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May 24th, 2007

Diseases and Sixth House

Author: Nitin Kashyap

I would like to thank one and all for the overwhelming response that you had given to my last article. That has encouraged me to write a second article for this astrology site.

Everyone in this world has a tendency to fall ill but some people have a better immune system than others. That makes some people less prone to infections. According to medical science, tuberculosis is a communicable and infectious disease but some people do not catch the infection even after staying with a T.B. patient.

According to Vedic astrology, diseases are denoted by sixth house, its ruler and the karaka of the sixth house, Saturn. Following the principles of bhavat bhaavam, being sixth from sixth, eleventh house would also denote diseases.

When a bhava, its ruler and the rashi gets aspected by malefic planets, the person gets the disease of the body part denoted by the particular planet. For example, when a horoscope shows an afflicted sixth house, virgo and its ruler Mercury, the person would suffer from hernia. Persons whose liver does not function properly should have an afflicted fifth house, its lord, Leo and Sun.

Sixth house shows the immune system – the inner strength to figth against diseases. Doctors, who spend a lot of time between patients treating them, must have a strong sixth house. If sixth house gets strong by having a malefic positioned there, it should be considered good for health, but it would not be considered for marriage. Benefits of a strong Saturn in sixth house, shows the ability to face trouble and fight diseases. On the other hand, a debilitated Saturn in sixth house, which would happen for Scorpio lagna, would give a cronic disease.

In case of Gemini ascendant, Mars becomes ruler of both sixth and eleventh house and hence becomes a double signifactor of disease. In this case, a person should be careful during the dasha of Mars.

According of Maharshi Parashara, Rahu in sixth house gives a longer life, however there are certain confusing and contradicting mantras given by various astrologers.

Anyone with a long term disease, who would like to discuss it with me, is requested to send me an email at – kashayap_nitin [at] rediffmail dot com. You could also write to me at my address:

Nitin Kr.Kashyap
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Dwarka Sec-1, New Delhi – 45.
Phone No. 09968039321

May 18th, 2007

Maraka Planets

Maraka planets are ones that get qualities of causing death by virtue of ownership of certain houses in the Vedic horoscope.

In Brihad Parashara Hora Shashtra, Maharshi Parashar has commented that 3rd and 8th house in a horoscope are houses that denote length of life. The vyayasthanas (12th) from these houses are bestowed with the quality of expending away life. Overall longivity should still be seen from 3rd and 8th, but the cause and timing of death should seen from rulers of 2nd and 7th houses. Inimical planets in these houses should also be seen in the same light.

Why suddenly a discussion on Maraka planets? While recognizing and understanding that death is the finality, I am hail and hearty, thanks for asking. :-)

We always associate life and death with an organism, very interestingly this works for various aspects denoted by the horoscope as well. During the recession years of 2001-2003 in the US, my company went under and I too lost my job like lakhs of other engineers. I was running mahadasha/antardasha of rulers of 4th and 11th house – 7th and 2nd from 10th, the house that denotes profession and career.

May 6th, 2007

Neechabhanga, Rajyoga

One of the sources of strength of a planet is the state of exaltation or “uchcha”. In this state of exaltation, a planet is said to get a lot strength to do good – even naturally inimical planets like Saturn do not cause harm to the traits of a horoscope when in exalted state. The planet gives lot of beneficial results when it is a ruler of a good house but on the other hand it does not do a lot of harm even if it is a lord of a difficult house like the 8th or 12th.

In the seventh sign from the “uchcha”, the planet is devoid of all the strength – also known the state of debilitation, i.e. “neecha”. The planet becomes weak and can also cause hindrances. However, loss of strength is not the important point here, the loss of “dignity” is. That is why our learned gurus chose the word “neecha” for such a state. They did not use the word “ashakta”, which is really the Sanskrit word for powerless.

There was a brief discussion in one of the posts about Neechabhanga and some very interesting points were raised. I would like to summarize it for the benefit of readers and also add my comments. There are some conditions under which there is a cancellation (bhang) of debility (neecha) of the planets that are in neecha state. Under these following conditions, the position of planet from Moon or lagna is important and is automatically implied unless stated otherwise. It would be best if the conditions are satisfied from both. The debility is canceled when -

  1. the neecha planet is free from combustion or is retrograde and is not in any dusthana (6th, 8th or 12th),
  2. the lord of the sign where this planet gets exalted is in kendra,
  3. the lord of current house where the planet is debilitated and the lord of sign where this planet is exalted are situated in mutual kendras,
  4. the neecha planet is aspected by lord of exaltation sign of the planet – of course, there ought to be a good relationship between the planet and ruler of the sign where the planet is exalted,
  5. the planet that becomes exalted in the current sign is in kendra from lagna or moon,
  6. this debilitated planet is exalted in Navamsha chart.

Conditions 1, 2, 5, 6 are explicitly mentioned as a rajyogas in Dr B.V. Raman’s book “Three hundred important combinations”. Along with these, conditions 3 and 4 are additionally called as rajyogas by J.N. Bhasin in his book “Art of Prediction”.

To illustrate the point, let us consider a horoscope where Saturn is in Aries and hence debilitated. As per the rules, Saturn’s debilitation would be canceled when -

  1. Saturn is in any house except 6th, 8th or 12th – e.g. this would happen for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn lagna or rashi. However, this condition may not be true all the time and must be looked at in conjunction with other conditions as well. Per Dr. B.V. Raman, a retrograde Saturn, debilitated in 10th house can damage a person’s career beyond repair, unless there is some benefic aspect on 10th house. Saturn’s favourable placement in other divisional chart would also help in mitigating the effects.
  2. Saturn gets exaltation in Libra, which is the sign ruled by Venus. According to rule number 2, Saturn’s debilitation gets canceled when Venus is in kendra.
  3. Saturn is debilitated in Aries, which is rules by Mars. Thus, Saturn’s debilitation would be canceled if Mars and Venus are in mutual kendras.
  4. Saturn’s debilitation would be canceled if Venus aspects it.
  5. Aries is the exaltation sign of Sun. If Sun is in kendra, Saturn’s debilitation is canceled. This is not considered to be a one of the conditions causing neechabhanga by Dr. Raman, although it is mentioned in his book.
  6. If Saturn is in Libra in Navamsha chart, its debilitation stands canceled.

In the context of debilitation of planets, other yogas that are worth mentioning are -

  1. (a) When ruler of lagna is in moveable sign, (b) the lagna itself is a movable sign and (c) if the lord of Navamsha occupied by a debilitated planet is in a kendra or trikona, this Navamsha lord is capable of giving a rajyoga.
  2. Mutual aspect between lagna lord and a debilitated planet with Rahu and Saturn in 10th, aspected by benefic 9th lord, gives rajyoga. This effect would be seen in the dasha and antardasha periods of this debilitated planet.

Does mere cancellation of debility mean that the planet has become a rajyoga karaka? It is a matter of debate. Condition 1, which states that the planet just needs to be away from Sun and not situated in 3 out of 12 houses in a horoscope would apply to a majority of charts. This would mean that the debilitation would cancel for little less than 75% of all individuals. In my humble opinion, this condition is too generic to cause rajyoga.

A rajyoga should be caused only when such a planet getting the neechabhanga is situated in a kendra and is strong in Navamsha as well. It should also simultaneously be a lord of houses 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th and not the rest of the houses in the chart. My opinion on ownership of kendra and trine houses is based on a simple reasoning – a planet becomes a yoga karaka by by the virtue of lordship of certain houses and not by its position in horoscope, e.g. Saturn is a rajyoga karaka for Libra lagna by becoming ruler of houses 4 and 5, and for Taurus by being the ruler of houses 9 and 10. Unlike a planet which is exalted, a planet getting Neechabhanga would still be naturally inclined to do harm when it is lord of dusthanas – just like other planets in the chart. We must remember that Neechabhanga is really a cancellation of debility, it is not exaltation.

May 3rd, 2007

Discussions on Vedic Astrology and a Forum

Readers, apologies for the delay but there is a forum software installed on this site at the following URL:

Please take time to register yourself to this forum and to familiarize yourself to it. I am also in a learning phase with this new software and will keep posting interesting tidbits and tricks that can be used. For using this forum, please follow some simple rules and regulations:

  1. Let the topic of discussion be centered along Astrology – all kinds, Vedas, Indian scriptures etc.
  2. Please do not discuss politics – none of us would like to get into “secular” vs. “non-secular” discussions.
  3. All the criticisms may please be made and accepted in a positive spirit.

As of now, the posts are not moderated at all and I hope it would remain that way. I also hope that there would be a lot of discussions and not the usual way where just one person is answering questions posted by other members.


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