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February 2015 Moon Sign Based Horoscope

By Kshitij Sharma, January 15, 2015

The monthly horoscope for February 2015 is presented for you based on the moon sign, i.e. janma rashi in your horoscope, based on the Vedic niryana system.

Please do not substitute your Sun sign or a western astrology moon sign here. If you do not know your janma rashi, please refer to the kundali application on this site.

A date based on Moon’s transit over 2nd, 8th and 12th house that indicates anishta needs to be taken care of through the month. 8th house presence for Chandra is called Chandrashtama and is a period of grave caution. The dates for Chandrashatama are indicated for each rashi.

The planetary positions for the month of February are as follows:

  1. Sun is in Makar (Capricorn) at the beginning of the month. It moves to Kumbha rashi, i.e. Aquarius on Feb 13th. Kumbha is a detriment sign for Sun. Further, Jupiter will cause vedha to Sun from its location, further diminishing the favourable transit of Sun for certain rashis.
  2. Mars is in Aquarius from the beginning of the month. It moves to Pisces on 12th Feb, which is a friendly sign for Mars.
  3. Mercury is in the Saturn’s sign of Makara (Capricorn) through the month. It is retrograde in the beginning of the month. Its speed is zero on 11th February and thereafter it comes out of retrogression.
  4. Along with the Sun, Venus is another planet that would change signs during the middle of the month. It is in Aquarius during the month, but moves to exaltation sign of Pisces on February 16th.
  5. Saturn is in Scorpio, indicating Sadhe sati for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius rashis. Saturn continues to be under aspect of Jupiter. As visible at from Earth, Saturn is slowing down. It is now preparing to go into retrogression from March 15th onwards.
  6. Jupiter continues to be is retrograde in Cancer throughout February.
  7. Rahu and Ketu are transiting through Virgo & Pisces respectively through the month.

Aries – Mesha Rashi as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope for February 2015

You will get helps from relatives and friends, but there will be obstacles on the way and you will not be satisfied with their support and approach towards your problem.

You will have a good and comfortable time at your home and happiness through spouse/partner. This is a good time for children too. This transit could show birth of son in family. You should not delay handling any negative scenarios and in handling negative emotions, especially in the second half – where the planetary transits are not favourable to the family. You would need to take care of your mother’s health and her health problems. These problems would continue till April. You can meet new friends from opposite sex and start a relationship that will have potential to turn out into a lasting relationship. Ashtama Shani is bothering you – there is no respite from this for next two years. Honest suggestion is to lower your expectations and strengthen your will power. Meditation will surely help you in calming your mind.

There is nothing of significance for Mesha rashi persons about travel during first half of Feb 2015 according to the monthly horoscope. Second half of February may take you on a foreign trip.

You would enjoy good health through the first half. In the second half of Feb 2015, please be careful about infections – eye, BP and sleep related disorders and also accidents.

The month will become progressively better at the job front. To begin with, you would feel that you aren’t getting any rewards and credit for your achievements. However, in the second half, there will be due recognition. A job change for better will also present itself as an opportunity.

For students, this is a time to pick up new subjects for learning and expanding your knowledge. Those studying mathematics will do well. For professionals, this transit implies that they can take up courses to improve their skills.

Chandrashtama Dates: 12th, 13th and 14th February

Taurus – Vrishabh Rashi as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope for February 2015

A very favourable second half but not so good first half is the way February 2015 will pan out for Taurus borns. They should be aware and brace for it. Manage the time such that you work hard during the first half and then make the most of the time after 14th of February.

You would need to be cognizant of needs of others. First half is not a good time for romance and you are likely to have petty difference of opinion with your partner/spouse. Situation will improve for better in the second half. Suggestion: celebrate Valentine’s Day properly and reap the benefits for the rest of the month 😉

This is a good time for taking a long travel. It is possible that you take up travel alone and without the family as a brief separation from the family is indicated.

Health will also improve in the course of month. What will start as a month of fatigue and imbalance will become better. During the first half, please also be aware of mental worries and disturbances. It would be good to keep aggression and stubborn attitude in check to not cause health problems.

At work, alignment with superiors is important when at the same time you need to get away from self-promotion. If you are feeling anxious about work, please temper your ambition and channelize it in the right direction. 2nd half is a good period for investments and cash flow will increase.

Chandrashtama Dates: Feb 15th and 16th.

Gemini – Mithuna Rashi as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope for February 2015

Saturn’s vedha during first half of the month will spoil your party just a little bit and not a lot. This has to do with your aggressive attitude, which you must keep in check. There would be disagreements with your father and other father figures. There could be unnecessary arguments within the family too. There is nothing much to be worried about and these issues can be handled just by keeping a watch on your anger.

Travel wise: throughout the month, long distance travel will be fruitful and will bring in new opportunities. Planning ahead, in advance, is required to make the most of travels.

Stress and anxiety will be the only reason of health problems during the month. Mother’s and father’s health problems could worry you. Please take good care of them.

Disagreements with father figure could manifest at the place of work also, especially when it comes to higher ups and superiors at the place of work. Getting a loan from financial institutions, especially public sector banks will be difficult and will cause stress. Financial plans and strategies may not finalize, but you will make progress. The main hindrance seems to be inputs in these areas coming from all over the place – colleagues, friends and family, etc. and you not able to make a good decision due to confusion and chaos.

Financial situation is good in general and so are gains from property. This favourable period will continue and you should not get distracted by other monthly transits.

Chandrashtama Dates: Feb 17th and 18th

Cancer – Karka Rashi as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope for February 2015

This is a time when Karka rashi individuals should start researching something new. There is a hunger to break away from the tried and tested and go against the norm. This could lead to conflicts with family and especially with your father. There is a need to work with the loved ones and also explain the conflicts inside you in details. People around you will pay a sympathetic ear. Second part of the month will be great for romance, entertainment and parties.

Long distance travel will be fruitful, but strenuous.

You need to take care of your health during the month of Feb 2015. Indigestion, stomach diseases will bother you. Anxiety due to an ongoing problem should not be allowed to turn into a medical problem like fatigue and blood pressure disease. Eating well is required as lack of balanced diet could lead to anemia and subsequently weakness.

Please be careful with loans and speculation (gambling). At work, it is better to stay below the radar, although your confidence is pretty high; otherwise it could lead to disagreements with authorities at work. 2nd half of the month will be good for learning, especially for students. It will also mean an alternate source of income for professionals. There is a possibility of movement at work – a transfer of responsibility.

Expenses will be high. This may not be the most favourable time to invest in property as there will be obstacles.

Chandrashtama Dates: Feb 19th and 20th

Leo – Simha Rashi as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope for February 2015

Continuing from 2nd half of January 2015, you will see benefits from people who work for you. Taking care of them will provide mental satisfaction. It is required to take care of family at this time, proactively, as that is not in your nature now. Atmosphere in the family may be unhealthy. Situation will improve drastically in the second half. Overall, it is a good time to maintain low profile and chill a bit.

Travel in the first half will be stressful. There is a possibility of accidents and burglary during travel.

Take get good care of you diet. Health checkups or study on how exercise can improve your lifestyle will help you in long run. Your addictions – smoking/drinking require an intervention.

At work, first half is good where there will be gains from superiors. You will be able to pay off loans with financial situation improving in the past few months. Be careful with competition and adversaries at the place of work where they can be obstacles in your day to day work. You will need to balance between being aggressive at work and being withdrawn. Use the power of communication at work properly.

Chandrashtama Dates: Feb 21st and 22nd

Virgo – Kanya Rashi as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope for February 2015

A little tougher month compared to past few months for Kanya rashi individuals is on cards. Transit of outer planets is still helping you and Jupiter’s retrograde movement will further increase some of the good effects of Jupiter’s transit till the month of April.

This is a good month for family. There is a need to spend time with children and take care of them. You will not be able to satisfy the expectations of your relatives, especially from the maternal side. Try as much as you can.

There is nothing special to be mentioned about travel. Short travels, if any, will be fruitful and rewarding.

The planetary transits indicate ill health to yourself and children mainly related to food habits. During the second half, you need to take special care of your spouse’s health. Accidents, fever, infection related to eye is predicted.

You are creative in your thinking and a lot of ideas are floating around. Yet, laziness can cause some of important activities to be postponed.

There is displeasure from authorities related to money, but the situation will turn out to be in your favour. This is a good time to settle past lawsuits. Speculations may not work out well.

Chandrashtama Dates: Feb 23rd and 24th

Libra – Tula Rashi as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope for February 2015

Sadhe sati is on for Libra borns during this period.

February 2015 will be a difficult month for Libra borns, but it will progressively become better during the second half. To begin with, there will be unnecessary fights between spouses/partners. But all is not that bad – transits still show romantic time with the mate and indulgence in competitive activities will take the tension away. Things are quite hectic at home where you will host parties for good people and enjoy their company.

There are some obstacles in travel, even in the vehicle owned by you.

On the health front, health problems are indicated. If you are in India, this is a period where your immunity against cold is little low. The transit shows indecisive nature, anxiety and stress more than anything. This should not lead to lifestyle diseases like blood pressure etc.

While the first half of the month should be watched against unreasonable speculation, the second part of the month shows gain in wealth. There is financial stress due to real estate. These could be solved in your favour.

After 11th of February, it is a good time for students born under Libra rashi. Annual exams are coming up in school and this will be a good period of preparation. Those appearing for competitive exams should make full use of February for revision of their courses. This is where an example of free will can be seen – you have an opportunity in front of you and the stars are aligning – it is totally up to you how you want to make use of this situation.

Chandrashtama Dates: Feb 25th and 26th

Scorpio – Vrishchik Rashi as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope for February 2015

It is a favourable month for Scorpio rashi individuals, but there will be obstacles in form of Brahmins, learned persons who will be there to poke in your plans. Sadhe sati is on as well and overall you will need to work hard on your partnerships.

Be careful with relations with your parents this month. Although the period with fathers and gurus is conducive, this month shows that you will have some conflict with mother and father. Diplomacy is required and you should not be moody and restless. There will be conflict with siblings too. 2nd part of the month shows good time with your mate, where you too can indulge in activities of common interest. There will be happiness and atmosphere of festivities at home.

Discomfort during travels is indicated through the month. Short travels will be beneficial for your ventures. Gains from foreign relations are indicated during this period.

On the health front, the first part of the month will be in chest infection and pain. There is also stress at work leading to fatigue and loss of energy. There is an unnecessary fear that is driving you crazy. It will be good to drive the fear itself away.

This is a good transit for communication. It is also better to do the right homework for your future projects. Implementation of the projects can be taken up in future. There is political opposition at the place of work as of now that will come up in the way of projects and your ideas.

Chandrashtama Dates: Feb 1st, 27th and 28th

Sagittarius – Dhanu Rashi as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope for February 2015

February 2015 is generally a good month for Dhanu rashi individuals. Sadhe sati started few months back and now you should be used to the grind in front of you. Hopefully you will find your groove very soon and start making the most of the favourable transits that are there from month to month.

You could get into disputes with persons outside of immediate family, mainly due to your dominating nature. Do not bring this to a breaking point. In the immediate family, there is good comfort of home – marriage, birth of child are indicated. While you are making new friends, be a little careful and due diligence is required. Once this is taken care of, this month indicates that you will make long terms friends.

First half of the month indicates study tours, conferences and travel where you get to learn something new.

Health will be good throughout. Physical activities and exercise will help in improving immunity and keeping general infection away. Be careful with exercise in gym because some accidents are indicated.

Loan given to other folks may get into recovery problem. First half will indicate success at the place of work and good inflow of cash. Sale of immovable property, if done in the first half, will go through easily and provide income. In the second half, the same will cause problems and there will be disputes.

This is a good time for negotiations regarding promotion at the place of work or your business. Good period where you can look at your cash flow statements and do necessary analysis. During this period of Sadhe sati, debts will pile up, and such transits should be used for right analysis so that you do not get buried in debt.

Chandrashtama Dates: Feb 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Capricorn – Makara Rashi as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope for February 2015

Sun is transiting through your moon sign. That’s why the festival of Makara Sankranti was celebrated on 15th of January, when Sun entered Makar rashi during the evening of 14th January.

Sun’s first house transit for any rashi is not that auspicious, where the person starts to focus on their own needs and disregards others. However, this time around, with Saturn (the lord of your rashi) influencing Sun, this should be a good month for you. Sun moves to Aquarius in the second week of Feb, which may cause some distress.

Be kind to the family around you. Property ownership issues could crop up and relationship with neighbours, siblings could come in focus. There is good comfort at home and you will get good food and spend time with immediate family.

Separation from family is indicated due to travel. Short term travels to learn something new will be good during the month. Hopefully, you have been able to take a vacation during the year end break. If not, look for a good deal and make use of an opportunity.

Health problems are indicated due to fatigue and headache. You could also get into heart problems if you aren’t careful. Second part of the month indicates eye infection and ENT illness. During last week of Jan and during Feb, you are also likely to pick up some bad habits and addiction.

At work, during the first half of the month, there can be loss of wealth and some misunderstandings with superiors. However, your inner strength will need to be used to get off this situation. Expenditure on self will increase a lot. While this has been a good year for students, they may not be able to concentrate on their studies. Wealth could also be lost due to corrupt people.

Chandrashtama Dates: Feb 5th and 6th

Aquarius – Kumbha Rashi as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope for February 2015

It is a tough month for Aquarius rashi borns. This is a period where Aquarius rashi individuals will work well with their family, but not with others. Struggle with friends is indicated and it may be caused due to your rash approach towards dealing with them. Do not keep secrets with your mate. Your standard of living will increase and you will spend on yourself and your home.

Long travel to a foreign land is indicated. If you have not planned well, these will not yield the desired results.

Health problems are indicated to Aquarius individuals during the month of February 2015 – eye infection, sleep disorder, skin diseases and neuro problem could get worse. You could be very temperamental at this time. Some existing disease will become worse.

New ventures are not likely to work out. Litigation regarding property is also indicated. Be frugal. A rash approach and aggression may not work each time, but please keep in mind that hard work will eventually pay off. There will be obstacles in starting something new especially if you are thinking of taking loans from near and dear ones.

Good time for students and teachers alike during 1st half of the month is indicated. During the second half, the transits indicate a good problem solving approach for Kumbha Rashi individuals.

Chandrashtama Dates: Feb 7th and 8th and 9th

Pisces – Meena Rashi as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope for February 2015

February 2015 is overall a good month for Meena rashi, but there are few unnecessary obstacles – especially from intellectual class – your boss, teachers etc. You are likely to find new friends and meet someone especial from opposite sex. Children will continue to do well.

During such transits, folks usually wander away for no reason. This can happen, be aware.

Although this is a generally a good time with respect to diseases, keep an eye on sleep disorders and accidents. Meena rashi individuals can be moody during second part of the month.

First part of the month indicates support in partnerships and new ventures. It also indicates royal patronage, which in today’s times means the government of the day. Working in groups will be beneficial, yet you may feel that others are taking away the credit. This is an unnecessary feeling, although it will be best to align with superiors and ensure that they are fully aware of your work.

Chandrashtama Dates: Feb 10th and 11th


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