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Rahu Ketu Transit 2019: Gemini and Sagittarius

By Kshitij Sharma, March 14, 2019

Find out how Rahu/Ketu transit of 2019 in Gemini and Sagittarius respectively will affect you according to the janma rashi. Rahu/Ketu will go through the transit of Gemini and Sagittarius by entering the sign on March 7, 2019, and will stay in these signs for approximately one and a half year till September 3, 2019. These are the dates if we take the “mean nodes” type of calculations for these chhaya grahas. If we take “true nodes”, which represents more wobbling motion, then the dates of transit through Cancer and Capricorn respectively are 23rd March 2019 to 19th September 2020.

Rahu and Ketu are mathematical entities exactly 180° apart. Therefore, when Rahu enters Gemini, Ketu enters Sagittarius. Both the transits have a different effect on the individual as per his/her janma rashi as derived from the natal horoscope. While Rahu and Ketu are exactly 180° apart, it does not mean that an adverse transit of Rahu is beneficial transit for Ketu and vice-versa. Both Rahu and Ketu being malefics follow the rules of providing beneficial transits when going through 3rd, 6th and 11th houses. Other transits are adverse.

The rest of the article will try to delineate how the two transits of Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius will simultaneously affect an individual.

Rahu and Ketu will be in their moolatrikona signs, which makes them strong. The results by them will be effective in all the domains. When in moolatrikona sign, the planet is like in office working hard. The results will be as per its natural karaka.

How to get information from the article below: The sign indicated is the janma rashi or the moon sign. If you do not know your moon sign, please first find it out through the horoscope software application on this page on the website. Subsequently, Rahu’s and Ketu’s transits houses are counted from the rashi. If the transit is adverse, the necessary remedies to reduce the effects of Rahu and Ketu transits are detailed in the last part of this article.

Movement of Rahu and Ketu through the zodiac is pretty interesting. They are not real planets but are mathematical points. They both move back in retrogression. Their movement and their mathematical nature are described here in this article on Rahu/Ketu and eclipses.

If there are “problems” indicated below, the “problems” are defined by the location and result of Rahu/Ketu in the chart. If Rahu affects 5th house in the birth horoscope i.e., the natal chart, “problems” will be related to children, speculations and other factors shown by the 5th house. Also, since Rahu and Ketu have special 5th and 9th drishti, there will be some stimulation of the traits denoted by the house being aspected by these two shadowy planets. During this transit, Rahu aspects Tula (Libra) and Kumbha (Aquarius). Ketu aspects Mesha (Aries) and Simha (Leo).

Also, this article talks about the effect of only Rahu and Ketu on the janma rashi. Exact effects that an individual would experience depends on his/her ongoing dashas/antardashas as well as transits of Saturn and Jupiter.


Rahu Transit: 3rd House (Favourable)

Ketu Transit: 9th House (Adverse)

Transit Results: Rahu provides gains through communication with neighbours, relatives, siblings. Old misunderstandings can be resolved. You will be communicating with others with a lot more flourish. You will need to be careful with partnerships and avoid mingling with people of unknown antecedents, mainly because of Rahu’s drishti on the 11th house. The relationship with the spouse will also enter a phase of pomp and show. You need to be careful with problems with losses, accidents and legal issues during long-distance travel travels. Even with the best planning, plan B will be required almost everywhere. Source of money will be good but you will be tempted to take short-cuts. My advice: bending the rules is okay, blatantly breaking them is not. There are no long term vedhas and Rahu’s transit will give good results.


Rahu Transit: 2nd House (Adverse)

Ketu Transit: 8th House (Adverse)

Transit Results: Rahu will increase expenses. There can a be a loss of savings in order to fund these expenses. You will spend money on acquiring personal possessions. This will affect just not your bank account, but your spouse’s bank account as well. You will also need to control your speech otherwise things go out of control with respect of the family. At the place of work, things will be good, but you need to understand if your point of view is too vague for others to understand. There can be problems with your superiors not finding you reliable. Foreign travels will entice you and going away from the place of birth will be on top of your mind. You will not be emotional about sticking around your family and will be ready to leave them behind. Foreign sources of income will also open up. You need to be careful about hard to diagnose long as well as short term diseases. Get yourself checked often and visit a doctor for short ailments also. Do not self-medicate. You should also be careful about your mother’s health.


Rahu Transit: 1st House (Adverse)

Ketu Transit: 7th House (Adverse)

Transit Results: Will power will be more. You have bouts of self-confidence now and this means that you can be ignorant about well being of others. The tendency is to go to look at yourself first. During this period, family and friends come later. There will be detachment and disagreements with partner/spouse, elder and younger siblings and social networks. You can feel the need to be alone.  With regards to the relationship with kids, there will be extremes. You can be obsessive about them or think that their needs are not as important. Both Rahu and Ketu’s transits put together have an impact on the entire spectrum of family, and mother is the only one unaffected. You need to be honest about yourself with the family. Do not let your reputation get damaged. Business partnerships with foreigners will be beneficial. Long distance travel is also indicated.

You should be careful around the time of solar and lunar eclipses as they are likely to occur in your rashi. These eclipses will affect you negatively.


Rahu Transit: 12th House (Adverse)

Ketu Transit: 6th House (Favourable)

Transit Results: Health will be good because diseases will be in control, but there is a danger to feet and eyes. Get yourself a periodic health check package as you should guard yourself against undiagnosed and hidden diseases. Stay on top of your finance as the artha-trikon is afflicted. Expenses can pile up, but at the same time, you may not need to take loans. But most of all, there will be a genuine lack of motivation to earn money as Ketu is in Artha trikone. A lot of confusion can come into the mind at work. There is a lack of resolve and desire to deal with enemies, debt and opposition at the place of work. The trick is to focus on self-improvement and ensure that you learn for yourself. The transits also indicate a change of place and movement to a foreign location, if the dasha and antar-dasha also support it. Estrangement from mother as well as a health problem to her is also indicated. Those in politics will find it difficult to relate to masses and to read their pulse. There will be some gap in their understanding of the political situation.


Rahu Transit: 11th House (Favourable)

Ketu Transit: 5th House (Adverse)

Transit Results: Rahu’s transit will make you connect and relate with older siblings. This transit opens a way for new fruitful friendships and opening up of social networks, which will be beneficial in the long run. Rahu affects the 7th house and you need to ensure that you remain faithful to your partner. This transit can also indicate new sources of income and a lot of initiative on the side. Rahu’s transit has a long term vedha of Saturn. This can mean that Rahu’s positive effects will be marred by delays, anxiety and frustration. If these factors are brought in control through responsibility and discipline, then the transit will favour you.

Be careful with investments. Speculation and gambling will almost never work. There can be problems with the children and father. Communication will become harsh and rude. You may offend others with your language. The transits indicate loss of faith in the higher power or genuine dissatisfaction with religion, father, mentors and established teachings. You will also become cynical and wary of others. You need to establish yourself as a leader yourself after realizing that life is lonely at the top.


Rahu Transit: 10th House (Adverse)

Ketu Transit: 4th House (Adverse)

Transit Results: This transit shows unsettled home life and problems of disinterest and detachment with relatives. Additionally, emotional challenges are also indicated. Loss through real estate is indicated and real estate transactions can cause stress.

Success at work will come only after sheer hard work. The expenses would be high and you may try to meet these expenses through credit, which will reduce your savings. You may take loans and get into debt in order to fund for some exotic expenditure for yourself.

You need to be careful with short term and long term health problems. Change of place and attraction to foreign lands, foreign income will be high.


Rahu Transit: 9th House (Adverse)

Ketu Transit: 3rd House (Favourable)

Transit Results: You will have the courage and ability to take on the world. However, this aggressive attitude can indicate problems with siblings. Short journeys are indicated, but may not turn out to be beneficial. You may not get the desired result.

Old baggage from the past will slow you down. There will be a lack of help from divine during this transit. You may want to have a go at all challenges alone, neglecting your partner as well as social network. However confident you may feel, it is always important to know that no person can achieve everything alone. Confidence will be high and you may have delusions about your abilities during this time.

This is also a time to be careful about kids and not have high expectations from them.


Rahu Transit: 8th House (Adverse)

Ketu Transit: 2nd House (Adverse)

Transit Results: 8th house transit shows legacies and gains through inheritance, especially during malefic transits. You need to take care of your reputation as well against competitors in business. Change of place is also indicated. You can run into legal problems with land dealing.

Marketing campaigns can go against you.

Put an effort in taking care of your health to avoid hospitalization. Stack up on medical insurance. Be honest with family members and keep your focus on them when it comes to health problems.

Repayment of debt can be a problem. At the same time, there will be a lack of enthusiasm at the place of work. Overall, this will not be the best of periods at work and in business. Be below the radar and unless other transits and dasha periods are favourable, ambition should be kept in check.


Rahu Transit: 7th House (Adverse)

Ketu Transit: 1st House (Adverse)

Transit Results: There is a detachment with oneself, which means you will not be selfish, but rather focusing too much on partnerships. Social networks may not be helpful during this transit. Disputes can crop up in the family, but at the same time, it can be resolved easily as well. Take good care of your kids during this transit.

New opportunities in the business/partnership will come up, but since this is an adverse transit, you need to be very careful, especially when it comes to dealing with foreigners in partnerships. There can be changes in the job profile and the kind of work you have been doing.

The source of income may change during this period.  Long distance travel will be activated but will likely be fruitless.


Rahu Transit: 6th House (Favourable)

Ketu Transit: 12th House (Adverse)

Transit Results: Your health should be the area of focus. Yoga, gym, exercises will help to ward off long and short term health problems. 12th house transit of any planet is difficult, but spiritual outlook increases. Seclusion, self-doubt, distrust, lack of sleep is a negative trait of this transit. With Ketu in 12th, spiritual path almost always works to remove the negativity. Just be in service of your ishta-deva.

Also, there is overconfidence along with ambiguity and uncertainty at the place of work. Rahu creates delusions on your own ability to handle anything at the place of work. Make a new beginning and leave behind the baggage in order to progress at work.


Rahu Transit: 5th House (Adverse)

Ketu Transit: 11th House (Favourable)

Transit Results: This transit indicates erratic cash flow, but it will never go to zero because 11th house transit of any planet is good and is positive for the career. The favourable Ketu transit will see to that. Yet, somehow, there will be a lack of enthusiasm to earn money and to promote and market yourself in the middle of a crowd. The money will still come, even if you don’t find a use for it. Rahu fritters away gains if we do not pay attention to our investments. The stock market and short term speculative investments should always be avoided.

You would also feel like doing everything by yourself and that your friends/partners are not fast enough to keep pace with your thinking abilities. There is disenchantment with partners and love interests. Marriage may not materialize during this period, even if you are in a long term relationship. Siblings will not help much, or even if they help, you may not always be able to appreciate their help. Love, gains, worries, pleasure will be driven through children and they will be in focus.

You may at times feel distrust and lack of faith in the higher power. But you will have to look at the bigger picture and ensure that logic is given more importance than doubts.


Rahu Transit: 4th House (Adverse)

Ketu Transit: 10th House (Adverse)

Transit Results: Rahu’s transit will affect your mother; please need to take care of your mother and tend to her – in relationships, health etc.

You would be inclined to get a 2nd source of income. Real estate transactions will not be very smooth and there will be a susceptibility to getting cheated.

You will also need to take care of your own health. Long term diseases start during such transits.

Ketu’s transit through the 10th house is indicative of disappointment and dissatisfaction at the place of work. There will be detachment from work and you will feel disinterested in continuing to work. You need to keep your ambitions in check, especially while dealing with peers because you will not be interested in a slugfest with them. You will try to walk away from the competition. This does not mean that competition will not try to pin you down.

You should fully expect to be pulled out of “comfort zone”, e.g., those at work may get transferred to a new role and those in business may have to deal with an as yet unknown yet fiery competitor. There can be transfers at the place of work and these may take you away from your home environment.

For any of the adverse transits, the following remedies should be followed. Please note that is is just for Rahu and Ketu and are not customized for the sign as such. Specific remedies for the signs are better looked under monthly forecasts section, as the posts there will take care of other planetary transits and suggest better remedies.

  • Rahu: Worship Goddess Durga. Chanting of Durga Chalisa every day will help. As per Lal Kitab, Goddess Sarasvati is the deity for Rahu and She may be worshipped. Donate black mustard (sarson)
  • Rudra-ashatakam helps with adversity caused by Ketu. Worship Lord Ganesha and donate black sesame seeds and banana fruit.

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