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Divisional Charts and Rashi Charts

As mentioned in the main page, divisional chart or “amsha” chart or “varga” chart is a phenomenon unique to Indian (Vedic) astrology. Planetary positions are calculated as per the normal method and divisions of this rashi chart are calculated on top of it. These divisional charts are always studies along with the rashi chart and have no meaning or existence of their own in isolation. The position and strength of planets in these divisional charts has great importance while judging the same for rashi chart.

This birth chart generation application displays the following divisional charts:

  • Chaturamsha: gets importance for delineating destiny or bhagya of an individual

  • Panchamsha: Denotes and represents spirituality in a rashi chart

  • Shashtamsha: Indicates diseases, health and general wellbeing of an individual from this perspective.

  • Saptamsha: Represents children and future generations to come.

  • Ashtamsha: Divisional chart that denotes the length of life for an individual. This chart should be studied in conjunction with the eighth house in main rashi chart.

  • Navamsha: This chart is displayed by default in the chart generation application. Since it is considered to be the main and the most important of amsha charts, astrologers always see the position of planets in this chart, even if they do not consult other amsha charts. This chart is also consulted to view the disposition of spouse of the individual.

  • Dashamsha: Denotes career and success in our field of work.

  • Dwadashamsha: Denotes parents for an individual.

  • Shodashamsha: Vehicles and mode of transport that we may own.

  • Vimshamsha: Along with Panchamsha, this divisional chart denotes spirituality in a chart.

To view a divisional chart, generate a birth chart as explained in the help page for generating janma kundali. When a chart is displayed for the first time, Navamsha chart is the one displayed by default. To change the display and choose another divisional chart, click on control “Divisional Charts” as shown in the picture below.

Divisional Birth Chart | Janma Kundali | Janam Kundli | Help

You would then see a popup as shown in picture below. Click on appropriate divisional chart. Allow a second for the java applet to refresh. This method works for both North Indian and South Indian versions of janma kundali.

Divisional Birth Chart | Janma Kundali | Janam Kundli | Help

If the browser is refreshed, or if you generate a new chart, please keep in mind that the chart display would again default to Navamsha chart. If you are planning to take a print out by clicking on “Generate Image”, the image would automatically contain the image of currently displayed divisional chart.

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