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Planetary Transits

Saturn’s Transit to Scorpio: November 2014

By Kshitij Sharma, October 2, 2014

Saturn’s transit to Libra is coming to an end. On Nov 4th 2014, Saturn will move from airy sign of Libra to watery sign of Scorpio. It will remain in Vishakha nakshatra and move from 3rd pada to 4th pada of Vishakha. It will remain in Scorpio for a period of approximately three years and will move to Sagittarius in October 2017. It will be a longer than average transit. Scorpio belongs to Mars, who Saturn considers an enemy. Hence Saturn will be en enemy rashi from November.

Libra was exaltation sign of Saturn. A happy, exalted Saturn is a preserver. It indicates perseverance, determination and as Saturn indicates masses, an exalted Saturn indicates that people are exercising their power and democracy is going well. Saturn exaltation in Libra in the first house was used by astrologers to fix up the time of Shri Narendra Modi’s oath taking ceremony.

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Venus Gochar Kanya Rashi Sept Oct 2014

By Kshitij Sharma, September 7, 2014

Find out how Venus Gochar affects you according to your moon sign.

Venus will transit (gochar) to Virgo/Kanya rashi in early morning hours on 25th September 2014 as per Indian Standard Time for a horoscope prepared for Bangalore. Venus remains in Virgo through October 19th, when it moves to its own sign of Libra on 19th October 2014. This is a very short transit in Virgo, mainly because it is not getting retrograde in the middle and is maintaining pretty much constant speed through the transit. Venus is combust around October 27, but by then it would be out of Virgo rashi. Venus would be conjunct with Rahu and opposition with Ketu on October 15th, when it comes within a degree of Rahu. At this time, Rahu, as its usual path is, is retrograde and Venus is moving forward with its constant speed.

Venus is debilitated in Virgo sign. It is a sign it cannot stand because it is the sign of temperamental Mercury, while Venus stands for sophistication and grace. Mercury, on the other hand is unpredictable and Virgo is its exaltation as well as moolatrikona sign. Venus is the teacher/guide of the Asuras while Jupiter does that job for Devas. Venus is therefore quite at home in Jupiter’s sign of Pisces, the opposing sign of Virgo.

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Saturn Mars Conjunction August 2014

By Kshitij Sharma, August 11, 2014

Effect of Mars/Saturn conjunction on various rashis, natal horoscope and on day to day affairs is described in the article.

Saturn and Mars will be conjunct on August 25th/26th. The exact conjunction will occur around midnight of August 25th, going into August 26th. Their latitudinal degrees are different, and therefore the planets will not eclipse each other, but will appear pretty close. This will not be a photo opportunity as for Venus Jupiter conjunction a week before.

Mars is fast moving planet, but Saturn is the slowest planet of the astrological system. This phenomenon occurs once approximately 2 years. This time, the conjunction is seen in Libra rashi, Vishakha nakshatra at 204°. The two planets will be at planetary war (ग्रह युद्ध) from August 24th through August 25th, considering IST, Bangalore.

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Basics of Planetary Transits (Example Sun)

By Kshitij Sharma, July 13, 2014

I was not able to finish the post on weekly predictions due to various reasons. As it is a habit to come up with an article at the end of the week, I am sharing the notes on transits that I refer to most often. I am aware that these notes are not very useful to many of the readers who come to this site for quick information, but this may be seen as my attempt to make my notes public and help someone out there with the jyotish knowledge.

Yesterday was Guru Poornima and I would like to thank teachers like Shri Suresh Chandra Mishra, Shri Jagannath Bhasin and Shri L.R. Chawdhri who have taught me planetary transits through their books.

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Jupiter Combust in Transit: July 2014

By Kshitij Sharma, July 1, 2014

The people or persons who have Moon in their janma kundali in the sign of Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces will feel the good effects of the Jupiter transit through July 2015. Jupiter is transiting through Cancer now and is in its exaltation sign is good for the all the folks for whom the Jupiter transit is favourable as Jupiter gives beneficial results to its fullest extent.

During this transit, Jupiter reaches its highest exaltation point around 11th of July, when it reaches the longitudinal 5°. However, there is an important combustion effect taking place around this time. Sun moves into Cancer around 16th of July and by the definition of combustion for Jupiter (conjunct with Sun and within 11 degrees), Jupiter is combust till 7th of August.

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Rahu/Ketu Transit 2014

By Kshitij Sharma, June 29, 2014

Find out how Rahu/Ketu transit of 2014 in Virgo and Pisces respectively will affect you according to the janma rashi. If I take the latitude and longitude of Bangalore, Rahu/Ketu will enter the signs around midnight of July 12/13 2014 and will stay in these signs for approximately one and a half year till 9 January 2016. Rahu and Ketu are mathematical entities exactly 180° apart. Therefore, when Rahu enters Virgo, Ketu enters Pisces. Both the transits have different effect on the individual as per his/her janma rashi as derived from the natal horoscope. While Rahu and Ketu are exactly 180° apart, it does not mean that an adverse transit of Rahu is beneficial transit for Ketu and vice-versa.

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Jupiter’s Transit in Cancer–2014

By Kshitij Sharma, June 1, 2014

Find out how you are affected due to Jupiter’s transit in Cancer by referring to your Janma Rashi. This affect is long term – and will be functional through July 2015.

As per Vedic Astrology’s niryana calculations Jupiter will move from Gemini to Cancer on 19th June 2014. As per the coordinates of Bangalore are concerned, Jupiter will enter Cancer on 19th June 2014, at around 8.00 AM and leave Cancer to enter Gemini on July 15th 2015 at around 5.30 AM. In between, Jupiter will be retrograde from Dec 9, 2014 to April 9th, 2015. As we head into June 2014, this is a very important transit is happening around us.

Cancer is Jupiter’s exaltation sign and Jupiter is pompous, extravagant and extremely happy in this sign in a horoscope. The highest exaltation point of Jupiter is Cancer 5°.

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Sadhe Sati, Saturn’s Transit

By Kshitij Sharma, September 2, 2006

Saturn is the slowest planet in the solar system that is relevant to Vedic/Indian Astrology. It takes 29.5 years to complete one revolution around the Sun. Considering 12 rashis, it would be in one rashi for 29.5/12 ~ 2.5 years. In Gochara, Saturn’s transits are given a lot of importance because it stays in a rashi for the longest time. In general, Saturn is associated with qualities of being cold and heavy like the metal iron. It destroys attributes of the house it is associated with by its association or drishti. Being the slowest planet, it also causes delays and is retarding in nature.

Sadhe sati is referred to the seven and a half year period when Saturn transits over natal moon and adjoining houses. Translating this to from Astrology to English would take some effort :-). Continue reading