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Good resources for Learning Astrology

  • Course on Vedic Astrology by Orion School and Foundation for Astrology (OSFA) - broken down into 24 chapters, this course is designed to teach you how to interpret horoscopes. This course does not assume previous knowledge of Astrology.

  • : This site maintains copies of some of the classics in Hindi Language. I refer to these books online itself. Make sure you have a good internet connection as each page is stored as a GIF image. There are couple of problems, though; there is no table of contents and you cannot jump to a specific page. Therefore, if I find these books in a bookstore, I would much rather buy a copy and keep it.

  • : A site developed by Dr David Frawley, author of a wonderful book on Astrology, Astrology of the Seers

  • : Shri Jagannath Vedic Center, a really nice site for resources on Vedic Astrology.

Good resources for more information on Astrology

  • : A really good website developed by Lakshaman Abeykoon. The article on this web site What is Astrology  is a must read. You can get a panchangam and a yearly list of auspicious days on this website.

  • Vedic astrologers calculate the time of birth to the second. Based on the dates of major life events. The results can be used in any horoscope or astrology chart. 

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