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Janma Kundali saved as an image

For the purpose of keeping the Janam Kundli offline for viewing later, this chart generation application allows you to generate a picture of the displayed rashi chart details which can be saved as a “portable network graphics” image on your computer’s hard disk. It can then be used to take a print out of the birth chart as well. This image is designed in a way to fully fit on an A4 sized sheet.

Generate the rashi chart by entering all the relevant details – date, time and place of birth. After the rashi chart is displayed, you can see the “generate image” button in the control panel within the birth chart generation applet. Upon clicking on this button a new browser window will open with a page that would have an image of birth chart embedded within it. The chart image can be saved by positioning the mouse cursor on the image, clicking the right mouse button and click on an option which says “Save image”.

Since a new browser window is opened, it is necessary to disable all popup blockers within your browser, which can be Internet Explorer’s default blocker, Google toolbar’s popup blocker or Yahoo popup blocler. You can safely add as a trusted domain in your popup blocker’s allowed filters. Be rest assured, this site will not do anything to degrade your internet experience.

This method works for all types of browsers – Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox. It works well on Linux platform along with Windows. Apple’s Safari browser has a problem with Java and the birth chart generation applet itself would not open on Safari.

The image is copyrighted and should be used in accordance with the implicit agreement with the site. This image of rashi chart may not be modified or mutilated in any way.

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