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October 6th, 2006

Use of Google Earth

That Google Earth is now available for a lot of Indian cities is an old story.

There is a fairly decent way of determining the latitude and longitude of birth using this software. Locate the building where the child was born, place the mouse over the building and note down the exact latitude and longitude. Use this value in the birth chart generator application. Google Earth gives you latitude and longitude in degrees and minutes and seconds and fractions thereof. It would not matter a lot, e.g. for me, the difference in my chart is visible only in Ascendant (Lagna) - about 4 minutes. If you take a case of a person born in Colaba, Mumbai vs that of someone born in Powai, Mumbai, the difference is about 10 minutes in the Ascendant.

For most of us, the major source of error still remains in noting down the time of birth and not in determining the exact latitude and longitude of the place of birth. So, this is something of a luxury if you have a lot of time on your hand. Otherwise, you are much better off using Astrodienst version of the world atlas. 

The building shown above is, obviously :-) , the hospital where I was born. It was called DK Hospital in Raipur, India. It is not a hospital anymore and now houses the Mantralaya (seat of ministers) for Government of state of Chattisgarh, India.


August 22nd, 2006

South Indian Version Kundali

Finally, finally there is a South Indian version of the Kundali. The version of the kundali you would want to display is now taken as an input from right where you enter date/place/time of birth details.
The birth chart image generator is also updated to generate South Indian or North Indian version of the birth chart. What image is being displayed would depend on the choice you made just before clicking the button. Essentially, what you see is what you get… The horoscope compatibility applet also has this option for both prospective groom and bride.
The latest software version is 4.4.0021. If you are still not able to see the choices for chart type, please clean the java cache on your computer. You may be seeing the older version, which is 4.3.0020. I have tested this well, but as always, I request you to let me know of any errors/omissions by way of blog comments or through email. I will fix the errors asap.

May 19th, 2006

Ascendant Nakshatra Pada Calculation Error

Hi All,

A problem was reported by Sumit SD who observed the behavior of the application while generating this birth chart of his son. There was a mistake in calculating the nakshatra pada of the ascendant.
I have isolated the problem and fixed it. The new version of the software will be uploaded as soon as possible, probably by the end of the week. Meanwhile, please ignore this entry – it is not of a lot of consequence. There is no mistake in nakshatra/padas of rest of the planets as this problem was specific to ascendant calculation. I would like to emphasize that this problem does not in any way affect the chart matching application because chart matching is based on Moon’s nakshatra/pada. 
This problem is fixed in version – 4.3.0020.

February 23rd, 2006

Date Format issue for Vimshottari Dasha : Fixed

Hi Everyone,
I have fixed the problem for date format. There should not be any confusion now as the dates are displayed in DD-MMM-YYYY format. All of you are requested to try it out and let me know if it works well.
Thank you for continuing to use this application and encouraging me to keep it up-to-date.

February 21st, 2006

Date Format – Vimshottari Dasha

Dear Blog Readers,
A lot of users of my birth chart application get confused when they see the date format in DD-MM-YY for the Vimshottari Dasha dates, where I display only the last two digits of the year as opposed to displaying the entire string – e.g. 1996 is displayed as 96 and 2004 is displayed as 04. I have been following this convention right from day one as I wanted to save some precious screen real estate. Please take a look at this image and you can see the problem for yourself.
I had assumed people would not get confused and would interpret the date according to what they have entered, but clearly, I was wrong. There was a gentleman who tried to generate a birth chart of a person born in 1896, and his complaint about displaying “96″ and “04″ was legitimate.
I will fix this problem as soon as possible, hopefully in the next one or two days because I have to make sure that the display is good both for the image and the applet.

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