harm him/her. The ascendant lord, if if a natural malefic, will do good to the house it gets located in.

Natural Benefics as lord of Kendras in a jamna kundali given inauspicious results – Jupiter and Venus get most blemish due to this dosha. This is a problem because the malefics somehow do not lose all of their maleficence, but a benefic losing its power is a total bummer for a janma kundali. It is like your trusted adviser or guardian angel suddenly lost his mind and isn’t of much help anymore. Even worse, the adviser now starts working against you in its dasha and antardasha. The problem with Jupiter and Venus is accentuated for Gemini and Virgo, and Aries respectively.

The bad results are felt during the dasha/bhukti of the planet in question. The effects that should be foretold are as per the natural characteristic of the planet as well as the characteristics obtained through the lordship of the houses in a horoscope. The following table provides more details:

Lagna Kendra Lords with Dosha Effect/Comments
Aries (Mesha) Moon & Venus If Moon is waxing, only then there is dosha. Venus is lord of both 2nd and 7th and hence is not just tainted due to Kendradhipati dosha but maraka as well. Venus’ position in any house in the horoscope in its dasha/antardasha will cause problems for the person. The overall effects will be as per malefic characteristics, e.g. reduction of grace, problems with spouse etc. The maraka characteristics are accentuated due to Kendradhipati dosha.
Taurus None Sun does not get this dosha, neither do Mars and Saturn. Hence, there is no dosha for this lagna.
Gemini Jupiter Mercury itself due to lagna lordship in the horoscope does not get the dosha. Jupiter is tainted badly. Due to Jupiter’s malefic aspect, the person becomes materialistic and loses the ability to bring in pious aspects. There is loss of status and overall honour.
Cancer Venus Venus is the lord of 4th house and hence gets this dosha. As explained earlier, this results in problem with spouse and mother – both emotional as well as love related aspects. The person would have difficulty in being committed to a relationship and will have propensity towards extramarital love affairs, especially if there is other malefic influence
Leo Venus Venus is lord of 10th house and hence suffers from Kendradhipati dosha. For details, see above.
Virgo Jupiter See Gemini above. For Virgo, Jupiter is lord of 4th and 7th house.
Libra Moon, only if waxing A waning moon, i.e. for a birth in krishna paksha, there is no dosha.
Scorpio Venus Venus is 7th Lord. See the details for Aries where Venus is again both the karaka for spouse as well as the lord of 7th in a janma kundali indicating this karaka. The situation is better for Scorpio persons because Venus is not the single maraka.
Sagittarius Mercury, unaspected by Saturn/Rahu etc. Only benefic Mercury gets this dosha – that manifests itself in problems relate to communication, skin diseases etc.
Capricorn Moon – as it is 10th Lord A waning moon, i.e. for a birth in krishna paksha, there is no dosha.
Aquarius None Venus is lord of 4th house, but is simultaneously lord of 9th in the horoscope. Hence there is no Kendradhipati dosha and at the same time, Venus becomes the best benefic for Aquarians as it is capable of giving Rajyoga without any other help.
Pisces Mercury, unaspected by Saturn/Rahu etc. Only benefic Mercury gets this dosha – that manifests itself in problems relate to communication, skin diseases etc.

Kendradhipati dosha is cancelled if the lord is placed in a trine. The planet gets back its own original characteristic.

They do well if placed in dushatanas as well and this shows that they are treated like regular malefics in the chart. They do well too if they are debilitated too. This is counterintuitive for a student of astrology and hence we must pay attention as per the table above.

I must emphasize on one point though – a lot of importance should not be given to this factor. The beneficence comes down, but does not go away altogether. Therefore, unless the other Karakas are afflicted as well, this dosha by itself will not wreck havoc. As I said earlier in the article, this is like your guardian angle going away. So unless there are other afflictions in the chart, this by itself will not cause problems.

Multiple planets in one house

By Kshitij Sharma, June 22, 2014

There are many combinations when there are more than four planets in a house in a horoscope. These are very interesting kundalis and are a challenge to interpret. A lot of care must be taken to apply usual rules of combinations of planets as there are many such combinations to consider. Assuming that all the yogas that are indicated by two or three planets taken at a time will be applicable will be a mistake and an astrologer must not base his/her interpretations on them. This is because when we have mutliple planets in one house, the probability of one of them being natural and functional malefic is quite high and as such it taints any good combination. Similarly, a presense of a benefic may improve the situation when many malefics are around, but then the power of the beneficial planet to do good is also reduced and it then becomes an average horoscope at best.

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Sixth House in Kundali and Debt

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Debt, loans and such money matters are seen from sixth house in a horoscope.

6th is a malefic house in a horoscope. Location of a planet in the sixth house is considered a bad placement. Similarly, placement of 6th house lord in any other auspicious house is considered bad for the house. The only good placement for 6th lord is in one of the dusthana houses that cause veepareeta raja yoga. Association of 6th house and its lord with malefics results in Harsha yoga.

As 6th house is a dusthana, it needs to be weaker in the chart for good results. Hence a strong 6th house will lead to debts and loans. An exalted 6th lord, in a good position in horoscope, vargottama, etc. are all such indications of a strong planet.

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Saturn affecting Profession in Vedic Astrology

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Profession and Downfalls Part III

Author – Bijesh Menon

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  • Losses
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Parent Child Relationship

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This New York Times article reveals how animals use their relationship with children to improve their social standing. This isn’t very different from humans where we too derive pleasure from our children. We feel happy seeing them play. We put big burden our expectations on their small shoulders and really, like the male Barbary macaques mentioned in the article, we “strengthen our social clout” through our children. Coincidently, I was reminded that it is father’s day today.

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Vipareeta Raja Yoga

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Sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are considered to be inimical because of the traits they represent in a horoscope. Sixth house represents enemies, obstacles, debt, and diseases. Eights house is representative of death and destruction. Twelfth house represents loss, unnecessary expenditure etc.

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