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Horoscope Compatibility Metrics for Matrimonial Purposes allows you to generate horoscope compatibility metrics to judge compatibility between prospective husband and wife a practice that is widely followed in India as a first step in marriage.

Please take a look at the input screen shown below. You are required to enter the birth details of prospective bride and groom in accordance with the rules described in birth chart generation help page.

Vedic Horoscope Matching | Horoscope Compatibility | Kundli Matching Input

When all values are duly entered, click on “match charts” button. Please see the output of the following image.

Vedic Horoscope Matching | Horoscope Compatibility | Kundli Matching Display

You can check values for horoscope matching as per various parameters. You are advised to refer to article on “Horoscope Matching Fundamentals” for detailed information on what these parameters denote. Check the final value of nakshatra match for judging compatibility. For a 100% match, the value would be 36 and for a 50% match, this value would be 18. For a horoscope compatibility metric of below 18, marriage is not advised.

The bottom portion of this kundali matching applet describes if “Manglik Dosha” applies to both bride and groom. It gives a reason for presence or absence of Manglik Dosha in both the rashi charts. The subject of Manglik Dosha is dealt with in detail in these two articles on this subject “Manglik Dosha and Chart Matching” and “Clarifications on Manglik Dosha”. Please go through the same.

There are a lot of exceptions when presence of manglik dosha is modified or even nullified in the chart. Some of the exceptions have been taken care of in this horoscope compatibility application. This automatically means that a lot of exceptions have not been taken care of. For the same reason, I emphasize and re-emphasize that matching of chart for matrimonial purposes is a job of a good an experienced astrologer and this application, however smart it gets, cannot replace such an astrologer.

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