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Raghuvar Das Oath Taking Horoscope

By Kshitij Sharma, January 10, 2015

Shri Raghuvar Das or Bhartiya Janata Party took oath of office as the new chief minister of Jharkhand  on 28th December 2014 in ceremony that was held in the state capital of Ranchi. The details of the ceremony to create a kundali/horoscope are as follows. The source of this is television news stories and screen grabs. The time seems to be chosen carefully by astrologers and is very clear by the yogas that are there in the chart.

Date: 28th December 2014

Time: 11:20 AM, Time zone: 5:30 East of GMT

Place: Ranchi, Jharkhand, India (23°19’ North, 85°17’ East)

Panchanga of the day shows Sunday – governed by Sun, denoting royalty, government. tithi was Saptami, Nakshatra was Uttara Bhadra, Yoga was Variyan and Karana was Vanij. Once again, it proves that time was carefully chosen as Karana would change in another hour. Panchanga for the event does not show any dosha.

This is a good kundali of Pisces Lagna, with Moon is in Lagna – rashi horoscope is same as lagna kundali.Lagna/Rashi lord – Jupiter exalted in 5th house in the horoscope. It is retrograde, but in the given situation, it is a pretty good position for these two planets. Further, do observe that Moon and Jupiter exchange houses and hence a great combination is created between these two planets. As Moon denotes emotions and heart, this kundali denotes that the heart of this government will be in right place and it will make a sincere attempt to be judicious.



Please note that 2nd (dhana) and 9th (bhagya) lord in this kundali – i.e. Mars is exalted in 11th house. This indicates economic prosperity of Jharkhand under this government.  Maybe this is the will of the people talking through the horoscope that they are fed up with the rampant populism and are looking forward to the government that can deliver on the potential of the state, which is one of the richest in the country as far as natural resources are concerned.

One of the very important points to note is that Jupiter is the ultimate depositor of all planets in this kundali. Watch carefully as Sun/Me/Ve are also in 10th house, in the sign of Sagittarius, which is governed by Jupiter. Exalted Mars comes under influence of Jupiter through 7th house drishti. Jupiter is strengthening the lagna of the horoscope by casting its 9th house aspect.

The negative points of the kundali is presence of Rahu in 7th house of partnerships and also Rahu/Ketu axis is directly influencing Moon – thus indicating problems with corruption & nepotism. This government will frequently be under fire on this account.

Saturn is in 9th house, which is not a good placement for this house. Saturn is 11th and 12th house lord and is very inauspicious planet for a Meena lagna kundali. Some of this taint is mitigated by Jupiter’s aspect on Saturn, but problems remain nonetheless.

Overall, this government is definitely going to last for its term. Wishing Shri Raghuvar all the very best in his term and may he be able to serve the people of Jharkhand to the very best of his abilities.

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