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Stock Market Predictions January 2015

By Kshitij Sharma, December 21, 2014

Looking back at the previous month – December 2014, my predictions about the profit taking and market going down were bang on. The on place where I failed miserably was my reading on the oil prices. I had predicted that oil prices will break the downward trend and will up up, but looks like भगवान को कुछ और ही मंज़ूर था. I need to learn more. Not only was the crude down, it broke years of support levels.

The other statement that did not work was on food (or retail) inflation – it did not go up and on the other hand, CPI fell to a record low of 4.38 per cent from 5.52 per cent in October. (Source: NDTV Profit)

Mundane astrology factors predict that the stock market will see lots of ups and downs in the the month of January 2015.

Astrological factors indicate that the honeymoon period for Modi government will be over in second week of January 2015. Otherwise also, throughout the month, Saturn & Mars are in close yoga, having exchanged houses. Mars is in Aquarius, which is the enemy sign, unlike Capricorn where it was exalted. Such combination is not good for the ruling and political class. The general populace of India will start questioning the NDA government at the center vociferously. Government will come under fire more and more. Street protests are predicted. News of first scams by NDA government will start coming out in this month. This definitely will have a negative effect on the market.

Especially in the last week of January and leading into February, common sense will stop to prevail. It is not necessary an indicator to get out of market by liquidating your positions, but then it is also advised to get into the market unless you have a good reasons based on fundamental and technical analysis.

Continuing from previous month, Gold prices have peaked and will see a downward trend. The economy is going to slow down. Profit taking will be prevalent and it is time to employ a contrarian approach in economy. Look for bargain prices in shares of good companies.

Auto shares will be flat. Real estate is slated for a gain during the month. Hospitality, paints, private banks will show an uptrend. PSU banks will come under pressure and will show downtrend.

Metals: aluminum, iron & steel, cement, leather, casting & forging stock should be watched carefully and should be purchased on appropriate indicators. There will be strong uptrend in this sector.

Finally on crude, I have learnt much since the debacle last month. My prediction is that crude oil index will go down after 16th Jan and will witness a major fall between January 20th & January 23rd 2014.

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