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Monthly Horoscope August 2017

By Kshitij Sharma, July 27, 2017

The monthly horoscope for August 2017 is presented for you based on the moon sign, i.e. janma rashi in your horoscope, based on the Vedic niryana system. Please do not substitute your Sun sign or a western astrology moon sign here. If you do not know your janma rashi, please refer to the kundali application on this page. 8th house presence for Chandra is called Chandrashtama and is a period of grave caution. These dates are indicated. The dates for caution on financial matter are also indicated. People with a particular janma rashi should avoid dealing in financial matters on these dates, e.g. investment of property, stock market, giving and taking loans should be avoided.

The planetary positions for the month of August 2017 are as follows.


  • Sun is in Cancer at the beginning of the month and will move to Leo on 17th August.
  • Mars and Sun will be close together in the month till Sun moves out of Cancer.
  • Mercury will be conjunct Sun in 2nd half.
  • Saturn will have 10th house aspect on Sun in 2nd half.
  • Rahu and Sun will be conjunct Sun in 2nd half.


  • Mars will be in Cancer through majority of August and will move to Leo towards the very end.
  • Mars and Sun will be close together during the month. As you would have heard the news, Mars orbiter will not be able to keep close contact with Earth during the month. Sun’s rays will scramble the radio signals and error rate of transmission will be very high.
  • Ketu aspects Mars in the 1st half.
  • Mars and Rahu will be in close degrees (although in different signs) during last part of the month. They will be conjunct when Mars enters Leo.


  • Mercury moves through Leo during the month.
  • Rahu affect Mercury closely during the month.


  • Jupiter is moving through Virgo.


  • Venus will move through Gemini through the month and towards the very end of the month, it moves to Cancer
  • Ketu has 5th house aspect on Venus during this time.


  • Retrograde Saturn is moving through Scorpio.
  • Saturn is losing speed and will become direct on August 25th.


  • Rahu/Ketu continue their transit through Leo/Aquarius axis, but they are about to change signs.

Horoscope for August 2017 for Moon sign Aries – Mesha Janma Rashi

Sun transits through inauspicious 4th and 5th house during the month. Saturn is going through inauspicious 8th house and has cheshta-bal due to retrogression. Mars is going through manglik 4th house in transit but is weak due to debilitation. Jupiter’s transit through 6th house is difficult. Rahu is going through a 5th house transit. Ketu is going through a favourable 11th house transit, but during the month Mercury causes vedha. Venus will also go through favourable 2nd house. Mercury is transiting through 6th house. Overall, August will be a below average month for Aries borns.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Ashtama Shani indicates lack of support from family members. Other planets also cause problems with family members, children and love interest, where unnecessary strife will be caused. The one silver lining is that you will not be rash during the month, even when you are vehemently disagreeing with someone. Also, rest and recreation will allow you to get away from drudgery of the month. Therefore, the most important suggestion is to keep calm and not get unnecessarily stressed out during the month of August.

Travel: Travel during the first half will be uncomfortable. There are no major indications about travel in 2nd half.

Health: Be careful with health problems during the month. Fever, body ache, stomach problems can affect you negatively. Indecision will cause further problem, for example, do not postpone visit to doctor.

Finance, Business & Job: Both liquid as well as non-movable investments will come under pressure. You will need your decisions to be checked by an advisor. People sitting high up can create problems, especially in areas of finances, taxes, etc. Be careful with real estate investments. There will be lack of interest for follow up and opportunity may get lost.

Chandrashtama days: 1-Aug, 2-Aug, 3-Aug, 28-Aug, 29-Aug, 30-Aug

Days of caution on financial matters: 11-Aug, 12-Aug, 15-Aug, 16-Aug

Horoscope for August 2017 for Moon sign Taurus – Vrishabha Janma Rashi

This will be an average month for Taurus rashi borns. Sun goes through auspicious 3rd house transit and then inauspicious 4th house. Jupiter moves through auspicious 5th house transit, but there is vedha of Mercury. Saturn is going through inauspicious 7th house transit and indicates adhayiya Shani, which is be tough on married life. Mars will be going through auspicious 3rd, but will be debilitated and unable to provide full positive results. Mercury moves through3rd house in transit, but has Sun’s vedha during . Rahu and Ketu are moving through the 4th and 10th houses respectively in the janma rashi chart. Lagna lord Venus is going through auspicious 2nd house, but there is vedha of Saturn. There are multiple vedhas – there will be obstacles during the month and it will not be smooth.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Overall family life will be comfortable. Conflict with siblings, neighbours and people around you can be effectively settled with negotiation. Hectic period is indicated in home environment, but obstacles may prevent actual execution. Thus, opportunities can be missed.

Travel: Favourable short trips are indicated throughout the month. 1st half is still better if you want to plan ahead.

Health: Health problems are indicated only in 2nd half of the month.

Finance, Business & Job: Overall a good month at the place of work. You should act more aggressively though. Projects, plans will be on track. It is a good time to pick up new subjects for learning and upskilling yourself. This will be a good period for students and teachers alike. 2nd half will create problems with properly investment.

Chandrashtama days: 4-Aug, 5-Aug, 31-Aug

Days of caution on financial matters: 13-Aug, 14-Aug, 17-Aug, 18-Aug

Horoscope for August 2017 for Moon sign Gemini – Mithuna Janma Rashi

For Mithuna rashi persons, this will be an average month. Sun will be going through unfavourable 2nd house followed by 3rd house transits. Jupiter moves through unfavourable 4th house. Mars is transiting through manglik 2nd house. Saturn’s transit is auspicious 6th house transit for next couple of months. Mercury is going through 3rd house unfavourable transit. 1st house transit of Venus is favourable. Rahu’s transit is favourable, while Ketu’s transit is not. There are no vedhas during the month, hence at least for auspicious transits there will be no untoward obstacles.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: You may have the tendency to repress your anger towards others. This can have both positive and negative effects. My advice would be to remain calm and not get worked up if in conflict. 2nd half of the month will be good for dealing with people and getting them to cooperate with you. Develop good contacts with neighbours and relatives.  This remains a good period to patch up with people around you.

Travel: Short travels will be beneficial. Take them up in 2nd half.

Health: Headaches and other related illnesses due to bad temper and stress will be there during the 1st half.  2nd half will be relative better. Your memory may fail you.

Finance, Business & Job: Unnecessary expenditure is indicated. Breaking of long term fix deposits to fund for this expenditure is also shown. 1st half will not be good for getting help from superiors and authorities. 2nd half is better for the same. Gain of wealth is indicated. This transit can be used to make plans, rather than executing on these plans.

Chandrashtama days: 6-Aug, 7-Aug, 8-Aug

Days of caution on financial matters: 15-Aug, 16-Aug, 19-Aug, 20-Aug, 21-Aug

Horoscope for August 2017 for Moon sign Cancer – Karka Jamna Rashi

August 2017 will be an adverse month for Cancer borns. Sun is going through adverse 1st and 2nd house transits. Mars will move through manglik 1st house transit. Venus would be in the 12th house favourable transit. Mercury is going through favourable 2nd house in transit, but there is vedha of Saturn. Saturn is moving back through unfavourable 5th house. Rahu/Ketu axis is going through 2nd and 8th houses. Jupiter is going through inauspicious 3rd transit.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: If you were too selfish with family members during past two months, then these actions will catch up with you. Do not expect other people to be immediately supportive and helpful. Be diplomatic, mend ties and avoid being rash towards others. Next month will be better in regards to taking care of others. Be careful with friends made during this period.

Travel: Avoid unnecessary travel. It will be tiring and fruitless. 2nd half shows no major indications about travel.

Health: Stomach and eye issues will bother you. Be careful with ailments in chest area. BP should be kept in check. Moody disposition is indicated. This is very similar to advice last month.

Finance, Business & Job: Do not give loans to people during this period. Recovery of money will be a problem. Property litigation will still be a problem, but that does not mean that you should completely avoid it. Negotiations will still need to be done. You will need to be aggressive but at the same time do not be stubborn during the month. Hard work and any investments that you may now on yourself will pay off in a month or two. Gambling and financial speculation in unknown areas should be avoided.

This is not a good period for students. They will need to pay extra attention to their studies in order to stay ahead.

Chandrashtama days: 9-Aug, 10-Aug

Days of caution on financial matters: 17-Aug, 18-Aug, 22-Aug, 23-Aug

Horoscope for August 2017 for Moon sign Leo – Simha Janma Rashi

August will an average to adverse month for Leo rashi borns. Jupiter’s favourable 2nd house transit is in progress, but there is Mars’ vedha. Sun is going through unfavourable 12th and 1st houses in transit. Mars is now moving through manglik 12th house transit during the month. Venus is moving through 11th and 12th favourable house transit. Mercury moves through inauspicious1st houses in transit. Saturn’s 4th house transit is unfavourable. Rahu/Ketu are in 1/7 axis, which indicates stressful situations.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Vedhas indicate obstacles. Also, you will be egotistic during the month and must take precaution not to get into conflict with family members. Mars is in debilitation in manglik house, but its presence in 12th house indicate past actions catching up with you. Neglect of family members and separation from them is indicated.

Travel: Foreign travel is indicated. Short travels will be tiring.

Health: Stomach problems, sleep deprivation and chest infections are indicated. Nervousness and anxiety will also bother you.

Finance, Business & Job: There will be difficulty in starting new projects and efforts will take a hit. Take your time to do a good job for old projects. Expenditure should be kept in check since unnecessary spending is indicated. Loss of money can also happen. Competitors can create problems with projects. This can happen both at job as well as in business. You personally will need to ensure that you are taking a stance in every issue and not changing your viewpoint too often. This should be good time to invest money for you.

Chandrashtama days: 11-Aug, 12-Aug

Days of caution on financial matters: 19-Aug, 20-Aug, 21-Aug, 24-Aug, 25-Aug

Horoscope for August 2017 for Moon sign Virgo – Kanya Janma Rashi

August will be an average month for Kanya rashi borns. There are more number of adverse transits. For Virgo rashi borns Saturn’s transit through 3rd will bring some respite from previous month, but there is vedha of Mercury in 1st half. Mars is transiting through auspicious 11th house transit, but is in debilitation. Jupiter is going through adverse 1st house transit. Sun’s transit houses will be auspicious 11th and followed by inauspicious 12th. Rashi lord Mercury will be going through 12th inauspicious transit. Venus is going through unfavourable 10th house adverse transit, followed by favourable 11th. Rahu/Ketu axis is going through 12/6 transit and Ketu’s 6th house transit is auspicious.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Gains from friends and social network will be there for the 1st half of the month. Auspicious events will continue. 2nd half will put a break on this. You will be able to work with close family. If there are any communication issues with friends and extended family, they will create problems for you by causing unnecessary misunderstanding. For men, there will be difference of opinion with wife/girlfriends.

Travel: There are not many indications of sudden travel during the month.

Health: Nervous disorders, joint pains can affect you during the month.

Finance, Business & Job: Heavy spending is indicated. Continue to be aware of secret enemies. 1st half of the month will be good for completion of old projects and starting of new ones. 2nd half of the month would create obstacles in form of authorities and superiors. Courage will have to be built up. There are some mental blocks while taking problems head on.

This is a good time to work in a team and show leadership qualities especially in the 2nd half when gain of reputation due to such activities is also indicated.

Chandrashtama days:13-Aug, 14-Aug

Days of caution on financial matters: 22-Aug, 23-Aug, 26-Aug, 27-Aug

Horoscope for August 2017 for Moon sign Libra – Tula Janma Rashi

Sun is going through auspicious 10th and 11th house transits. Saturn is going through Sadhe sati period again in retrogression. Jupiter is going through an inauspicious 12th house transit. Rashi lord Venus is going through auspicious 9th (with vedha of Mercury) and then inauspicious 10th house transit. Mercury is going through 11th house transit. Mars is going through inauspicious 10th house transit, but is weakened by debilitation. Rahu is going through a favourable 11th house transit, while Ketu through an adverse 5th house transit. Overall an average month.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Gains from relatives, friends, elder brother is indicated. Overall atmosphere at the place of work will be good. For those looking for alliances, this is a good period to meet someone new. Parties and entertainment is also indicated.

Travel: There are no major indications about travel during the month.

Health: The month will be good for health. Be clear of stress issues and heart problems.

Finance, Business & Job: This is a good period for a career change or jump. Authorities will be sympathetic and helpful. Use power of thinking and negotiation to make use of this opportunity. Anxiety levels will be high at the same time and you are advised to keep cool. Please do not let recklessness take over otherwise other good transits/dashas will be useless. It is okay to be grumpy this month and not express what is in your mind. This is a good time for students and teachers alike.

Chandrashtama days: 15-Aug, 16-Aug

Days of caution on financial matters: 1-Aug, 2-Aug, 3-Aug, 24-Aug, 25-Aug, 28-Aug, 29-Aug, 30-Aug

Horoscope for August 2017 for Moon sign Scorpio – Vrishchika Jamna Rashi

Saturn’s transit through your janma rashi is the sadhe sati for you. Jupiter’s transit is the most favourable one, through 11th house, but Venus causes vedha in 1st half, which goes away in 2nd half. Rashi lord Mars is going through debilitation in 9th house. Mercury is going through auspicious 10th house transit. Venus is going through unfavourable 7th house transit. Sun will move through unfavourable 9th house followed by favourable 10th in transit. Rahu/Ketu are going through 10th and 4th houses respectively. This will overall be an adverse month. A couple months for hardship is indicated before the tide turns for you.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: the 1st half, ensure that you are being good to your father. Take good care of his health. Relatives and friends will help out in various aspects of your life from 2nd part of the month. During the month, your social network can help you get acquainted someone from opposite sex. If you are looking for alliance, it is important not to let the opportunity slip by. This is important since sadhe sati is going on and your mindset is not really aligned with this thought at the moment.

Travel: Long distance travel through the month will be good. There will be some obstacles, but results will be good nonetheless.

Health: Good health is indicated during the month.

Finance, Business & Job: Starting 3rd week of the month, things will be turn for you at the job/business front. It is time to get little aggressive and ambitious. Be imaginative as well. There can be some disagreements with the authorities, but things will not go out of hand, that is, unless you start sulking and start being passive-aggressive towards your team members and superiors.

Chandrashtama days: 17-Aug, 18-Aug

Days of caution on financial matters: 4-Aug, 5-Aug, 26-Aug, 27-Aug, 31-Aug

Horoscope for August 2017 for Moon sign Sagittarius – Dhanu Janma Rashi

Saturn’s transit through Scorpio in retrogression indicates that Sagittarians are going through 12th house transit. The Jupiter 10th house transit is adverse. Sun is going through adverse 8th and 9th house transits. Mars moves through 8th house manglik transit. Mercury will be moving through 9th houses in adverse transits. Venus moves through 7th house and 8th house unfavourable transit. Rahu/Ketu transit is now operating from 9/3 axis. Ketu’s favourable transit has no Saturn’s vedha now and will not provide favourable results. This will be another adverse month for Sagittarians in succession.  Hold on just a little longer. Every night ends.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: This month will be adverse for marital relationships and dealing with in-laws.There are too many expectations from spouse, which he/she may not be able to fulfil during the month. Also, being dominating in any situation will not help. Do not get too possessive about possessions and learn to let go. Take good care of your father in 2nd half of the month. You may be antagonizing him without realizing.

Travel: Travel can be auspicious. Plan ahead and avoid any surprises or last minute changes in plans.

Health: Health problems could include dehydration, fatigue and eye problems. Illness to wife and kids are also indicated in 1st half. You will be stressed out and it will lead to related diseases.

Finance, Business & Job: Finances in partnerships will cause worries during the 1st half of the month. Stay below the radar at work. Do not unnecessarily try to dominate a situation. You will want to take risks and gamble a bit. It is okay to take risks, if and only if you have the capacity to take risks. There is a need to work hard and align with superiors. Loans will be hard to come by as loan sanctioning officers may cause impediments. While asking for money do not try to get on the wrong side of the law.

Chandrashtama days: 19-Aug, 20-Aug, 21-Aug

Days of caution on financial matters: 1-Aug, 2-Aug, 3-Aug, 6-Aug, 7-Aug, 8-Aug, 28-Aug, 29-Aug, 30-Aug

Horoscope for August 2017 for Moon sign Capricorn – Makara Janma Rashi

Saturn is now going through 11th house and giving some respite from sadhe sati that will continue from September 2017 again. Jupiter is transiting through your 9th house and is an auspicious transit. Sun’s transits through 7th and 8th house will both be inauspicious. Mars is transiting through manglik 7th house. Venus is transiting through 6th and 7th house unfavourable transits. Mercury is transiting through 8th house in transit. Rahu/Ketu axis operates through 8/2 houses. It will be an average month.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Egotistical and rash behavior and dealing with spouse and in-laws can be a problems. Avoid any unnecessary arguments. Manglik transit even when Mars is in debilitation requires that you spend time with spouse and cooperate with him/her. Women should not allow old flames to wreck their current relationships that are going well.  Men will be able to sustain good relationships in 2nd half of the month.

Travel: Travel may cause problems – accidents, loss of belongings. Be careful.

Health: Diseases of lower abdomen are indicated. Avoid alcohol otherwise addiction will build up.

Finance, Business & Job: Both partners and superiors will not be supportive during the month. If there are any clashes, it will be important to back down, otherwise situation can go out of control. If you handle negative situations with a bit of sophistication, you actually stand a chance to gain money. 2nd half of the month will be good for negotiations and settlement of long standing disputes. Long term financial planning can be done and successfully executed during this period.

Chandrashtama days: 22-Aug, 23-Aug

Days of caution on financial matters: 4-Aug, 5-Aug, 9-Aug, 10-Aug, 31-Aug

Horoscope for August 2017 for Moon sign Aquarius – Kumbha Janma Rashi

Sun is going through auspicious 6th house followed by 7th house adverse transit. Jupiter is going through inauspicious 8th house transit. Rahu/Ketu transit is going through the 1/7 axis. Saturn moves through inauspicious 10th house transit in retrogression. Mercury goes through 7the house transits. Mars transits through auspicious 6th, but will be debilitated. Venus goes through a favourable 5th house transit followed by adverse 6th house transit. Overall, it will be an average month. 1st half will be better than 2nd.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: 1st half indicated comfort of home and servants. 1st half also indicates parties, get together and entertainment. 2nd half indicates problems in home environment. Through the month, aggression is indicated, but since Mars is weak, it will not come out on the surface. You will need to work with spouse and people around you such that you explain all the things going on with you.

Travel: Second half of the month indicates travel, but business trips may not be productive.

Health: Too much sugar/sweets can cause problems during the month. Fatty food can indicate indigestion. Be aware of accidents, for example because of rash driving, etc.

Finance, Business & Job: Any outstanding issues with your enemies should be attempted to be solved during 1st half of the month. Pending loans will be realized. Expenses will be high since there will be expenditure on oneself. 2nd half of the month will not be conducive to partnerships both in business as well as for peers at job. Competitors can malign your name. On the other hand, as an advisor, who can provide advice from a distance, you will do well.

Chandrashtama days: 24-Aug, 25-Aug

Days of caution on financial matters: 6-Aug, 7-Aug, 8-Aug, 11-Aug, 12-Aug

Horoscope for August 2017 for Moon sign Pisces – Meena Janma Rashi

The month will be adverse for Meena rashi borns because of inauspicious vedhas, and all of them due to Saturn in the 2nd half. Saturn is going through 9th house transit. Lagna lord Jupiter’s 7th house transit with aspect on lagna is good, but there is vedha of Saturn. Sun’s 5th and 6th house transits are inauspicious and auspicious respectively. Mars moves through adverse 5th house transits. Venus is going through 4th and 5th house beneficial transit, but vedha of Saturn in 2nd half. Mercury moves through 6th house. Rahu’s 6th house transit is good for money, but there is vedha of Saturn. At the same time Ketu’s 12th house transit is not good for general health.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Since the planet causing the vedha is Saturn, pretty much the cause of obstacles in relationships will be fear and delay in taking decisions. You will need to appease Lord Saturn. One of the main ways to do this is to be disciplined and take responsibility. Even if you are down, smile… and even if the smile is laboured, it has the magic to calm you down.

Travel: There are no major indications about travel during the month.

Health: Overall physiological health will be good. Stress will cause problems. Fatigue may lead to laziness.

Finance, Business & Job: Speculation, stock market will not work out during the month. Use more conservative methods for saving money. Lack of discipline is usually the main problem in such transits because of which loss of money happens. The same problem will plague successful completion of projects. It is essentially due to the Saturn’s vedha, which you will need to work around.

Students will have good time during the month.

Chandrashtama days: 26-Aug, 27-Aug

Days of caution on financial matters: 9-Aug, 10-Aug, 13-Aug, 14-Aug

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