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Most Important Houses in a Horoscope

By Kshitij Sharma, June 13, 2015

In today’s world, a child is born into a rat race. Helicopter parents get to vicariously live their life one more time through their children. Since the very beginning, there is a huge sense of competition, starting from the weight and the height of the baby, to the amount of money charged by the nursing home. The more, the better. The parent himself may be the most average student in everything during his school days, but he wants his child to do well in every sphere. The parent won’t care if the child has an aptitude in a sphere, whether she is good in dance or drama, mathematics or sports, painting or language, as long as the child “tops” in everything. The area of liking does not matter, competition does. The same rat race continues through the life. When the child grows up, ambition, desire, wishes and earning money take over. Family, saving money for the future aren’t important, earning power is. Creativity and compassion take a back seat.

In Kaliyuga, the most important houses in a horoscope are the 11th, 3rd and 6th house. It roughly works out as this – do you have the necessary ambition (11th house), passion to convert the dream into reality (3rd house) and ability to get ahead of competition (6th house)? These three houses provide an answer to the most important question in the corporate life – do you have what it takes?

Interestingly, all of these three houses are considered malefic. If you were to read Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra, you would come to believe that these are upchhaya houses and are inimical in nature. Even my article on benefic and malefic houses, these are termed as inimical and malefic.

Don’t get me wrong… the trikona houses – 1st, 5th and 9th are still important, but in this day and age their importance has gone down. 1st house indicates self and health. One can always pop a pill if health is affected. 5th house is indicator of buddhi. Hire smart people and surround yourself with them. 9th house stands for religion and spirituality. Who cares about religion anyway?

11th House in the horoscope

The 11th house represents our worldly and material desires. Ambition is represented by this house. This is the house of abundance and will make abundant the natural trait of any planet that occupied it. This is also a house of egoism and egotism. The lord of the house is considered malefic, but in its dasha/antardasha, it will help the person create an aura about himself and market himself well. All planets do well in this house. In a horoscope, we need the 11th house to be occupied by some planet, but it has to be a strong planet. Planets in detriment, debilitation or hemmed by malefics harm the prospects of this house. A malefic planet will indicate that the earnings will be through unfair and unscrupulous means. A benefic will indicate honesty in earning money. Still, the quality of planet does not matter.

3rd House in the horoscope

The 3rd house in the horoscope indicates our peer network. This is the social circle – your friends, relatives. This house can now be extended to your facebook friends and your whatsapp buddies. The strength of this house indicates ones leadership position within the social circle.

3rd house also indicates our motivations in life. Strong 3rd house provides for the inner passion and impulse. It provides the necessary will power and courage to accomplish a task. 11th house gives ambition, but without the support of a strong 3rd house, the ambition is just hollow. 3rd house is also a signifactor of sports. All planets do well here. A strong Mars is a good placement and so is Sun. Again, this house should not be occupied by a weak planet in detriment and debilitation. It is not the benefic or a malefic planet that will take away the passion – it is the weak planet.

6th House in the horoscope

6th house indicates enemies and obstacles. It also indicates the opposition that we face throughout our life.

6th house is a little special. If any planet is placed in 6th house, it harms the prospects of that house. For example, if 2nd house lord is placed in 6th house, the person will not have a happy childhood, family and will not be able to save money. These traits will show up during the dasha and antardasha of the 2nd house lord. Alternatively, presence of 6th house lord in any other house will harm the prospects of that house. Again, taking an example, presence of 6th house lord in 7th will cause obstacles in marriage during dasha/antardasha period of 6th lord.

However, when a planet is placed in 6th house and is a strong malefic, it will show defeat of enemies and will show that we overcome competition. A strong benefic will indicate strong enemies, but at the same time, it will also give the power of negotiation with the enemy. Such a person would do well in a corporate boardroom and even as a lawyer in court. 6th house also bestows strong work ethic and discipline.


  • Comment by geeta on June 18, 2015 at 10:44 pm

    Really well interpreted article and good contextualisation of three upachaya houses.

  • Comment by ashwani kumar sharma on June 26, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    Very nice artical . It would be better if your good self could extended these houses on the basis of their lordship.i.e. for each lagan the summary of planets related with these houses


  • Comment by sudheh on June 30, 2015 at 1:13 pm

    Nice briefing According to Kaliyug in the name of important houses.
    Please give Expression According to vedha planets to the Natural planet.
    Please post each and every planet veda along with Remedies…

    Example : Mars is in jupiter veda..
    Rahu is in sun’s veda..
    Hopefully waiting for your valuable post ….Thanks

  • Comment by Vaishali kolte on August 25, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    Namaste pandit ji my date of birth is 4 december 1987 birth time is afternoon
    3: 35 meri shaadi fix nahi ho rahi hai can u tell me when will i get married

  • Comment by Lohit Chaudhary on September 26, 2020 at 1:31 pm

    full of wrong ideas and misconception.

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