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By Kshitij Sharma, September 8, 2014

Nakshatra Punarvasu
Symbol Bow and arrow
Planet Lord Jupiter
Gana Dev
Direction North
First Letter of names
as per Jamna Nakshara
Kae (कै), Ko (को), Haa (हा) Hee (ही)
Deity Aditi

Punarvasu is an intellectual nakshatra. It lies 3/4 in Gemini. The lord for Punarvasu nakshatra is Jupiter, while Gemini is ruled by Mercury. A powerful and benefic Mercury stands for communication and extroversion in a horoscope, while Jupiter is the planet of principles and wisdom. This effect is felt through the nakshatra. Jupiter is exalted in the next 1/4 part of the nakshatra that lies in Cancer and the effect continues.

I have mentioned it earlier that Shri Krishna was born in Rohini nakshatra. Punarvasu is considered to be birth nakshatra of Lord Rama. It is not known if His ascendant is also in Punarvasu but Moon certainly is. Jupiter, the lord of Punarvasu is exalted as well in His horoscope. It is also not known if Jupiter is in Punarvasu itself in the horoscope or if it has attained maximum exaltation under Pushya Nakshatra. Most likely Jupiter is in Pushya. The site provides some details. Quoting for the site, the translation of Ramayana that it has put on its page:

At that time, the nakshatra was Punarvasu, and Sun, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus were in Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Pisces respectively. Lagna was Cancer and Jupiter & Moon were shining together. — Ramayana 1.18.8,9

While the above statement says that Jupiter and Moon were shining together, it may not have been a case of exact conjunction. Since Punarvasu’s extent in Cancer is just 3°20’, Jupiter may have moved away, and most likely to Pushya. I input the dates mentioned in the site in Jagannath Hora, and got some interesting results, like janma nakshatra, lagna nakshatra is Pushya and Jupiter and Moon are within a degree in Cancer. For this horoscope Saturn came out to be retrograde in Scorpio, which does not agree with the statement from Ramayana.

With any of Ascendant, Sun or Moon under the influence of Punarvasu, the person likes to spread the knowledge. He is a teacher in true sense. Punarvasu & Gemini will give rise to writers/authors, teachers, good salesmen, media persons. While it is easy to get carried away and describe the Maryada Purushottam qualities of Shri Rama and attribute it to Punarvasu nakshatra, it would definitely be wrong. This is an artha based nakshatra. This implies that money, business and economy is on the mind of Punarvasu nakshatra persons and that is definitely true for the persons born with Gemini rashi in their horoscope. Under the Cancer sign, with the combined influence of Moon and Jupiter, and when these two planets are strong in the horoscope, the person would be emotionally strong and mature in outlook. Many planets would not do well in this nakshatra. Although Jupiter owns Punarvasu, Gemini is its detriment sign. It would be too much of intellectualism. Sun, Moon & Ascendant give out the right qualities.

Punarvasu is a movable (चर) nakshatra. The activities of building a house, laying its foundation, starting a journey, changing job can be considered in this auspicious nakshatra.

Compatibility & Incompatibility
Considering overall Nakshatra based compatibility, Gemini/Punarvasu nakshatra females are most compatible with Gemini/Mrigshira males. Cancer/Punarvasu females are most compatible with Pushya nakshatra males. Overall Punarvasu females are not compatible with Jyeshtya males. For other nakshatras, the horoscope matching application should be referred. Males with Punarvasu Nakshatra would be compatible with Pushya born females. It would be worthwhile noting that Sita-ji was born in Pushya nakshatra and the overall points of compatibility for Rama and Sita is 34 out of possible 36.

On the other hand, they will share no compatibility with Jyeshtha and Shatabhisha born females. For the overall horoscope match, you should use the horoscope matching application and punch in the right date/place/time of birth for both prospective bride and groom.


  • Comment by Dr R.S.N.Murty on April 4, 2015 at 6:48 am

    Very well described and informative. But I would request you to kindly note that ONLY UPTO Punarvasu Nakshatra the details are given and request to give the DETAILS OF ALL THE 27 NAKSHATRA. Thanking you.. – Dr.R.S.N.Murty

  • Comment by Hardik on September 26, 2018 at 6:41 pm

    Me having Sagittarius zodiac sign with cancer moon shine and punarvasu 4 is my nakshtra so having all this is it good to have libra as my ascendant?

  • Comment by Kavitha on May 15, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    I want to know my marriage nd my child education

  • Comment by Nagendra Galla on March 11, 2020 at 7:28 pm

    I want know marriage timings in April 2020 mine punarvasu 4 mad her pushya 2 please let me know the marriage dates in April 2020

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