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Donald Trump

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The astrological data about Donald Trump is taken from Astro Databank referenced here. This has a AA rating on the horoscope, which essentially a very reliable rating.

This chart shows all the characteristics of Trump. He has no control over his words to the extent of being stingy with truth. Check out the following:

  1. Jupiter in 2nd house: Jupiter expands, blows up and exaggerates significations of any house. In this horoscope, Jupiter is in 2nd house (signification #1 of speech), in Mercury’s sign (signification #2 corresponding to communication). This makes speech very exaggerated. This Jupiter is very closely aspected by Rahu from 10th house. Rahu is an imposter, Jupiter exaggerates. Put the two together and you can exactly figure out why Trump behaves the way he does as in the Washington Post article above. He overestimates his own “savings and net worth”
  2. Jupiter from 2nd house aspects its own sign in House 8, which is the indicator of inheritance. Trump did inherit the big real estate empire from his father.
  3. Rahu in 10th house is a disruptor of normal work culture. Rahu in 10th makes a person unconventional, ambitious about high public office and lime light. It is no wonder that Trump has indeed turned over the Republican establishment in US.
  4. Moon is in neecha, but far away from the worst debilitation. However, note its position in Gandanta sandhi, where it is confused. Donald lacks EQ. However, in 8th sign, Moon benefits from hidden information.

Trump just finished his Rahu Mahadasha in March 2016. Before ending, Rahu brought him here within striking distance of White House. However, unfortunately for him, his Jupiter MD has started in March 2016 and Jupiter has the blemish of being 8th house lord for this Lagna. There are obstacles ahead for him. He is running sadhe sati too where Saturn is crossing over his Moon at this time.

Given these combinations, it looks difficult for Donald to move forward from this point on and my 2c would be on Hillary to be a shoo in to White House. If Trump does win, then may God truly bless America.

NameDonald Trump
Date of birth:June 14, 1946Time of birth10:54 AM Timezone: 5:0 West of GMT
Place of birth:Jamaica, NY, USA (40°40’ North, 73°47’ West)
Horoscope Data
AscendantLeo 18°42’NavamshaVirgo
Janma RashiScorpioNakshatraJyeshtha Nakshtra, Pada: 4
Planetary Positions for the Horoscope
Sun59°52’Taurus 29°52’Direct10VirgoMrigshira2
Moon238°33’Scorpio 28°33’Direct4PiscesJyeshtha4
Mars123°42’Leo 3°42’Direct1TaurusMagha2
Mercury75°51’Gemini 15°51’Direct11AquariusAdra3
Jupiter174°34’Virgo 24°34’Retrograde2LeoChitra1
Venus92°42’Cancer 2°42’Direct12CancerPunarvasu4
Saturn90°16’Cancer 0°16’Direct12CancerPunarvasu4
Rahu57°38’Taurus 27°38’Retrograde10VirgoMrigshira2
Ketu237°38’Scorpio 27°38’Retrograde4PiscesJyeshtha4
Horoscope Matching Related Information
Manglik Dosha Details
  • Manglik Dosha from Ascendant does not exist as
    No Dosha when Mars is located in Aquarius and Leo in any of the houses.
  • Manglik Dosha from Moon does not exist as
    No Dosha when Mars is located in Aquarius and Leo in any of the houses.
Applicable Yogas:
  • Viparita Raja Yoga
    • Description: 6th lord located in 8th or 12th house
    • Result: Success in adverse situations, after someone else fails. Enterprising and opportunist
    • Planets Involved: Saturn
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen kendra lords 7 and 10
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Saturn, Venus

Basic Interpretation of Horoscope as per Planetary Positions

Sun in Taurus
Sun and Venus are mutual enemies and Sun is not at home in Venus’ sign of Taurus. Such a location of Sun in Taurus limits the abilities of Sun providing fame and leadership. At the same time, it brings in qualities of Venus. A person with Sun in Taurus is a good people’s person and takes everyone along with them. The temperament is cautious and conservative. The person considers all the options before making any decision. The person is an excellent administrator. On the family front, the person needs to have a comfortable and predictable atmosphere and will work towards providing it to themselves and to the family. On the negative side, the person could be indecisive to the core and miss opportunities. On the health front, Sun’s presence in Taurus could lead to problems of face, e.g. boils and acne and also ENT issues.

Moon in Scorpio
Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, with the worst debilitation coming at 3 degrees of Scorpio. This is despite the fact that Mars and Moon are considered friends in astrology. The persons with this combination are introverted and shy. They aren’t very good at letting their emotions show up, even when they are very passionate. They may be seen as insensitive, but they are not. They are smart and cunning in keeping poker face in any situation. On the negative side, they are loners who cannot trust others with their inner secrets. On the other hand, they may either never be intimate with people or become intimate very quickly. There are only extremes and balance does not exist. Marriage and partnership is affected because of this. On the health front, this combination may lead to severe emotional disorders. It may also cause problems with sexual function in the body.

Mars in Leo
Mars is in mitra-kshetra in Leo and it is a good placement for Mars in the horoscope. From its ownership sign of Aries, this is a 5th house placement and from its ownership sign of Scorpio, Mars is located in 11th house. Hence it is beneficial for both the houses come under the ownership of Mars. Mars in Leo in any house does not cause Manglik Dosha in the horoscope. Mars is very action oriented in this house. The competitive nature of Mars is demonstrated in a great way in this sign. The person is independent worker. He would do well in police and military role. On the negative side, such persons find it difficult to be stay in once place for an extended period of time, even though Leo is a fixed sign. They are very dominating with their family and friends. On health front, Mars in Leo provides a strong constitution. However, the person is prone to injuries that may result in surgery. Such persons are prone to diseases caused due to pitta imbalance - fever, rashes and boils and headaches. It may lead to liver & pancreatic problems, diabetes, stomach ulcer etc.

Mercury in Gemini
Gemini is Mercury’s own sign and Mercury is quite happy in this position. A position in Gemini coinciding with kendras, i.e. lst, 4th, 7th, or 10th houses in a horoscope indicates Bhadra Yoga. This makes a person cheerful and well educated. The person with Mercury in Gemini is very learned. Such a person possesses excellent written and spoken communication skills. The person may be a good computer programmer, mathematician or a theoretical scientist. Sound logic is also predicted with this placement. On the negative side, the person may be removed from practicality and ground reality. There may be problems completing projects. While the person may be able to jump between two activities, they make come across as unreliable and hesitant to take a firm stand on any topic. There are no major health problems that are indicated by this placement alone. Health problems need to be predicted according to placement and drishti of other planets on Mercury and Gemini.

Jupiter in Virgo
Jupiter is in enemy territory while in Virgo as it considers Mercury as natural shatru. This combination makes a person compassionate towards others. The person is disciplined and meticulous in all areas. He has the big picture in any situation - the entire perspective on a situation or issue. The person is very interested in learning new things and constantly refreshing his knowledge. He can be a successful mantri, advisor and a teacher. On the negative side, this person makes one over optimistic. The person has difficulty being grounded and may seem disinterested in many activities. The person may miss many opportunities by being lazy and lethargic and lack a backup plan. This combination may give legal problems as well. On health front, this position of Jupiter causes obesity and related disorders.

Venus in Cancer
Venus is in enemy camp in Cancer as it regards both Sun and Moon as its enemies. On the positive side, this combination indicates lots of emotions towards family and loved ones. The person is sensitive and caring. The person is well educated and had deep understanding of art. On the negative side, the person becomes very tolerant towards others. For example, the person may pamper their children and spoil them. The person may also become emotionally clingy in love affairs towards others without caring about their reputation. The person would also spend a lot of money on keeping himself surrounded by luxury. On health front, this position of Venus indicates ailments in lower abdomen and sexual organs.

Saturn in Cancer
Saturn is in enemy territory in Cancer. This is not a good position for Saturn, as well as for the emotional sign of Cancer. On the positive side, the person is always in control of his emotions. He has a slow and steady approach in life and is regarded as reliable and dependable by others. He has a deep sense of responsibility. On the negative note, such a person lacks comfort of home and is a loner. He does not like to be dependent on others for emotional fulfilment. He is very poor at taking feedback from others. His focus areas and work defines him and he does not derive happiness from others. On the health front, such a person does not have good digestion. Saturn in Cancer indicates problem in chest area.

Rahu in Taurus
Some classical texts maintain that Rahu is exalted in Taurus. Rahu in Venus’ sign indicates an unusual and eccentric view of romance, art forms as well as money. Such a person will have keen interest in and love towards all things foreign and will benefit from their association. He also develops keen interest in the problems of the society and work for the benefit of the downtrodden. In any competition, he would not only root for the underdog, but also think on how to boost their chances for winning at the game. Inter-caste, inter-religion marriages can happen if Rahu is associated with horoscope house number 7. On the negative side, this may indicate perversion. Such a person can deceive others for money and in romance. Illness of organs in the head and disfigurement of face is indicated on the health side. The person may also suffer from illness of sexual organs.

Ketu in Scorpio
According to scriptures, Ketu is exalted in Scorpio and the great spiritual side of Ketu is manifested in this sign. The person is given to quick actions with a sharp intelligence. He can be a researcher with ability to dig deep in any area and uncover mysteries. It can make great detectives and diagnosticians. It can manifest in horoscope of great tantriks. On the negative side, the person is given to fits of rage and mood swings. On the health side, illness is hard to diagnose. There can be inflammation in areas of sexual organs. The person usually has to go through surgeries of internal ailments.

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