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By Kshitij Sharma, September 7, 2014

Nakshatra Ardra
Symbol Human Head
Planet Lord Rahu
Gana Dev
Direction West
First Letter of names
as per Jamna Nakshara
Koo (कू), Ghaa (घा), Gya (ज्ञ), Cha (च)
Deity Rudra

Ardra is a sharp (तीक्ष्ण) nakshatra. Activities like marriage, building a house should not be taken up in this nakshatra. This is a good nakshatra for competitive examinations, divorce and other activities that require the mind to be sharp or to cut away something in life.

Ardra (आर्द्र) in Sanskrit means wet and moist. The name of the nakshatra is little misleading. It is wholly located within Gemini, which is an airy sign. It is ruled by Rahu, which is an airy planet. Water is the basis of life on all of earth and life started in water. However, this nakshatra is not meant to start new ventures and activities. This nakshatra is competitive – it is meant to deal with peers, adversaries, rivals and challengers. There is an urge to do better in life compared to others. In competition, one puts his/her best foot forward. Hard work and focus is key to getting ahead. Ardra nakshatra therefore represents the willpower and resolve. It is a time of delivering and not for creativity or something new. Communication of Ardra borns is very good. This is also due to influence of Gemini and Gemini’s lord Mercury.

Rudra, the angry or fierce form of Shiva is the deity of the this nakshatra. Positive side of Ardra nakshatra with benefic influences will bring out the Shiva in the person, who is naive and will help everyone. Negative side of Ardra will bring out the ferocity. It will be the negative side of competitive attitude coming out with a tendency to underestimate others and become arrogant.

Compatibility & Incompatibility
Considering overall Nakshatra based compatibility, Ardra nakshatra females are most compatible with Mrigshira (two latter padas), Ardra and Purva Ashadha males. They are not compatible with Punarvasu (three latter padas), Vishakha and Jyeshtha males. Males with Ardra Nakshatra would be compatible with Mrigshira and Ardra  born females. On the other hand, they will not be able to get along with Ahlesha, Jyeshtha, Vishakha Shatabhisha, Punarvasu born females. For the overall horoscope match, you should use the horoscope matching application and punch in the right date/place/time of birth for both prospective bride and groom.

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