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Words of Encouragement

By Kshitij Sharma, May 20, 2017

Everyone likes a word of encouragement after a job well done.

A good reading for me is a massive release of dopamine, which is a neuro-transmitter tied to reward center of brain. This chemical affects memory, learning process. A good reading and a subsequent phone call release lots of dopamine in the mind and immediately propels me in a forward direction to do more research in astrology. So, there I am, more and more encouraged to learn and then give it all back to you.

Most of the clients provide simple verbal or written feedback. People come to me with problems and are not always in a position to say express their feelings. After I am done helping them, just one word of “thanks” is enough for me to derive immense satisfaction from the process.

Then there are few who have the gift of gab and an ability to put down their thoughts using the most beautiful words. I do cherish these words and read these emails from time to time to feel happy about myself.

I have collected some of the sentences from their emails and have quoted them here. These statements neither disclose any confidentiality nor contain any information to give away their identities.

Some of the collected statements are as follows:

Thrilled because you were very open and frank with the predictions. (Many don’t disclose the negatives fearing the returns)


Thank you for the good analysis you provided in your report, I appreciate the thought and insight you have put into the report.


Thank you so much for your prompt response and advise.I’ll follow the same.


Overall, I am done with my questions and way forward. Thanks for your time and effort for helping with details and advice.


Thank you for the reply it was very informative, I’ll follow the suggestions given by you.


I personally hold a great aspiration to your valuable advise as it has helped me in guiding my career and personal life. Your below observation till today guides me and in a sense has fathom quite a few life events in line with what you have assessed below. Your astro enlightening has created valuable impact in my own life impacting and guiding my action, daily chorus for quite a sometime now


It makes a lot of sense.You gave a very good explanation of everything that is going on in my life.


Thanks a lot for the detailed reading of the horoscope. It gives me hope that I have the strength to face the adversities.


I am very impressed with your analytical skills. Thank you so much for sending this analysis my way. I studied it and use it as a guidance post – for that I am very grateful for you to have given me some neutral thoughts to think about. there are many astrologers– but its hard to find an intuitive and experienced one.

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