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Monthly Horoscope November 2014

By Kshitij Sharma, October 17, 2014

Saturn moving to Scorpio is the major transit of this month. This will change the perspective on all moon signs. The monthly horoscope for November 2014 is presented for you based on the moon sign, i.e. janma rashi in your horoscope, based on the Vedic niryana system. Please do not substitute your Sun sign or a western astrology moon sign here. If you do not know your janma rashi, please refer to the kundali application on this page.

During November, planets change signs all over the month. Therefore, like last month, a clear differentiation between 1st half and 2nd half does not exist. Sun’s sign change out of debilitation is the only major transit in the middle. I am including the section for astrological remedies only for few rashis as I am not sure how useful it is for all the readers. A date based on Moon’s transit over 2nd, 8th and 12th house that indicates anishta indicated through the month. 8th house presence for Chandra is called Chandrashtama and is a period of grave caution.

For other dates where caution needs to be exercised or when new tasks and positions should not be taken, you should go over the weekly panchanga published on the site.

Planetary Positions in November 2014

  • Jupiter remains in Cancer throughout the month.
  • Rahu/Ketu remain in Virgo/Taurus respectively.
  • Mars is in fiery sign of Sagittarius at beginning of the month. For all practical purposes it will spend the month in Sagittarius. It moves to its exaltation sign of Capricorn on Nov 27.
  • Venus is in Swakshetra Libra at the beginning of the month. It moves to Scorpio on Nov 12th and it would spend the rest of the month there. It is closer than 8° to Sun and can be considered combust till Nov 26th.
  • Mercury is in swakhstra Virgo (not in the moolatrikona) in the beginning of the month. On 5th of Nov it moves to Libra.
  • Sun is debilitated in Libra at the beginning of the month and moves to Scorpio on 17th Nov.
  • Saturn transits to Scorpio in 1st week of November. Sadhe-sati is on for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius rashis, with Saturn being in 2nd, 1st and 12th house respectively in the janma rashi chart. Sadhe sati starts for Dhanu rashi persons in November. Sadhe-sati gets over for Kanya Rashi persons. Saturn’s third house transit for Kanya rashi folks is a good time to rejoice. Combustion is in affect from Nov 1 onwards, but in classical sense, since Sun and Saturn are in different signs, combustion can be and should be considered from Nov 17th through Dec 5th.

Aries: Moon in Mesha in horoscope

On relationship front, this is an excellent time for romance & flings. With good communication, it will be a good time between partners. There is a need to explain important things to one another and all worries will automatically be avoided due to such gestures. There is a hunger for new exploration and for taking up new tasks. You will start seeing problems with other relatives in form of not getting cooperation from others. There will be a tendency for seeking privacy as you may not trust others.

In the first half of the month, travel could wear you out. Plan ahead. Traven to foreign land will not be as exciting as anticipated.

You need to be cautious on health front. Stomach disorders, upset stomach, heartburns could occur and cause low levels of energy through the month. Put effort in improving your health through exercise, yoga etc. and it will help.

This is a period of gain of finance not through hard work, but inheritance. On the work front, you need to be careful with business partners & associates. With some hard work, you should be able to convince others of your point of view and get ahead. Do not speculate. Control expenditure and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Dates of Caution: 3th-5th and 8th-9th Nov, Chandrashtama days: 22nd and 23rd Nov

Taurus: Moon in Vrishabha in horoscope

The ongoing Jupiter transit in Cancer through June 2015 is a little tough for you; however, favourable planetary positions in other transits will carry you though. There is benefit from servants, juniors and service providers. There is mental and domestic contentment. Enjoy good food during this period. There could be some disagreements with in-laws, siblings and other relationships which you will have to deal with. Do not feel pressured by burdens that some of the relationships put on you. There is love/gains through children.

Travel to foreign countries will be beneficial, but they will be tedious.

On health front, you need to take good care of diet during the month. Avoid overindulging on food. Chances of urinary infection or kidney diseases exist and are indicated during the month. Schedule a health checkup.

Demand from coworkers, manager/superiors at work exist, the same way relations wear you out. The difference is that while superiors will be supportive, coworkers will try to compete and vie for the same share of attention. You will need to strike a reasonable balance between being dominating and withdrawn from such situations at work. Income from agriculture/real estate is indicated. Even purchase would be good if you are not planning to take loans.

Dates of Caution: 6th-7th & 10th-11th Nov, Chandrashtama days: 24th and 25th Nov

Gemini: Moon in Mithun in horoscope

Good time and mental peace is indicated at home, provided you spend quality time with your mate/partner/spouse. Those who are looking to get married will find it a good period. Relationships started at this time will go long term. You will enjoy good food and comforts of home.

Travel might not be pleasurable. Be careful with mishaps and theft during travel.

You will enjoy good health during this period. Need to be careful of eye infection and indigestion issues. Take care of your mother’s health during the period.

Financial gains are indicated beyond your expectation. This is a favourable time to gain material possessions and investments. This is a good month for students or those seeking improvement in their professional skillset. However, nothing will come for free. Hard work is required and it will pay off with due recognition. There is constant churn for you at the workplace. Even if there is no change in career specifically, people are still being moved due to reorganization at the place of work. This churn is a long term trend. During the first half of the month, finance and authorities will not go hand in hand for you, e.g. income tax issue can crop up. You would be able to solve this problem during the second half.

There could be problems with real estate and immovable properties. There should be due diligence for real estate transactions.

Dates of Caution: 8th-9th & 12th-14th Nov, Chandrashtama days: 26th-28th Nov

Cancer: Moon in Karka in horoscope

This is a hectic time at home and domestic affairs. Expectations are running high as this is a good time for expansion of family. New addition in form of birth in the family, marriage or meeting someone special is on cards. You will enjoy company of new people.

You will need to spend time on education of your children and ensure that it is going in right direction. This is a good period to iron out confusions between relatives/siblings.

There is change of place indicated – in form of change or residence or pleasure trips and vacation. Short journeys will be useful, but you can suffer loss on long travels.

Learn to meditate to keep the focus. This is very much required. Otherwise, restlessness and lifestyle diseases are indicated, especially in the second part of the month. Ensure that you eat right otherwise stomach, acidity, digestive problems are indicated.

This is a good time for gain of wealth and demolition of enemies. You would feel on 7th heaven due to the same. Still, watch out for overconfidence and do not let it turn into arrogance. This is not a good time for gambling and speculation. Vices could kick in. Overall expenditure will be high. Gains from real estate are indicated.

This is a good month for students.

Dates of Caution: 10th-11th & 15th-16th Nov, Chandrashtama days: 1st and 2nd Nov, also 29th and 30th Nov

Leo: Moon in Simha in horoscope

Overall an adverse month is indicated for Simha rashi. You need to take a step back and not be aggressive. Household responsibilities and everyday tasks will become a burden on you. While you will be able to work on hobbies/sports, the time spent with family will become less. To get out of this loop, involve your spouse/mate/partner in the recreational activities, which will result in romance and a much better coordination between you two.

The month can indicate a change in place, or at least start a chain of events that will eventually lead to change in residence. Foreign travel may not be fruitful. Traven in 2nd half will be difficult and inconvenient.

Second part of the month will cause some health problems to you and your family, including your mother. Overall, you need to take care of anxiety issues at the place of work. Schedule a thorough health checkup during this period.

There is financial stress due to loss of real estate & property and probably litigation. Be careful in speculation and gambling in the stock market. This is a good month for research and information gathering, but not for acting on it. At the place of work, support will be missing.

Astrological Remedies: Worshipping Lord Hanuman will help you in more ways than one. Vishnu worship will also be beneficial. Donate sweets, masoor dal to beggars outside temple.

Dates of Caution: 12th-14th Nov & 17th-19th Nov, Chandrashtama days: 3rd-5th Nov

Virgo: Moon in Virgo in horoscope

Virgo borns will be extremely happy during this month. Both the large planets – Jupiter and Saturn are transiting through auspicious position. Your sadhe sati is over and you will start feeling the effect. You are having the necessary self-confidence and ability to accomplish many important tasks this month. Keep your overconfidence in check otherwise there could be disputes with friends and relations outside of immediate family.

Short travels will be profitable.

Illnesses related to chest disorders, blood contamination are indicated. This should become better by the second half of the month. Those suffering from chronic diseases will find relief from it.

Flow of money will be extremely good. During the first half, do not give loans to people as loan recovery would be a problem. Problems are indicated via property disputes. This is a good time to start looking for property – start the consultations and dialogs, but wait on the actual purchase. Do not keep company of corrupt people or try to take advantage of such situations as it may backfire on you.

Dates of Caution: 15th-16th Nov & 20th-21st Nov, Chandrashtama days: 6th & 7th Nov

Libra: Moon in Tula in horoscope

The effect of last part of sadhe sati will now start showing up. Last two cycles of Sadhe sati have polished you and smoothened the rough edges. This is the best part of sadhe sati. Hardships haven’t gone away but Saturn shines the light that provides the right insights and shows path to success. You can be spiritual if you focus in the right direction. The tendency is still to be alone and neglect your partner/mate and immediate family. This month’s horoscope of Libra borns should rather be read by their friends and family so that they can understand the problems and provide support.

Short term travels to learn something new – attending conferences, training sessions in a different city will be beneficial.

In order to keep up the physical strength, eat and exercise well. Get yourself checked for any lingering problems you may have. Get your eyes checked.

This is a good month for students. Hard work will show immediate success. This is a good time for teachers (and coaches/managers) too as they will be able to express themselves freely to their students and subordinates. You are showing mental vigour at work. Earning through sale of real estate is shown. Heavy expenditure, especially on articles of luxury for yourself and family is indicated during the month of November. Let the debts not pile up.

Dates of Caution: 17th-19th Nov & 22nd-23rd Nov, Chandrashtama days: 8th & 9th Nov

Scorpio: Moon in Vrishchik in horoscope

You would enjoy good relation with father and/or guru but the transits in this month can cause misunderstanding with spouse/partners. Be transparent about your problems. Do not make any false promises. Do not get caught up in emotions and enjoy as this is a good time for a little mischievous romance.

Travels will continue to be extensive. As these will be work related, you will travel without the family and hence be separated for some time. There will be professional gains from these travels.

While on the road, be careful lest you bump into oncoming traffic and injure your legs! You need to watch what you eat as well. You could indulge a little with an addiction too.

Expenditure is on the rise. Purchase of personal items and such expenditure is indicated. Be careful with bad loans. This is a good time as student. Income through land/agriculture is indicated.

At work, be decisive and do not dilly dally on important matters. You need to relook at your job and reorganize a few things about the way you work.

Astrological Remedies: Continue with the practice of donating iron utensils, blanket to a poor person on Saturday.

Dates of Caution: 20th-21st Nov & 24th-25th Nov, Chandrashtama days: 10th and 11th Nov

Sagittarius: Moon in Dhanu in horoscope

The main theme of this month is start of sadhe sati. However, do not worry too much. Sadhe sati does not affect everyone with the same effect. Please refer to this article on sadhe sati for details on how this would affect you. There is a period of confusion, especially because Saturn’s previous transit has been good for you. You will quickly recover though and will have support as the other long term transit of Jupiter, which is the lord of your lagna will help you. Astrological Remedies: During this period, it is important to pray to Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly.

Good time with family is indicated. Romance is in the air. Love relationships starting in this period will have lasting impact. With others, you will have a little impulsive approach. You would feel disappointed with the attitude of friends and relatives.

Second half of the month would take you afar. Travel will be weary.

You are a moody and impulsive. Keep an eye on sleeping habits. Eye afflictions could bother you.

Expenditure and debts are on rise. You may want to keep wasteful expenditure in check. New ventures starting in this period, will work out in the first half, but there will be obstacles in the second part of the month. Therefore, due diligence should be done in the first half and things should be set in motion. The second part of the month should be used to execute on plans and taking care of mundane tasks.

This is a good period for teamwork. Hard work will pay off, even though you feel unhappy with your superiors and coworkers. They are listening to you and looking up to you. Students will benefit from group projects and group study.

Dates of Caution: 22nd-23rd Nov & 26th-28th Nov, Chandrashtama days: 12th through 14th Nov

Capricorn: Moon in Makar in horoscope

November is overall a favorable month for Capricon borns, but with some obstacles. The second half of the month would be better than the second one. The first half shows difficult transit with respect to immediate family. This denotes difference of opinion with the mate/spouse and with inlaws. The second half of the month will be good and relationship with elder brother would be advantageous. Auspicious events can be planned in this period.

There is nothing of significance during the month for travel. You could take a vacation with the family. Travel bugs could just wander around.

Overall, you would not be able to get good sleep. Blood pressure and other life style diseases would bother you. While exercising, take little more care so that you don’t strain your back and neck.

At work, take care not to pile on too many responsibilities on yourself. You will be unable to get due credit for your work – there are competitors around trying to influence your superiors. Misunderstanding with authorities can happen due to lack of right communication.

Good time for students and professionals trying to reskill themselves. Cash flow is steady. Overall gain through property and real estate are indicated.

Dates of Caution: 1st-2nd Nov, 24th-25th Nov & 29th-30th Nov, Chandrashtama days: 15th and 16th Nov

Aquarius: Moon in Kumbh in horoscope

There is time for celebrations at home with Romance and party time. Gains through friends and family are indicated. Do not detach yourself from such celebrations and ensure that you are at the center of it. As the month progresses, it will become even better.

Pilgrimage and study tours are indicated. You could travel abroad for short term and take your family with you.

The month indicates that your health will be pretty good throughout. It is a good month to start a new exercise or yoga habit.

At job front, collaboration is the key. Do not work in isolation. Take people along with you and be a leader. You will have necessary charisma to accomplish it.

You will be able to earn money through real estate transactions. Acquisition of immovable property is also indicated. First half is not that great, but the second half will be better in restoring whatever harm the first half did. Job change for better can occur if you have been interviewing. Focus on career development.

Dates of Caution: 3rd-5th Nov & 26th-28th Nov, Chandrashtama days: 17th, 18th and 19th Nov

Pisces: Moon in Meen in horoscope

During this month, focus on the needs of others around you. You will have pride through children – they will do well in sports, art, academics. Misunderstanding with spouse can occur, but free flow conversation and dialog will have ability to remove any differences. Take care of your father’s health and wellbeing in this period.

Journey will be difficult and taxing. Long distance travel will be good for you, but you will need to plan in advance and stick to the plan.

Health will be good through the month and nothing of significance is indicated.

At work, you are anxious about your day to day work. There is need to market and promote yourself, but you must not overdo things. You are motivated and ambitious during this period and on the lookout for newer opportunities.

Pisces born students will have the urge to move ahead and compete. Both higher wisdom and intellect are stimulated during this period.

You are very keen on property purchase during the month. However, either things will not materialize or you will be able to purchase only your second choice. Legal difficulties will become obstacles during this month.

Astrological Remedies: During the second part of the month, worshipping Lord Vishnu & reading Harivansh Puran will help.

Dates of Caution: 1st-2nd Nov & 29th-30th Nov, Chandrashtama days: 20th and 21st Nov


  • Comment by Raj on October 19, 2014 at 10:23 am

    Please share your views on the effect of 3rd phase of Sade sati on Tula rashi natives and jupiter going retrograde in December.
    Many Thanks

  • Comment by AA on October 28, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    I think saturn moving into the 2nd house of Scorpio for tula rashi ppl in itself is a good thing as the focus shifts away from the person to what the 2nd house signifies- the finances. Finances would be delayed , difficult to manage etc- but Jupiter’s beneficial aspect on saturn will tone down a lot of saturn’s effect till June 2015..

  • Comment by hari on October 31, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    My birth date is 23rd Dec 1971, in Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh.
    Going through difficult times in business (started 2yrs ago) and money matters, properties also getting into trouble. will this transit affect?
    according to dates i am a capricorn but vedic astrology i am Aquarius, Shatabishak nakshatra 4th quadrant.

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