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April 14th, 2013

Marital Stability and Discord–Astrological Perspective

This article looks at various factors that signify discord in a marriage and the influence of various planets that results in separation (वियोग) between a husband and wife and destroys a marriage. We will also look at factors that denote lack or absence of marriage in a chart vs. presence, but resulting in a separation.

The main factors that we should be looking at are:

  1. Lord of seventh house and lord of 7th from Moon
  2. Location of benefics and malefics in 7th house or that in 7th from the moon.
  3. Venus and its combination with other planets for a man and Jupiter’s position in a woman’s chart

If we want to understand the difference between (1) lack of marriage and (2) separation and (3) separation resulting in a divorce, then we need to look at all these factors and combination with various malefics/benefics. If one of the malefic factors does not exist or is replaced by a strong benefic aspect, e.g., 7th or 9th aspect of Jupiter, then it denotes that marriage will indeed take place, but may result in separation. We should also consider that aspect is to be considered far more harmful than conjunction. If Moon and Rahu are conjunct, then Rahu’s aspect on 7th will case more trouble in its dasha/antardasha compared to the case if Rahu was to be situated in 7th. Presence of Rahu/Sun in 7th house in their capacity of malefic planets will result in an unhappy marriage and/or separation. 7th lord in 8th or vice versa also has the same effect.

By the way, Rahu’s conjunction with Moon will cause other psychological problems in the way of mental health that can anyway cause marital discord, in this case indirectly though. Moon/Saturn can cause problem similarly due to depression, but I will try to come up with a totally different article on this topic.

Although both 5th and 7th houses are considered auspicious and together they can cause rajyoga, their conjunction or exchange is not good for marriage. Presence of 7th lord in 5th house causes discord with wife and denotes lack of children. Similarly 5th lord in 7th indicates lack of happiness in marriage.

Just with these aspects, we cannot directly predict divorce. Since divorce has a legal angle, presence of 6th house lord in this equation is required. The influence could again be through aspect or conjunction.

For predicting multiple marriages or remarriage after divorce, benefic + malefic combination on the above mentioned factors should be looked at accordingly. Aspect of a benefic like Jupiter could check this factor, but we have to finally look at the balance of benefic and malefic aspects to predict the final outcome. Some of the important combinations for multiple marriages are:

  1. 2 planets located in 11th house
  2. Venus and/or Jupiter (accordingly) and 7th lord in dual signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces)
  3. Mercury or Saturn in 7th house
  4. Mars in 8th house

If any of you want to look at detailed explanation on remarriage or multiple marriages, I would strongly suggest reading Chapter 4 in “The Art of Matching Charts” by Gayatri Devi Vaasudev.

December 2nd, 2012

Sanyasyoga – Combinations for an ascetic

To be effectively able to judge if a person can take sanyas and become an ascetic, lets try to define the traits that we associate with a sanyasi. Before we begin, I would like to encourage everyone to watch a movie called OMG: Oh My God! It is a great movie.

Traits of a sanyasi that gives a pravrajya-yoga:

  • A sanyasi ought to be learned and someone with a sound logic, deeply philosophical and someone with clear and uncluttered thinking.
  • Not necessarily deeply religious, but someone seeking truth
  • Detached from family, society and worldly pleasures

The combinations that cause these traits to appear in a person are:

  • Detachment is caused by malefic influence of Sun, Rahu, Saturn and 12th house lord.
  • Such an influence is required on 2nd (family) and 7th house (spouse). Influence on 2nd is much more important as an influence on 7th alone will cause separation from spouse, thus resulting in a divorce.
  • Separating influence is required on 4th house (society) and 12th house (worldly pleasures)
  • These influence are a must from the Moon as well – especially the influence of Saturn on the Moon is required should be analyzed very carefully.
  • Pravrajya yoga is defined by 4 or more strong planets in one house in a chart, without being combust or debilitated. The nature of the sanyas is governed by the strongest of these set of planets. Such a combination should ideally occur in a kendra to affect the Lagna, otherwise it will not be effective.
  • Jupiter will need to be involved to bring in the philosophical influence on the mind. Jupiter should by itself be a benefic planet in the chart otherwise instead of a sanyasi, we will see a salesman or marketer, likes of who we see in the OMG movie.

June 11th, 2012

Jupiter, is He a Saviour always?

Profession and Downfalls Part IV

Author – Bijesh Menon

Final part of a 4 part article. Part I is published here – Profession and Downfalls – Part I (Rahu-Ketu Axis) and Part II is published here – Profession and Downfalls Part II – Sun’s effect in the horoscope. Part III is published here – Saturn affecting Profession in Vedic Astrology.

Jupiter, the planet of wisdom has been given the status of a guru in Vedic astrology. Jupiter gives one foresight, insight and wisdom. Jupiter makes one free and independent. Powerful Jupiter makes one very liberal and always there extending help and shelter for the needy ones. But is Jupiter a saviour always? The real life experiences show that it is not always true. Let us check.

I don’t think that a discussion about Jupiter’s natal position in a horoscope is required here. By nature, Jupiter is a benefic and will never cause adversity in one’s career. Only when he happens to be the lord of bad houses in an astrology chart or situated badly in a horoscope, Jupiter may cause a reversal of fortune of sorts in the profession. The interesting facts are lying in the transit.

When Jupiter is transiting through the houses 6, 8, 10 and the ascendant, one is generally prone to face difficulties in profession. The 10th house transit always brings about a change. Most people will have a transfer (change of place) at this transit. The change may come in different levels based on the dasha running in one’s horoscope. At the least, one could expect a change within the firm or branch from one department to another or changes of responsibility. The atmosphere in the work place may go sour and the relation with colleagues may become strained. One will have no control over the developments in his/her work environment.  Many people tend to leave the job at this transit because of the sudden rise of the unpleasant situation at work place.

Under 6th house transit of Jupiter some people will have a sudden tendency to go for business and say good bye to service. Many will land up in trouble by taking up such a decision. Those who are in service will face competition among colleagues for elevations and recognition and may land up on the loser’s shore. Business people will face tough competition and enmity in the business circle. Those who are into partnership ventures may face a split. Only those who are into gambling and speculation will get benefitted by the transit of Jupiter through 6th house, if Jupiter influences the natal position of the 11th lord in their horoscope.

The 8th house transit of Jupiter always causes struggles and obstacles in one’s career. At this transit Jupiter imposes legal problems to many. Allegations and ill repute will lead to bad situations. Unexpected crisis in profession and financial front are to be expected. One may face problems in all kinds of relations. Project or plans will face severe obstacles and may have to be postponed till the end of the transit. People at this transit will feel like a standstill situation.

The first house transit of Jupiter is less harmful. Such natives may face uneasiness all around and that may affect their professional life. At this transit people may wander around and bring forth a lot of hard work just to see all those go in vain. Many will face the lack of confidence especially in the matters related to profession around this time.

General Factors

Apart from the above referred special combinations there are some general factors also which are noteworthy. Whenever transit Saturn, Rahu or Ketu influences the natal position of sub dasha lord, it creates tensions in all sectors of life. Transit Jupiter at such disposition will control the adverse results rather increase the positive effects. All the above said adverse transit of planets will have less impact if they are transiting through Kshema or adimithra star from the birth star.


Let me end this article with few observations. I have produced no example horoscopes here for justifying any of the above principles because to justify a past event from a horoscope is an easy task for any learned person in astrology. I am not at all interested in any of the reader accepting the principles said above without getting convinced by themselves after experimenting it. Also as I have stated in the beginning of this article, profession is a vast subject and covering all aspects of any part of this subject will be incomplete always. Esteemed readers may find many such situations in the above article and I always welcome all those feedbacks from you with a full heart.

May 13th, 2012

Saturn affecting Profession in Vedic Astrology

Profession and Downfalls Part III

Author – Bijesh Menon

Part III of a 4 part article. Part I is published here – Profession and Downfalls – Part I (Rahu-Ketu Axis) and Part II is published here – Profession and Downfalls Part II – Sun’s effect in the horoscope. Part 4 will be published VERY SOON.

In a Vedic horoscope, Saturn is feared and has a bad reputation of a planet showering adversities in life. The duties assigned to Saturn are all bad if seen from the materialistic life point of view, but what should we note here is the way Saturn acts in a horoscope.

Every astrologer or jyotishi will tell you that Saturn causes delay not a denial. Being the slowest planet among navagraha, Saturn imposes this trait on whatever he influences. In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the greatest teacher. Saturn has the responsibility to give troubles to one to make the native understand his/her faults and fall back to the right path. Hence, whenever Saturn is causing a difficulty in one’s life, there is a deeper meaning behind it. There will be a positive outcome in the future, if one can learn from one’s mistakes. Only when Saturn acts with the combined influence of other malefic planets, things take an ugly turn. Otherwise when Saturn alone imposes a struggle on somebody, the situation will lead to successful and fruitful situation in future.

In a horoscope, if Saturn is influencing the 10th house, no matter how much benefic he is in the horoscope, Saturn will give struggles to the native to come up in life. Saturn causes trouble to one’s career when he is either posited in the 10th itself or in the 4th house in the horoscope. For such natives to have an initial breakthrough in career they will have to cross many hurdles. But they will slowly get into the rhythm and will rise to a very strong position in professional life. They will have to put extra efforts  to achieve success. But as stated above the trouble is only in initial stage and that experiences will help the native stand hard as a rock against any odd situations in career in the future. If Saturn is posited in the lagna then his aspect over the 10th also will create problems in the same passion as stated above but such persons will be slightly lucky with lesser amount of struggles.

However, Saturn’s position in the 8th house in a Vedic horsocope and the 3rd aspect/drishti over the 10th house is a bad yoga. In such cases the person will have to go through all adversities in life to get settled in career. Instability in career will be the most worrying factor for the native irrespective of the line of profession. Such natives may be having great abilities in their profession but will have to face frustrations in life because of the lack fortune they may have. Likewise, when Saturn’s dasha is on even though he has no role to do with the 10th house one may face many hardships regarding profession. But if he is a benefic for that horoscope then there will good rewards for the native for his hard work towards the end of the dasha especially in the sub period of Jupiter.

The combined influence of Sun-Saturn in the 10th house is bad for career. Special reference has to be made about the influence of Saturn over Sun who is in the lagna or the 10th house in a horoscope by the means of aspect or yoga. If Saturn is influencing Sun as above, one will have a downfall in career at least once in life adversely affecting the name and respect of the native in the society. Interestingly, such natives will face this downfall most likely when transit Saturn affects the natal Sun. Sun’s or Saturn dasha or sub period is immaterial and just the transit is enough. Other planetary combinations have to strong enough in horoscope, especially the position of the Lagna and 10th lords and this combination will help the native to sustain in the situation and have a recovery from the pitfall.

While considering the transit of Saturn, special reference has to be given about Saturn’s transit over the 10th, 4th and 8th houses in a horoscope. While transiting through 10th and 4th house, Saturn brings in change for the native. Many will have a transfer or change in place at this time. For some, there could an opening to go abroad. The entire period of this transit will cause uneasiness and struggle in profession. Pressures from the superiors, inability to perform well and lack of recognition are the results of these transits. Many will face difficulties to get the deserved promotions and elevations at this time. The transit of Saturn through the 8th house will be causing all the above said problems but with much more intensity and obstacles causing insurmountable situations for the native. If such a transit of Saturn influencing the 10th house is conjoined with transit Rahu or Ketu then the situation will be worse and only the transit Jupiter’s strong influence over this conjunction could help the native to have some reprieve.

April 27th, 2012

Transit of Venus and Combustion

On June 06, 2012, in a very rare astronomical phenomenon, Venus will move across the disk of Sun and can be seen as a black spot if viewed properly through a telescope. It will be visible in India as per this map from NASA. It is a rare phenomenon because the frequency is very low and although the last transit happened in 2004, the next one would happen only in 22nd century – on 11th Dec 2117 to be precise.

On this day, longitude of Sun and Venus would be almost the same, approximately 21°40′ in the sign of Taurus. By definition, Venus would be combust. This is the period of deep combustion, but it would remain combust from May 30th to June 12th. Venus is retrograde throughout this period, and there are many opinions about the degree of combustion of retrograde Venus and hence the period mentioned here is approximate.

I turned to standard Vedic Astrology text books to learn more about combustion in general and Venus in particular. Combustion is not studied separately and is seen along with other parameters that indicate strength of planet in a janma kundali, i.e. a Vedic horoscope. I have observed in the past and would like to bring to your notice some inconsistencies in these texts.

Saravali and Jaatak Paarijaat

These books say that a combust (one that is lost in the radiance of Sun, अस्तंगत) planet is in a Vikala state (विकल अवस्था). Vikala is a sanskrit word that essentially carries these meanings “agitated”, “miserable”, “full of worries”. However, what needs to be notices is that both the books that I own are from Ranjan Publications, New Delhi and from the same editor/commentator Dr. Sureshchandra Mishra. Such a planet is supposed to make a person wander in far off lands and have a difficult life. He would be devoid of strength and have many enemies.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra

The version that I have has a state “kopa” (कोप अवस्था) for a combust planet. This word means “angry” as well as “agitated”. In this book, Vikala (विकल) stands for a planet that is conjunct with a malefic.

Uttara Kalamrita

In the book Uttara Kalamrita, the author has mentioned the following degree difference for planets being combust.

Planet Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Retrograde Mercury Retrograde Venus
Degree Difference









Rahu and Ketu are naturally not a part of this list as they are shadowy planets. They rather cause distress to Sun (and Moon too) if they are close to Sun. It may be noted that eclipses occur due under such combinations that involve Rahu/Ketu and Sun and Moon.

A strong Venus is representative of material pleasure in a Vedic horoscope. A Venus, devoid of radiance and under a strong influence of Sun would turn the other way around and reject material pleasure, sensuality and sense of beauty. In other words, for male nativities, we are looking at deep disregard for the other sex. If married due to other factors, there would be an attitude of indifference towards the spouse. It is not a good combination for married life. It also indicates material loss, i.e. losses in business.

On this day, during the transit though, despite deep combustion, Venus is not completely devoid of shadbala in the janma kundali. If I am not wrong, it is reasonably powerful during the sunrise when the transit would occur in India. The overall bad effects would be muted. This combination will give health problems to children born during the transit, because Venus would be the lord of Lagna.

PS: Washington Post covers this event from a pure astronomical perspective…

On June 5 or 6, depending on the time zone, millions of people around the globe will watch Venus glide across the sun in a rare celestial event that won’t happen again until 2117. Because the planet is just 1/32nd the diameter of the sun, its silhouette will appear as a black speck during its six-plus hour passage.

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