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Jupiter’s Transit of Leo 2015-2016

By Kshitij Sharma, June 7, 2015

Jupiter will be in Leo (Simha) Rashi from July 14, 2015 through August 11, 2016. It would enter the sign of Simha, ruled by Sun during early hours of July 14th for a horoscope cast for Bangalore, India. Jupiter will be in Magha Nakshatra to begin with, i.e. till 13°20” in the span on Leo till September 14, 2015, in Purva Phalguni till November 20th, 2015, when it enters Uttara Phalguni. It becomes retrograde in Leo on January 8th, 2016, while it less than a degree of getting out of Leo. It becomes direct on May 9th, 2016. During this journey back in the sign of Leo, it is again in Purva Phalguni and in 19° within Leo. It then picks up speed finally is out of Leo in August 2016.

Important Planetary Influences on Jupiter


Jupiter will be combust from 18th of August 2015 to 4th September 2015.

Drishti on Jupiter

During this period, there are various planets that will have drishti on Jupiter. These aspects will modify their overall effect on various rashis as well as the mundane perspective. The most important drishtis of planets are that of Saturn and Rahu, which are long term influences. Saturn will continuously have a 10th house aspect on Jupiter. After January 2016, Rahu/Ketu axis also starts to have its effect on Jupiter through conjunction/opposition. This will be the period when Guru-Chandaal Yoga will be effective in the charts of children born during the period.

Jupiter will have its drishti/aspect on its own sign of Sagittarius and friend’s sign of Aries, strengthening these two rashis.

The effect of Jupiter’s transit is on three main levels, which are described below.

Transit Effect on Various Rashis

Guru gives auspicious results transiting through these houses from Ascendant or Moon – 2nd House, 5th House, 7th House, 9th House and 11th House. For the rest of the houses, the overall effect is adverse, i.e. adverse affect will be felt if Jupiter is transiting through the janma rashi, 3rd House, 4th House, 6th House, 8th House, 10th House and 12th House. Out of these, 11th House transit of Jupiter is highly auspicious transit. At the same time, 3rd House transit of Jupiter as counted from rashi or lagna is highly inauspicious. It is the worst transit of Jupiter. Based on these principles, we can summarize the results for various rashis as follows:

S. No. Sign Transit House Transit Effect Transit Results
1. Aries 5th House Auspicious Period of increase of knowledge and overall growth in the person’s profile. This period also gives promotion and higher status in ones social surroundings. This is a great period for students as they are taken towards higher learning and opportunities.
2. Taurus 4th House Inauspicious This is a period of restlessness and emotional turmoil. This can also be a period when one goes away from their place of birth for soul searching. On personal level, someone would not have good relations with their mother in this period. This isn’t a good period at work. The person may get into litigation with respect to real estate transactions, if the overall horoscope is prone to such problems. However, the period would still feel good since you just came out of even worse 3rd House transit. This period brings stability in some sense.
3. Gemini 3rd House Inauspicious This transit usually brings in a change of place or separation. Travels are not fruitful. This transit causes restlessness. Diseases become worse especially during Jupiter’s retrograde motion. There is general failures in new projects. Still, at this time, the person usually indulges in a lot of self promotion and marketing. Friends do not help.
4. Cancer 2nd House Auspicious This is a rewarding transit. Mental satisfaction occurs because domestic life is peaceful. This is a period of expansion of wealth along with investment in property. At work, promotion can happen if you have worked hard during the previous cycle.
5. Leo 1st House Inauspicious This is a period of change and stress. This is a good time for learning and application of such learning around. However, it can also give overconfidence to individuals. Expenditure becomes very high. This can cause problems with property and also harassment from government
6. Virgo 12th House Inauspicious This is a period of learning and realization. A Virgo individual, who was enjoying a good 11th house transit of Jupiter and the material success suddenly realizes that spirituality is the key and money is futile. At mental level, this is a time to relax and lay low. Health problems could become worse.
Even otherwise, this transit indicates financial difficulties and loss of wealth. The person should be careful while speculation and should avoid investing money in areas that he/she does not understand well.
The other bigger transit for Virgo is the Saturn’s 3rd House transit, which continues to be auspicious.
7. Libra 11th House Auspicious Libra rashi borns will experience the best transit of Jupiter. This indicates good income and flow of money. Promotion at work and respect from peers is accompanied with this transit. This is an extremely rewarding period for students – gain of knowledge in their areas of work. For Libra rashi persons, who are currently undergoing the last leg of Sadhe sati, this will be a welcome change. Jupiter’s transit will help them gain support from peers and friends, which Sadhe sati takes away.
8. Scorpio 10th House Inauspicious This will be a tough transit for Scorpio individuals, since it is also accompanied with Sadhe sati. Domestic issues could dominate the life. At work, put in ample amount of hard work. Not in this year, but definitely in the next year will you see the effort being paid off. Caution and discipline – this is the key in this year.
9. Sagittarius 9th House Auspicious Jupiter is the natural signifactor of 9th house. Hence, logically, 9th house transit is a very auspicious transit for Jupiter. For Sagittarius borns, Jupiter is also aspecting this rashi during 2015-2016 transit.
Overall, this transit indicates wealth accumulation and respect from others. This is a good period for students as scholarship is indicated. This period also indicates recognition from government.
As for Libra rashi borns, this is a good period to compensate for the problems that the first leg of Sadhe Sati is causing them.
10. Capricorn 8th House Inauspicious This is not a good transit as it indicates hidden obstacles from all areas. It also indicates health problems. Travel is indicated, but it is usually accompanied with fatigue. Journeys are usually unwanted. Jupiter during retrogression will indicate loss of near and dear ones, loss of wealth and fear of litigation.
Any auspicious transit through 8th house indicates gains through inheritance.
11. Aquarius 7th House Auspicious This is a good transit that indicates happiness with spouse. It also indicates favours from those near you. Travel will be auspicious.
Financial gain, prosperity, especially in new enterprises is indicated. You will be able to create new “partners” in success and grow your support circle.
12. Pisces 6th House Inauspicious This is a period when the person faces a lot of opposition – akin to creating a lot of enemies. As a result, the person becomes unsocial and retreats in his/her protective shell. Person will create differences with those in the family, including spouse and children.
Health will suffer. Retrograde Jupiter will cause emotional problems and diseases of abdomen area.

Muhurta effects while Jupiter is in Leo

It is said in various classical texts that no auspicious undertaking and activities should be taken up during Jupiter’s transit through Sun’s rashi. Vice versa is also true. However, Sun’s transit through Jupiter’s rashi of Sagittarius is just one month long and Jupiter’s transit is 12-13 months. It is not possible that people just stop all work and not continue with the life. It is stupid impractical to think that there will be no marriages, no job changes, no new enterprises during this Jupiter’s transit.

There are various views on this. One of the most practical view is put forth by Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra on his treatise of “Muhurta Chintamani”. I cannot obviously reproduce the whole paragraph in my article, but the gist is this: do not undertake any major activities while Jupiter is in Simha navamsha while being in Simha rashi. This means that the period to be avoided is from September 14, 2015 to October 1, 2015. During this period, no auspicious activities should be taken. This is apart from the usual rules of Muhurta and dos and don’ts of Panchanga shuddhi. Apart from this problem, general combustion period of Jupiter should also be avoided for any new auspicious activities.

Mundane Astrology

Jupiter will be in the friendly sign of Leo as Sun is naisargik mitra of Jupiter. It would seem that Jupiter is powerful during this period. However, Jupiter will be under constant 10th house drishti of Saturn during this period. Rahu will conjoin Jupiter in Leo from January 2016 onwards. 8° or less separation will be applicable from Jan 31, 2015 till end of July. This will be a serious malefic effect on Jupiter.

Jupiter stands for material expansion – banks, stock market and brokers, economy are governed by Jupiter. Aspect of Saturn will cause delay in these matters. Aspect of Rahu will bring in desire and greedy nature. However, Jupiter being in Sun’s sign makes Jupiter strong and Jupiter is neither in its debilitation nor in a detriment sign. Put all these three things together:

  • Expansion will continue, but with delays and obstacles
  • Certain element of greed and insensitive nature will creep in this reform process. This will drive up the prices of commodities during the period.

Jupiter & Leo sign indicate – jaggary, grains and dals. Prices of these will go up. Gold will also firm up later in the year and early next year. Judiciary will come under pressure. Intellectuals and CxOs of companies will be affected in a negative way, especially in the beginning of next year.


  • Comment by Raj on June 7, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Jupiter transit in Leo should come as a big relief for Tula rashi people reeling under the adverse effects of Sade-Sati since the last few years…

  • Comment by Anagha on June 11, 2015 at 3:10 am

    Very indepth article on Jupiter in Leo. I liked the tabular format of this article. My Jupiter transit in 7th will it give marriage?

  • Comment by Arul on June 11, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    Much analyzed and indepth article. Kshitij Sharma’s articles are good. Can we get his email id or contact number? Its not available in his own web site too…

  • Comment by Shayad on July 22, 2015 at 2:02 am

    Hello Kshitij, what will be impact of this transit on Indian Capital market ?

  • Comment by Satyanarayana on January 17, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    Jan 29th 2016 rahu join with Jupiter is it good sign or bad sign my raasi is leo, pubba star, date of birth is 8th June 1973 2 o’clock how is my present profession

  • Comment by DHIRAJ CHAWLA on January 29, 2016 at 10:42 pm

    DOB 5/3/67;23:30,new Delhi
    Hi!! Sir, can u help
    1.I am in mist & want come out & help others too.
    2. Feel straved of higher learning.
    3. Have worldly desires yet all efforts fail
    Can u please help tell how & when!!Pls help me know myself

  • Comment by PP on February 6, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    I am Kanya Rashi struggling to take a grip since 2008 – 2009, I have not been able to see that there was a single day without anxiety, struggle. I hv realized the same with many other kanya rashi’s too. Any solution / remedy

  • Comment by Anuradha on March 28, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    Anybody Predict my HP in career terms
    Lagna Chart
    Asc-Lord Sco-Mars Rasi-Lord Tau-Venus Nak-Lord Rohini-2-Moon
    Yoga Vradhi Karan Kaulava Gan Manushya
    Yoni Sarp Nadi Antya Varan Vaishya
    Vashya Chatuspada Varga Mrig Yunja Poorva
    Hansak Bhoomi Paya(Rasi-Nak) Copper-Gold Name-Alphabet Wa

    Pln R C Sign Degree House Exalted RasiL NakL SubL Pad Nav
    Asc Sco 03:26:37 — — Mar Sat Sat 1 5
    Sun Can 00:52:39 9 Friend Mon Jup Mar 4 4
    Mon Tau 13:26:31 7 Moltrkn Ven Mon Rah 2 2
    Mar Vir 27:08:34 11 Enemy Mer Mar Jup 2 6
    Mer C Gem 21:39:02 8 OwnSign Mer Jup Jup 1 1
    Jup Lib 07:23:49 12 Enemy Ven Rah Rah 1 9
    Ven Gem 02:27:20 8 Friend Mer Mar Ket 3 7
    Sat Vir 22:34:39 11 Friend Mer Mon Ven 4 4
    Rah Gem 19:43:27 8 Exalted Mer Rah Mar 4 12
    Ket Sag 19:43:27 2 Exalted Jup Ven Rah 2 6
    Ura R Sco 07:11:14 1 — Mar Sat Mer 2 6
    Nep R Sag 01:17:22 2 — Jup Ket Ven 1 1
    Plu Lib 00:33:12 12 — Ven Mar Mer 3 7
    Vimsottari Dasa
    Moon 7Y5M0D
    Rahu 30/08/1999
    Jupiter 22/01/2002
    Saturn 28/11/2004
    Mercury 18/06/2007
    Ketu 05/07/2008
    Venus 06/07/2011
    Sun 30/05/2012
    Moon 28/11/2013
    Mars 17/12/2014

    NOTE : – Waxing -Waning R-Retro S-Stationary C- Combust D-DeepCombust

    Lagna Chart Moon Chart Navamsa Chart

    Dasamsa Chart Trimsamsa Chart

  • Comment by MAHENDRA KHANNA on June 13, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    My date of birth is 25-06-1966. Time 8.10 a.m. place : Delhi India. I want to know when rahu and jupiter transit effect will be beneficial for me.

  • Comment by jyothirmai on July 31, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    My name jyothirmai bored in 24-8-1971 time 2o’clock afternoon at khammam Andhrapradesh I want know my rashi and nakshatram and which stone is useful for me

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