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Houses of Profession, Courage, Enemies, Bhagya

By Kshitij Sharma, February 23, 2016

Tenth house in a Vedic Astrology horoscope is the karmasthana. All the world’s a stage and men and women play their part as defined by their 10th house. It is therefore a house of performance on the world stage and the respect and recognition that we gain here. These important factors of prestige, rank and dignity in society is judged from the tenth house.

Tenth house has a very interesting relationship with other houses in the horoscope, because of the placement of the houses with respect to its position. It has an auspicious relationship with 6th house of enemies in the horoscope, which is located at 5/9 axis from it. It has an inauspicious 6/8 relationship with 3rd house, which is the house of courage, valour and teamwork. It again as a tough 6/8 relationship with 5th house, which is the house of creativity, quick intelligence and purva punya. As 9th house is located 12th to 10th house, there is undoing of the significations of 10th house whenever a good period of 9th lord is going on.

Third house (sahaj bhava)

Third House in a horoscope is house of courage, friends and brothers. It lies 6th from 10th house, which is considered enemy position for any house. Hence, it is interesting to note how strength of ones own initiatives and brothers and the support levels that they provide are detrimental to significations of 10th house and vice versa. This is because 10th house is the house of individual success. It is not the success of a team, not of a family, but of the individual in his/her own capacity. This house indicates our image that we do not share with the world. If we share it, the image of our brothers, team members goes up at the cost of our own. These people are often left behind when one person rises above all others and in some cases the separation is quite bitter. This is also visible if the relationship with 11th house is also brought in equation here. For getting true name and fame, a person must rise above his/her social circle. This is explained by 10th house being 12th to 11th house of social relationship.

Also, once public image is set, it is very difficult for anyone to change it. A sense of inertia sets in and the public figure cannot take arbitrary actions in order to drastically change their image. In other words, deliberate actions are restricted by the already existing persona, which is nothing but 3rd house significations being restricted by 10th house.

If we are too aggressive, too militant in our approach, the world sees us as a vigilante. While there is respect, fear dominates the expression rather than actual respect.

In the horoscope of Mr. Pramod Mahajan, 3rd house is occupied by Saturn, aspected by Rahu from 11th house, that gave him the steely determination to carry on his tasks by any means necessary. It also ensured that he did not have any enemies with respect to his job. As the main troubleshooter and floor manager in the parliament, he was a head above his peers and was held in high esteem by then PM Vajpayee who called him the Lakshman of BJP.  But then this combination completely ruined his relationship with his brother. He was finally assassinated by a bullet (Saturn, lord of 8th, located 8th from 8th) fired by his brother (3rd house) in circumstances that are very nebulous (Rahu’s exact aspect, within the degree). He was assassinated when he was at the fag end of Saturn/Rahu. Aspect of Jupiter (10th lord) on 3rd house did not help much, especially when Jupiter moves to 6th house in Bhava chart.

Sixth House

Sixth House (house of enemies, ripu bhava) also has a great relationship with the 10th house. On the way to realizing our potential, we cannot progress without fighting our inner demons and enemies outside. As 6th to ascendant, ripu bhava indicates our limitations and gives a way to measure realistic accomplishments against the backdrop of our peers and competitors. 6th House is also an indicator of service. Service is the dharma of the karma we put in this life. A good placement of 10th lord in 6th will solve a lot of problems for the individual, but take the person on the path of serving others and as Barbara Pijan says seva, seva and seva.

Fifth and Ninth houses

Fifth and Ninth house have most enigmatic relationship with 10th house. On the face of it, they look like hampering the significations of 10th house in the worst way possible. But it also tells us the true relationship between creativity, dharma and karma.

Fifth House is the house of education, creativity, purva punya and creative intelligence. It is also the house of our children who help us carry our genes and life forward after we are long gone in the current form from the face of the earth. Human beings are social animals. They learn right from the time they are in the womb and this process of learning never stops. Our creativity is incremental that is over and above the learning that we get from others around us. Only a miniscule portion of us can be compared to Aryabhatta who invented zero and Einstein who had had no references for the papers on relativity that he presented in 1905. Everyone else owes their creativity to others – The folks who invented computer via binary language of 1 and 0 must thank Aryabhatta. The inventors who worked on GPS have to thank Einstein who formulated that speed of light is a universal constant. Our karma is really the debt that we pay back to the society. This is the enigmatic 6th relationship between 5th and 10th house.

Fifth and tenth house relationship also shows the work/life balance that is so much off in today’s society. When kids fall ill, it is the parents’ duty and responsibility to take care of them and is the right karma for them. 5th house is 8th to 10th house, hence indicative of obstacles and impediments. Working women take a break from their work when they are busy creating and nurturing the life within them. People working on creative projects (start-ups of today) get the result/recognition from their work at the end of journey and not during the journey. Creativity happens during 5th house lord period and recognition comes later, only when 10th house period comes into play. However, the journey itself is tough and treacherous and success is never guaranteed.

Too much of 10th house significations are detrimental to our children’s health. If parents get busy with their job and do not pay attention, then it goes against our children.

Mahatma Gandhi’s strong 10th house with Moon in swakshetra and Rahu within was detrimental for his entire 2nd and 3rd generation. Jupiter/Moon square aspect in 7th/10th house is strong Gaja Kesari yoga. Saturn’s position in 5th from Moon further indicates emotionally taxing and distant relationship with children.

Ninth house is the loss of identity house for 10th house. Strong 9th house though increases dharma has adverse implications for individualistic glory bestowed by a strong 10th house. The sages who composed the Vedas and Upnishads are unknown. Their word is the word of Lord Brahma, but no one knows who they were and when did they finish writing these ancient scriptures. They have created and inspired an entire belief system that is the largest unbroken system in our world. Even otherwise, the most leaned gurus are down to earth people who do not like publicity and shun flamboyance. Also, period of a strong 9th lord makes people quit their jobs and work towards betterment of society.


  • Comment by Sonia sharma on March 16, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    i want to know about my career ? When will i get a govt job and how my studies will go in near future??

  • Comment by Salam Sarju on May 18, 2017 at 10:28 pm

    I have 4 planets_Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in 6th house,Scorpio Lagna. Moon in 9th house ,Mars in 7th house , Rahu in 4th house ,Ketu in 10th and Jupiter in libra,12th house. Which remedies and gemstones should I use for improving my life,

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