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December 2nd, 2012

Displaying Birth Charts & Kundali Matching application

I had few posts about now the “website is not working” and how folks are not able to create birthcharts using the website. There are two parts to this problem:

Server Side Problems: Recently, the service provider where I run this website stopped allowing image generation application to be run on the website. This was the application where once a birth chart was generated, you could save it as an image. Now, since the application cannot be run, the image cannot be generated. Apparently fixing this is not such a small problem and it is not just that I pay for an upgrade and things will be okay. It seems I will have to take help from some folks who know java/jsp and servlet programming to help me out. I am working on it and the inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. Believe me, I too am very worried because this was my way of saving any chart for my future reference.

Client Side Issues: When you open this kundali generation page or this kundali matching page, an application called Java runs in your computer to display the chart. This site has nothing to do with it. The symptom is that when you open either of these pages, the application does not run and it appears a blank. To deal with this problem, you must install Java on your computer and allow it to be run within the web browser. This is the website from where you can install Java – Even after installing Java, it may not work because you need to explicitly set up your web browser to use it. Here is the page describing how to enable Java –

Right now, there is no way of getting these applets to work from a smartphone or a mobile device such as an Android phone or an iPad. I must admit that I did not invest much of time for past few years to make this website work on this newer technology areas. Again, this is work in progress and there should be a good news at least for Android folks.

May 2nd, 2012

Reaching out to Astrology Enthusiasts

Some time back, I activated Feedburner feeds on this Astrology website. It allows for two services – (1) a RSS reader that RSS savvy readers can read on the web and (2) mailing list and twitter delivery for new Vedic Astrology articles that appear on this page.

The website is reaching couple of milestones – there are close to 200 followers on Twitter and there are close to 1000 Astrology enthusiasts that are subscribed to email delivery of articles.

Thanks to one and all for helping reach these milestone… I know that we are a still a minuscule setup compared to other Astrology sites, but we do feel good about it.

May 25th, 2011

Open for comments

The website is open for question/answers, comments again. These would be moderated for SPAM though.

Many thanks !

September 18th, 2010

Hacked and back to work

The site was hacked today – when I logged in to the site for some maintenance, firefox web browser gave me some weird javascript error. I the used Google Chrome to log in and it immediately gave a red coloured warning that the site is hosing some malware. My heartbeat and blood pressure spiked. I called up the Godaddy, who is the hosting provider – within 1/2 hour, the technical support crew cleaned up the malware. The site was back to work.

I appreciate:

  1. The Godaddy’s tech-support – they knew their stuff.
  2. Google chrome – it definitely is a safer and better browser than Firefox. Firefox tried to install a virus on my computer.

I understand their are some readers who might be infected during this time. I apologize. I will take precaution that this does not happen again. I will take good care of the site now and will keep an eye on all vulnerabilities proactively.

February 5th, 2010

Calling for Articles on Vedic Astrology

If there are any astrologers out there who would be interested in contributing articles to this website, please do get in touch : vedic dot astrology @

I will be very happy to publish your work on this website. It would be very helpful to spread good word about Vedic Astrology throughout the world.

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