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Is it luck, or Providence or simple Destiny?

By Kshitij Sharma, June 3, 2011

An interesting perspective on luck (or just maybe destiny) that I read in the Economic Times today on luck and corporate success. Just want to bring to your attention, and let you yourself make something out of it, rather than me going on a rant about Astrology 🙂

Quoting from the article..

… has earned his place in a potentially great organisation because he happened to be there at the right time at the right place and because he happened to say the right things in the interview to the right people. Luck is not a logical factor and so ignored in the rational corporate world. We want to explain everything and attribute it to human control.

Very interesting thought indeed…

One comment

  • Comment by Roopa Sharna on May 5, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    I believe in astrology. I believe that success depends on kundali. My son was born in raja yoga.I met a swamiji he told that he will get success and progress up to 10 years of his life.He will get progress in his life.

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