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India Predictions for 2016

By Kshitij Sharma, January 3, 2016

The predictions are based on Hindu New Year horoscope and the Mesha Sankranti chart prepared for New Delhi, India. These predictions will be in effect from March 2016 onward, but will start showing their effect in day to day affairs of the country.

“Not for the faint-hearted” – this was the phrase that came to my mind immediately when I looked at the two horoscopes for 2016 in conjunction. These are certainly interesting times which will keep you on the edge throughout the year. Shrill media will continue to treat aggressive reporting as entertainment and our lives will continue to be dominated by it.

This will also be the year of civil war like situation in most of the world and although India as a nation will not get involved in war directly, the effect on economy, policy making and defense preparedness will be very much visible. This will also be the year of do-what-it-takes-to-move-forward for economy and financial reforms. The government should be able to bulldoze through the GST amendment, but if it is not able to, it will certainly be able to bring in creative, short-cut policies that closely resemble the GST, without the need for a constitutional amendment. The government image will continue to be tarnished by opposition, for creativity for some is pushing ethical boundaries for others. The ground work done by Narendra Modi government will continue to provide a forward path on the external affairs front.

Although this article does not touch upon the stock markets, there are enough and more clues as to how stock market will closely mimic the mundane affairs.

For the purpose of the charts, the following is considered:

  • Hindu New Year starts on April 07, 2016 at 4.55 PM and a chart is prepared for New Delhi. The chart shows Kanya Lagna and Meena Rashi.
  • Sun enters Mesha rashi on April 13 2016 at 7.22 PM taking the latitude and longitude for New Delhi. This is a Tula lagna and Mithun rashi chart.

hindu-new-year-2016These are the two charts that are prepared and discussed in the rest of the article. In the New Year chart, there is no planet in the lagna. 7th house is the other kendra which is occupied. There are three important planets. Sun in 7th house denotes counseling, advising, negotiations. This is not a good placement in general, but in the friendly sign and hence influence of Jupiter, this will certainly bring the focus back to what the government has been trying to achieve in past year with partnership on world stage. There is Venus in exaltation in the sign, which also denotes multiple romantic partnerships with many nations. However, the efficacy of the efforts to reach out to the outside world will be questioned in the long term, as Venus is debilitated in Navamsha chart.

The rest of the New Year chart is dominated by dusthanas as all the remaining planets are located in 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th house. This does not paint a very good big picture. However, treat each one of these positions in isolation and a different story emerges.

Mars is vargottama in both the charts. Hence, as 8th and 7th house lord respectively in both the charts, it gains importance. Fire and iron combine in 3rd house where Saturn/Mars are closely conjunct with 8° difference between them. This is the house of media and communication, live telecast, public sentiment and mood of common people. Hence, the mood of the public will be explosive almost always. Relations with immediate neighbouring countries will not be good. From this location, Saturnine drishti on 5th house (intelligentsia) , 9th house (luck, prosperity & opportunities) and 12th house (expenses, secret enemies) will have Martian influence. Martian drishti on 6th (healthcare, debt, military/policy), 9th (luck, prosperity & opportunities) and 10th house (karma) will have Saturnine influence.

Position of Mars in 3rd house indicates a clever and shrewd mind that looks after its own business and is important for self made money. Saturn’s location in 3rd house is again good for business and adds steely determination to Martian aggression. Both planets exert such influence on the 3rd house, but at the same time 9th house significations of lucky breaks are harmed. The country has to work like a juggernaut that tolerates no resistance and creates opportunities rather than waiting for them. Make in India program will prosper.

On the other hand, lack of benefic influences indicates that decisions will be hasty and short-cuts will be aplenty. Some of the methods to make forward progress will be questionable. Saturn’s location in own sign in Navamsha lagna and Mars’ location in swakshetra in 11th house of policy making confirms this observation. In Mesha Sankranti chart, these two planets are in the 2nd house of finance and commerce, RBI and national wealth. This indicates the focus area. Actually, if you analyze 2015 closely, it does not take an astrologer to tell you that this is the only way forward after a disastrous year.

A combined Saturn/Mars influence is being thrown on Jupiter/Rahu conjunction in the 12th house. The Guru-Chandal yoga in 12th house means that Jupiter is afflicted in this cart. Jupiter is the planet of material prosperity indicating finances, banking sector and finance and commerce ministry in the government. Rahu’s influence brings in financial astuteness. In the Mesha Sankranti chart, this combination exists in the 11th house of inflow. Again, methods will be questionable and be called shady.

This effect also has the capacity to disgrace the ruling party. For 2nd year in a row, Modi government will not have it easy. Its credibility will be at stake. Espionage against the country from outside enemies will increase manifold. NGOs will be badly affected as donations and charities will be questioned.

8th house location of Mercury is interesting. By itself, Mercury in 8th house signifies insightful thinking. Jupiter has much more benign influence than corrupting influence of Rahu on this Mercury if you observe the degrees. Still, Mercury is 10th lord. Such association between 8th & 10th house indicates obstacles in path of realization of karma.

Mesha Sankranti chart has Lagna lord Venus exalted in 6th house and angle from Moon. Venus is pretty much unaspected and not under any malefic influence. It is not debilitated in corresponding navamsha chart. This is not Malavya yoga, but rather Amala yoga. This is a good sign related to service to poor – poverty alleviation, public health schemes and Swachha Bharat in the current context. This is also a good sign for focused effort and beneficial influence on defense & police services. This placement indicates good work as well as marketing and glorification in all these areas. This placement also saves Moon from Kemdradum yoga that would have otherwise indicated mental weakness.

During the year, Jupiter & Rahu will be closest in June. Mars and Saturn will be spending a lot of time together in Scorpio till Mars moves to Sagittarius on September 18th. They will be 7° apart on April 16th. Starting August, they will be very close, within 5° of each other. This is an explosive situation and indicates civil war like situation in many parts of the world. It also signifies increase in terrorist violence. In the India charts, it affects 2nd and 3rd house. It will not cause direct war like conditions. However, the posturing towards the neighbours will be confrontational. Mr. Modi’s gesture towards Pakistan will come to naught. It will in turn bring down the credibility of the government.


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