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Generating Janma Kundali

To generate a vedic astrology birth chart i.e. a janam kundli using this software, you need the date, time and place of birth.

Janam kundali | Birth Chart | Janma Kundli | Input

The above picture is a part of the input screen of the application that generates janam kundli. The date of birth should be entered in Date-Month-Year format. The year should be entered in 4-digit format. In this example, the date is 28th November 1980. The time of birth needs to be entered in 24 hour clock format. Here, the time is meant to be 4:40 PM.

Time zone indicates how much ahead or behind the place of birth is from GMT. e.g. India is 5 hours and 30 minutes ahead of GMT, therefore, it should be entered as 5 30 E. To know the time zone of your place of birth, please look at the site:

Daylight savings time is used in many countries to coordinate with hours of sunshine. In India, the day and night are of almost same length and we do not see a need for daylight savings. In other places, the actual length of day varies a lot between seasons. In summer, length of the day is much more than the length of night and vice versa in winter. Thus, to conserve energy by making use of all available sunlight, some countries have adopted this method of shifting their clocks by one hour.

The WorldTimeZone website will also tell you if DST is applicable for the city you are interested in finding about.

To get information about the latitude and longitude of the place of birth, please consult this web site: To open this site in a new window, you can also click on the following part of the applet screen:

Here is a list of some of the important cities of the world and their latitude-longitude data.




New Delhi 28 36 N 77 12 E
Bombay 18 59 N 72 50 E
Calcutta 22 32 N 88 22 E
Madras 13 05 N 80 17 E
Raipur 21 15 N 81 41 E
Jabalpur 23 10 N 79 57 E
Bhilai 21 13 N 81 26 E
Bangalore 12 59 N 77 35 E
New York 40 43 N 74 00 W
San Francisco 37 47 N 122 25 W
Los Angeles 34 03 N 118 15 W
Dallas 32 47 N 96 48 W
Houston 29 46 N 95 22 W
Chicago 41 51 N 87 39 W
Boston 42 22 N 71 04 W
London 51 30 N 00 10 W
Paris 48 52 N 02 20 E
Sydney 33 52 S 151 13 E

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