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Moon Sign Based Predictions: 2016

By Kshitij Sharma, November 21, 2015

The yearly horoscope for 2016 based on the Moon sign or janma rashi. Please do not substitute this for the Sun sign as per Western Astrology. The following are the long term transits of planets during 2015, which will affect various persons according to the janma rashi in their horoscope.

Other transits like that for Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury would exert their effect on monthly basis. These effects will be periodically presented in the monthly horoscope section. Horoscopes on month to month basis will continue to be much more detailed than this article. Please be on the lookout for the same and keep coming back to this site. I believe in monthly horoscopes much more than yearly ones – because they work on micro levels and much more timely details can be presented there. The yearly horoscope can be presented as a month to month presentation but that defeats the purpose.

  • Rahu will transition into Leo and Ketu would be in Aquarius from Jan 30th 2016 onwards.
  • Saturn
    • Saturn will continue the year 2016 in Scorpio.
    • Saturn becomes retrograde on Friday, March 25, 2016.
    • Saturn resumes forward motion on Saturday, August 13, 2016.
    • This means that Sadhe sati will continue for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius janma rashi individuals
  • Jupiter
    • Jupiter is in Leo at the beginning of 2016, under a malefic 10th aspect of Saturn. Rahu and Jupiter will be closing on each other in Jan itself and will be conjunct subsequently in Feb 2016.
    • Jupiter becomes retrograde on Friday, January 08, 2016.
    • Jupiter resumes forward motion on May 09, 2016.
    • Jupiter would transit to Virgo on August 11 2016. There will be no long term aspect of any other planet on Jupiter at that time
  • Mars, Sun Transits
    • Mars moves through 5 signs during the year, from Libra to Aquarius.The transits of Mars through houses 7th and 8th are consecutive manglik house transits. Mars will become retrograde in Scorpio for a  period of approximately 2 months, from April 17th, 2016 to June 29th 2016.
    • Sun’s transit through 10th and 11th house are very good for career and money inflow. This is indicated such that folks can plan ahead to shine in their business and place of work.

Aries – Moon in Mesha Rashi in Janma Kundali

Planetary transits indicate that 2016 will a good year to start with in the first half but will be a little tougher during the 2nd half.

In the first half of the year children will continue to do well. Married life will continue to be good and expansion of family via conception, birth of children is indicated. At the same time, you may have unnecessarily high expectation from children and can stress them out. Do not be confused about what their roles are. You would not get a lot of support from friends and relatives. This will worsen during the 2nd half of the year. Do not depend a lot on others for your work. You will feel that relationship with elder brother is strained. Major manglik dosha transit will occur for large part of the year, till September 2nd week, affecting the relationship with spouse.

Aries rashi persons would have hard time discriminating between right and wrong during this period. For their gains, they may take a short-cuts that may cross the fine line between right and wrong. Be aware of this tendency, especially during the 2nd half of the year.

Journeys to foreign countries will be profitable and will result in gain of money.

Periodic health checkups are a must. Even if there are no symptoms, these health checkups may point to some hard to diagnose problems.

The first half of the year is good for professional advancement and promotions. Students will do well in the competitive exams. Also, for higher education students, this will be a good year for deep research. Cash flow will be up and down and unpredictable during the year and so will expenditure. Do not invest money on whims. While you will be able to gain from real estate and property transaction, rash decisions and lack of paperwork can cause legal issues later. Use the period from late Dec 2015 to Febuary 2016 to plan for your career and promotions.

Taurus – Moon in Vrishaba Rashi in Janma Kundali

As per the astrological indicators and transits, 2016 will be better during the 2nd half of the year.

Married life will be comfortable. Especially in the second half, there will be love/gain through children and they will bring pride to you. There could be problems on mother’s side, including her health problems or general disagreements. During the period of January to May, be careful with her health, especially in chest and abdomen area. Married life will require lot of hard work to maintain. From February third week through October end, it will be a manglik dosha transit and it will add to the marital problems.

Travel to foreign countries will be beneficial. There could be a change of residence as well.

On the health front, this is a year of mental stress rather than physiological problems. Medication will help.

Ambitions could take a hit at the place of work. Reorganizations or job changes may not result in higher position at the place of work, along with higher pay. However, those in business could bring about a new channel of income. Real estate transactions will be stressful on multiple accounts. You may not be able to get the right deal to your satisfaction. For students, this is not a good period. Interruptions and loss of focus is indicated. Expectations will be very high and you may be feeling pressure of meeting these expectations. Line up your projects and work such that you work hard during the first half of the year and the results are expected post August. From Jan 2nd week through March 2nd week, it is a good to for career progression.

Gemini – Moon in Mithuna Rashi in Janma Kundali

The year of 2016 will good for you with Saturn and Rahu having favourable transits. First part of the year is tougher and 2nd part will become favourable as the year goes on. During the first part of the year, you will not get good support from friends, relatives and family, but it is also an excellent period to work out the differences with elder brother and siblings. If there have been any misunderstandings in the past, it will be a good time to sit and discuss. Home environment will be good and comforts of home, along with good food and clothing is indicated. During the 2nd part of the year, how you manage the overall environment is up to you. From September 3rd week through December 2016, it will be a manglik dosha transit. It will be difficult time for marital relationship.

Gains through short travels are indicated. Long duration travel will not be effective.

On the health front, take care of your health during 1st four months of 2016. There are chances of flare ups of existing medical conditions. During the 2nd part of the year, health will be good, by and large. Mental worries are indicated more than physiological problems.

Financial gains will continue as in the previous year. This is again a fortunate year for such gains, but your needs are little different now. You are looking for promotion, self-marketing and recognition from others. This will require more work. Do not resort to short-cuts as well as do not alienate your friends and supporters. Take responsibility and show to others that you have indeed taken responsibility. Do not resort to self promotion without doing hard work first. 2nd half of the year indicates gains trough property and real estate. From mid Feb to mid April 2016, it will be a good time for career progression.

Cancer – Moon in Karka Rashi in Janma Kundali

For Cancer rashi persons, the first half of 2015 will continue to be favourable, but with some obstacles. The second half of the year will be unfavourable and you should plan ahead for the same. You will spend a lot of time and money on education of your children. You will also spend too much focus on yourself, neglecting family and relatives. This would be a good year to clean up your relationships by removing old misunderstandings and clarifying long pending issues. Good relationship with siblings is indicated if you are able to do this. Nov to Dec 2016 will not be very favourable for marital relationship due to Mars’ manglik dosha transit.

You will maintain good health during the year, except for life style diseases. Health check-ups are a must to find out hard to diagnose diseases.

On travel front, there may be change of place or long distance travel in the second half. This period may otherwise correspond to separation from loved ones.

During the year, avoid investing money purely on speculation. Investments can go bad. Similarly, do not invest money on advice of anyone and every one. Both professionals (in job or self employed) and students will find success in their areas of work through creativity in writing and communication. Loans may be difficult to come. From mid March to mid April, it will be good to talk to your bosses about promotion and to spend on some marketing activity about yourself.

Leo – Moon in Simha Rashi in Janma Kundali

2016 horoscope shows that it is a reasonable year for Leo rashi persons and monthly transits will further help and support you. During the 1st half, do not allow misunderstanding with relations on account of you neglecting them. Have confidence on yourself and do not left the family suffer due to your single minded attention on your own set of problems. Come clean about your problems with the near and dear ones and make them a partner in your quest for success. The second half of the year will bring in happiness and stability.

It is still a case of change of place or of frequent travels away from loves ones.

Shani transit could give you vata health problems and worries – joint problems, too much gas and other abdominal problems can bother you. You could take time off and proactively take care of a long term health problem.

Financially and at the place of work or business, this will continue to be a good year, but constant hard work and discipline is required. From mid April to mid June, you will see good results at the place of work. Expenses will be under control from 2nd half of the year. Start using this time to build your retirement corpus. Keep money away locked up in safe instruments for use later on.

If you are in business, take care of your name, fame and honour. Your standing in the society could be at stake otherwise. People around you could cause damage to reputation.

Virgo – Moon in Kanya Rashi in Janma Kundali

Planetary positions for 2016 indicate a good year for Kanya rashi persons. First half of 2015 will be a little tough. You will feel like a senior family member, authorities or superiors at work holding you back. At this time, Jupiter is in a Vedha position for Saturn and hence the prediction. This position is over by the 2nd half and it will be a better period. Try to keep a cool head on your shoulders. You are also likely to be aggressive towards family members. Hence, a little problem can be predicted in family live.

The transits indicate change of place, especially more so in 2nd half of the year.

There can be problems in eyes. You may get glasses after struggling to see clearly. Injuries, surgery due to previously undiagnosed disease as well as blood disorders are indicated.

Problems with real estate or any other legal troubles will get over by 2nd half of the year. Expenditure will be on the rise. The period should also give you good amount of self confidence, yet a little too much confidence may be harmful. Do not keep taking loans without ability to pay them. It will be better to let your savings go rather than take loans at much higher rate of interest. Change in work profile is indicated. Career progression can be expected during mid May to mid July 2016.

Libra – Moon in Tula Rashi in Janma Kundali

The first half of the year 2016 is good for Libra rashi persons. The second half would be average.

Last part of Sadhe sati is in progress, which will ask for you to be little more spiritual. You taking a higher moral ground than others will be much beneficial.General happiness in the home environment is indicated in the first half. However, you will have to resort to backing off a little from day to day chores and not get bothered too much by them. You will have problems with older brothers in your house. You can also meet new people and create new good long term friendship. Just be careful to check the antecedents.

Injuries and fracture should be avoided. Get your eyes checked often. More than physiological problems, this period shows problems due to stress and emotional problems.

In the first half of 2016, you will continue to enjoy good cash flow, although emotionally it may not be satisfying. It will also be a good time for students who have Libra as their rashi. Do not get into cash business with casual friends. Risks with regards to stock market will not work out. The second half of 2016 will be tough on your pocket. While spending will rise, income will not rise accordingly. Plan for good career progression during mid June to mid August.

Scorpio – Moon in Vrischik Rashi in Janma Kundali

For the Scorpio rashi persons, the recent part of 2015 has not been good. This will continue through the first half of 2016 and the going to be tough. Sadhe sati is on and Jupiter’s transit isn’t helping either. However, the 2nd part of the year will be better for you. Relationships will be very heavy to maintain. Overall responsibilities at the family level have increased in the past one year and expectations for you are sky high.

Scorpio borns should be careful in the 1st half and take care of diseases of lungs, especially from Jan to April. Stress related problems will be more and could lead to problems in abdomen area. The health will be good in 2nd half of the year.

There is no major significance for travel in the year. Things will continue as usual.

Hard work will be required without any desire for returns, especially in the first half. Still, things will improve drastically in the 2nd half. The time and effort invested in career during July to September will be rewarded right away. For those in business, their business will grow. A fair bit of marketing and self promotion is required. Do not break the rules, but you can go to an extent of bending them a little. Government dealing may not be very fruitful.

Sagittarius – Moon in Dhanu Rashi in Janma Kundali

The first half of the year will be good for Sagittarius rashi persons. However, the 2nd half will be below average and will be tough.

Sadhe sati started for Dhanu rashi persons in Oct 2014. They have a constant feeling about being misunderstood. Rather than going back in a cocoon, draw your support and inspirations from elders. In the 2nd part of the year, this support from Gurus will be required even more. Treat your kids nicely. They are your kids and are not a liability.

Travel will continue. It can also be associated with change in profession, e.g., you may take up a new job that calls for extensive travels.

During the first part of the year, you will enjoy good health. During the 2nd half, you should keep an eye on diseases in chest area – e.g., lungs, heart etc. Any indication of cough for more than few weeks should be checked for TB.

Career wise, mid-August to mid-October will be a rewarding time. Wealth and prosperity is indicated in the first half. However, debts can still rise if you are not careful and plan to spend beyond your earning capability. Government of the day will not be very helpful. Although salary raises and increase in business income is indicated, along with promotions, there will be obstacles with someone older in organization and in competition. Leaders and politicians belonging to Dhanu rashi will be unable to connect with the masses and face loss of faith.

Capricorn – Moon in Makar Rashi in Janma Kundali

Transits of major planets indicate that 2016 will be a good year for Makar rashi individuals, but only at the surface. At the core, this can turn out to be a great year if superficial success is ignored and real success is sought. The first part of the year will be taxing, but at the same time if you understand the philosophy of pain, then it will be enlightening. Siblings will continue to be a source of support. Remove the misunderstanding between yourself and your spouse. Invest time in that relationship. 2nd half of 2016 indicates support from father and elderly people in the family.

Take care of your own and father’s health during Jan to April 2016. Abdominal problems could arise. Avoid too much of kapha food. Fat deposits in liver could bother you.

While travel is indicated throughout the year, the quality and substance of travel in 2nd half will be much higher.

Gain of real estate property and gold is indicated through inheritance. Still, this may get marred with litigation. Such problems may get resolved during 2nd half of the year. This time period will also be very good for students who belong to Makar rashi. Reputation should be protected with zeal and do not do anything to unnecessarily earn bad name for yourself. You will be free of debt. Plan for career advancement during mid-Sept to mid-November.

Aquarius – Moon in Kumbh Rashi in Janma Kundali

Vedic astrology factors indicate that the first half of 2015 will be good for Kumbha rashi persons. At the same time, the 2nd half will be on the adverse side, but still good at deeper level.

1st half of 2016 indicates happiness in the family. growth. You will be able to spend good amount of time with family, especially from Jan to April. Isolation from family should be countered with this one important activity. Misunderstanding with spouse should be clarified right away. While arguments can cause problems, harmony can be brought as easily.

Travel in 1st half with family will be very good for the whole family. Travel in 2nd half will be stressful and will cause separation.

Health will be good throughout the year. Skin problems and fiery (pitta) diseases can bother you. This indicates fever, rashes, ulcers.

Short-cuts should be avoided during business. Do not take favours from people you do not know much about. The reason why you should be cautious is because you are seeing progress through favours from others. You still can get bitten by an unknown snake. 1st half of the year will be good for students too. This will be very helpful during the exam period of March-May in 2016. Work hard and execute your plans well, you will get the desired results. In the 2nd half of the year, you may benefit due to inheritance, but at the same time, you may feel less confident of yourself. Loss of honour may occur due to short-cuts. Plan for career advancement during mid-October to mid-December.

Pisces – Moon in Meena Rashi in Janma Kundali

First half of 2016 will be pretty average for Meena rashi individuals. The 2nd half will be relatively better. It will be feel much better since the atmosphere at home will be great. Throughout the year, there will be opportunities for personal growth. Relationship with father will be come under undue strain.

Travel will be good through the year. Especially in the 2nd half, the travel will be auspicious and can be used for study travels etc. Those applying for scholarships in European and American universities should work really hard in the first half and they can reap benefit of the travel during 2nd half. Business with foreigners will be good during this time.

Father’s health could be a source of concern. For your own benefit, join a gym of yoga program.

The whole year will be eventful at the place of business and at work. The second half will be especially good for business partnerships, if overall chart is supportive. Legal difficulties can hamper the inflow of funds. Avoid getting into legal problems without doing homework and especially if there is a lot of ambiguity. Avoid getting into debt if you can. Personal loans, car loans will not suit you. You may be inclined to bend the rules and make use of little bit of corruption to get ahead. One word advice if you are even thinking about it – don’t !! End of the year is a good time to reflect on your career and get ahead.


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